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TLR Chapters 1 - 10

CHAPTER 1:  Jaxon stumbles on to Teardrop Lake Resort and gets rescued.

CHAPTER 2:  Mutt and the Geese.

CHAPTER 3:  Conversations between James, Heath and Jaxon.

CHAPTER 4:  Jaxon's first night in the bungalow.

CHAPTER 5:  James and Heath admit they had feeling for each other.

CHAPTER 6:  Jaxon makes a new friend.

CHAPTER 7:  Elijah & Zay visit the resort.  Mutt's pays the price for disobeying Jeff.

CHAPTER 8:  Jaxon get's clean. James and Heath bond.

CHAPTER 9:  Harry bring Brody to TLR.

CHAPTER 10:  Jaxon shares some of his life with the guys.  Elijah & Zay reminisce.  Jax meets Duke.

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