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TLR Chapters 11 - 20


CHAPTER 11:  Elijah and Zay discuss DP again.  Harry & Brody rescue Mike at the waterfall.  Mike confesses to his Tops. 

CHAPTER 12:  James shares his house with Heath and Jax.  BBQ with friends.

CHAPTER 13:  TLR loses their horse wrangler then finds a new one. 

CHAPTER 14:  More family arrives to visit TLR.  Bo, the new wrangler moves to the resort. 

CHAPTER 15:  Dinner with friends, old & new, at the lodge.  Jax's takes a tumble.  

CHAPTER 16:  Harry & Brody ask to move to the resort full time.  The Tops find out Jax fell again.

CHAPTER 17:  Elijah helps Zay remember to take his meds.  Duke plays with a moose.

CHAPTER 18:  Heath patches Duke up then the security guard gets bored.

CHAPTER 19:  Elijah & Zay's last days at TLR.  Duke goes to his brother's.

CHAPTER 20:  New guests, Sawyer & Jenson, arrive at TLR.  Mutt does a favor for Jax and needs help. 

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