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TLR Chapters 61 - 70

CHAPTER 61:  Duke gets physical at work.  Jake and Duke do the deed.    

CHAPTER 62:  Ryan brings Castiel home.   

CHAPTER 63:  Mystery sloved.
CHAPTER 64 :  James & Jeff confront the guards   

CHAPTER 65:  Bo keeps a secret.  Dean gets a surprise call for the resort.   

CHAPTER 66:  Jake asks Mutt about building a spanking bench.  Griff finds a temporary home.

CHAPTER 67:  Jake & Duke agree to live together.  Ricky & Troy invite Jeff & Mutt to dinner.

CHAPTER 68:  Brats to the movies.

CHAPTER 69:  Brats home from the movies.

CHAPTER 70:  Jax asks to go to the beach.  Diner with Jeff, Mutt, Ricky & Troy.    

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