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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Becoming a family

Freddie headed back to the shop, made sure it was locked tight and let Brutus, the guard dog, out. Then he climbed the stairs to the loft that he had called home since he was eighteen. He unlocked the door and as he stepped in, he side stepped the cat, and then stepped over the lazy dog in the middle of the floor.  He stripped as he headed to the small bathroom.  Finding the stuff he needed he scrubbed his body down to get all the grease and grime off.   He then washed his body again with a mild male body wash.  Freddie didn't think he was going to get lucky tonight but he made sure certain areas were clean as well.  Once he got himself sparkly clean he wrapped a towel around his body and fed his animals.  He then got dressed in a pair of tight Wrangler jeans, and a dark blue V-neck shirt. Then found his Raiders Hoodie, glanced at the time, and slid on his Martian leather knee boots.  He jogged down the stairs and climbed into his nineteen sixty primer grey Ford truck.  He hoped his buddy Chad would paint it before winter was upon them. He got to the entrance at the fairgrounds at five after nine. He looked at his watch and thought, “I can never be on time?”


Owen was five minutes early and wondering if he’d been stood up until he saw Freddie turn the corner.  He whistled under his breath.  Freddie looked hot.  He subtly adjusted himself as his cock suddenly woke up. He’d dressed for the monster trucks in a pair of black jeans, a tight white t-shirt and black leather jacket. He also wore his motorcycle boots.  He loved his Harley to distraction. The badges on his jacket proclaimed the love of his life proudly.


Freddie spotted Owen right off; he came to a skipping halt giving him his best smile.  “Sorry I'm late,” he told him.  ”Come on were we have the best seats, right behind the fence."  He said, as they walk to the ticket booth.  Freddie looked at the man beside him, "yum" he didn't realize he said it aloud.

Freddie was right the seats were great and Owen thoroughly enjoyed himself. As they exited the fairgrounds he turned and said, “Want to grab a drink?  My flat is only about a block away.”

Freddie's heart jumped, he hesitated and then smiled.  "Yeah that's cool," he told Owen, wondering if he made the right decision.  He had a gut feeling things would be fine.  "I'll follow you in my truck, sorry but I don't want to leave it too far away," he said with a smile.

“I know I feel the same way about my Harley,” Owen replied.  “There is a free parking area right outside my place for you to park your truck. I walked over so I’ll just jump in with you and give you directions.” Owen had to clear the front seat of Freddie’s truck before he could sit down. They were mostly fast food containers. The drive over to Owen’s flat was uneventful.

The flat was basic but immaculate. The kitchen/dining room was an open plan to a living room. There was one bedroom with an end suite.  “Name your poison,” Owen said opening a well-stocked drinks cabinet.

 "Wow, um three fingers gin, two soda or juice, little ice" Freddie told him.  As he looked around the place, he knew his mom would have a heart attack if she saw his place clean like this. "I have to drive back so I have to be careful," He said.  He didn't know what the hell to do, anywhere else he’d just plopped down and put his feet up but he didn't think that would go over well, so he just stood there, with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie.  

“Sit down,” Owen said; bringing his drink over, “The sofa is very comfortable.”

He had the feeling Freddie was a little uncomfortable, but then again a few of his friends had the same reaction in his flat. Owen happily admitted he was a neat freak, and took no little teasing about it from Brody. Once Freddie had cautiously sat down, Owen sat next to him and leaned back. “I really enjoyed tonight,” he admitted taking a sip of his whiskey. “Do you want to go out again?”

Freddie was taking a sip of his drink when he was asked out again.  He almost choked on it.  Looking over the brim of the glass his eyes grew large then giving Owen a big grin he set the glass down on the coaster. At least he hoped the round disc was a coaster.

“Me too," he blushed.  Because of his complexion he turned dark red.  “I was going to ask you that," He told the man before him. He was not use to being asked out usually he did the asking.  "Yes I would love to go with you again."

“How about dinner?” Owen asked casually, “There’s a nice Italian near the bank. Does Monday sound good to you? We could play the rest of the night by ear.” Owen was determined to wow Freddie. This was one relationship he didn’t want to rush into.

Freddie closed his eyes; he didn't expect it to be so soon, as he mentally checked his schedule one eyebrow up a little. "Yeah fine." He finally said, "What time ‘cause it’ll take me about a half hour to get the grunge off," He told him.

“Half past six work for you?” Owen replied. “I’m easy.”


A few weeks later the two men had been out another four times and shared a few toe curling kisses. Owen was wondering if it was time to go all the way.


Freddie was under a hood of a car his mind was not on fuel ejectors or oil.  No it was on a one hell of a fine man and four dates with the awesome kisser.  He wondered if he should make the move to the next step ‘cause Owen was not doing it.

"Fredrick get your mind off him and back on the BMW.  She’s coming for it at four," His dad said as he walked by the almost finished tune up.

"Almost done, Sir," Freddie said looking at his watch.  Could he get it back together before four, like it was promised, man, he was going to get yelled at.


Owen finally decided that he was going to make the move on Freddie. He rang the garage and asked to speak to Freddie.

"Hello, Smiths Auto Beamers are our specialties.”

"Freeeeeeeeeeeed, your boyfriend wants to talk to you," Shawn yelled across the garage in a sassy lovie dovie voice. 

Freddie rolled his eyes when all the guys did the kissy sound. Shawn handed him the phone and made his own kissy face. Freddie took the phone from his younger brother. He wanted to knock his brother over the head with it.

He forgot to put his hand over the mouth piece.  "Payback is a bitch you know." Freddie told him

"Stop," A voice bellowed behind them.

“Yes sir," They both said together.

"Hi," Freddie stuck out his tongue at Shawn and shut the office door.

Owen laughed when he heard all the play-by-play among the brothers and was interested by the, “Yes sir.”  Owen was a dominant.  A Top in all sense of the word. He idly wondered if Freddie would be open to that type of arrangement. Then told himself off, they hadn’t even slept together yet.

“Freddie,” he said, “you want to come over to my place tonight? I’d like to talk to you about where this relationship is going.” Owen always liked to lay his cards on the table before he indulged in sex. He was not someone who slept around.

 "Yeah that would be so cool, but my dumb ass idiot brother blew the main radiator hose on the truck and I haven't had time to fix it."  Freddie said.  "Umm, what time" He asked looking at the clock.

“I could pick you up on my Harley if you don’t mind riding pillion,” Owen replied. “I can pick you up at five-thirty if that works for you. We can pick up dinner then if the talk goes right I intend to have you for dessert.” Owen’s voice dropped in his patented “bedroom” voice.

Freddie’s eyes open wide, his heart skipped a beat, and his tummy tingled.  'Aw hell' he thought when he realized he was hard.  Good thing for baggy coveralls.  He was silent for a minute or so then licked his lips.  "Can we make it six?" He asked.


Owen was in front of the garage at six on the dot. He handed Freddie a helmet when he appeared 10 minutes late and they drove to Owen’s flat after stopping to pick up some Chinese food. Once they’d finished, Owen loaded the dishwasher, and threw the empty containers away. He set some coffee to brew and joined Freddie on the sofa.

“We need to talk about where our relationship is going,” he said looking Freddie in the eyes. “I would really like to take you to bed tonight and make passionate love. I need to know if that’s okay with you. Be aware I only top, I will never bottom for you. Is that a deal breaker for you?”

Freddie just looked at Owen.  He never dated a guy who was so straight forward. "Yes, but before we go there I have something to tell you ‘cause some guys don't like it."  He waited for a minute.  "You saw or at least felt my tongue bar but I have a tattoo, um, of a honey bee on my umm." He was too embarrassed to say where, so he just pointed to his crotch.  He just shrugged his shoulders. "I was at a friend’s house one night we got wasted and the next morning when I went, it was there." He told him.

Owen just chuckled, “We’ve all been there,” he said blushing slightly, “I got a butterfly on my bum. Do you have any issues about me topping exclusively?”

"No," Freddie told him. Turning a little dark, "I prefer to be the" he was trying to think of the right word without being vulgar, opposite of top, "the bottom," he finally got it out. "Sorry I've not dated for a while and it was usually you do me, I do you kind of thing." Freddie told him and thought, ‘might as well be honest with the man.’  

“That stops now,” Owen growled. “One last thing. I don’t share. Monogamy is extremely important to me.”

"If monogamy means you don't do others while you’re with one?  Yeah, I am fine with that ‘cause it is how I prefer it." Freddie asked. God he felt stupid.

“Exactly right,” Owen replied then leaned over and kissed the younger man. “Want to take this to the bedroom?” he whispered after about 10 minutes of heavy petting.

Freddie's mind was in a fog, he hadn’t been kissed like that since never, "Yes sir." Freddie said, “I mean yes." He said quickly. 'You're an idiot,' he told himself. In his mind Freddie could see dominate all over Owen.  How he held himself, the way he looked at him when he called himself stupid, and how he just took control.  He could feel deep down, but his mind was telling him don't get to attach they run after a few weeks.

Owen wasn’t happy when Freddie called himself an idiot. However he decided not to make an issue of it immediately.

The sex was amazing and continued to be so for the following month. Owen and Freddie finally talked about moving in together. About then Freddie dropped a bombshell.

"Owen there is something that I kind of, well, didn't mention because I didn't want to scare you off, but if we are to become the couple we both want I really need to tell you so if you’re not ok with it, we can just walk away."

‘Which is going to be hard as hell,' he thought.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I have a six month old son.  His name is Dakota." Freddie told him and then waited for the boot. He had not yet found a guy who wanted an instant family. One even wanted him to give the boy to his parents. Freddie aced him fast. 

Owen was shocked; this was the last thing he’d expected. He did know one thing; he didn’t want to lose Freddie. “I don’t see a problem,” he finally said, “Does he live with you full time?” he asked curiously.

"Yes, except for the weekends.  She gets him on Friday to Monday, while I am at work Mom takes care of him." Freddie told him. "That is one reason why I always made sure we went out on the weekend or during the time I know mom would be able to watch him longer. He's not a problem really as long as I get him to sleep by nine he sleeps all night" Freddie told him.  "Sorry, I guess I should have told you right off.

“It works for me.” Owen said, “I’d be honored to be part of your son’s life. I guess we’ll have to make sure anywhere we go has a bedroom for him.”

Freddie gave him a big smile and pulled Owen to him. He gave the new man in his life a hug,, " Oh cool I am so glad you are willing to be part of his life as well as mine" Freddie wiped his eyes with the heal of his hand, "but there is one more tiny little thing you need to know," Freddie scratched his head he gave Owen a sly smile, "He sleeps with me."  Freddie told him.

“From now on, he doesn’t,” Owen said firmly, “Only I sleep with you. If he sleeps through the night he can move to his own cot or bed.”

 "Yes sir," Freddie said reluctantly. "I can get him a crib; you decide where it can be set up." Freddie looked around the loft he just hoped it was not too far from him.

“Let’s go and look for a place that can accommodate our new family,” Owen said.  Sitting at a computer he brought up a real estate page. “I’m sure I can arrange a mortgage,” he said smiling at Freddie. “After all I do run a bank.”


They’d been together now for a few months and Owen was surprised to find that he was at ease with young Dakota.  His love for Freddie continued to grow, although he had a feeling his young lover needed some discipline in his life.

It was then Owen decided he and Freddie needed to have a discussion which involved a place called Teardrop Lake Resort, a place Harry, the security man at the bank had mentioned.

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