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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Omari Okoro family

The Omari Okoro family is a mixture of many ethnicities including Native American, Irish, Austrian, Middle Eastern, and African American, and their children have married into Hispanic, Korean and Italian families, so therefore call themselves the Mini United Nations. 
Zhara & Omari’s children:

Opal is 36 and is married to Kevin Aquino 38.  They have four children: 
13-year-old Caitlyn      
12-year-old Kyle    
10-year-old Sasha
9   year old Noah

Ame is 34 and married to Brayden Gee 35. They have three children:
12-year-old Bastien
9-year-old Tamara
7-year-old Jonathan

Coral, their only son, is 30 and engaged to Ryan O’Donnell 25.  They have a Maine Coon Cat kitten name Castiel.

Topaz is 27 years old and married to Dono Natal 30. They have two children and one on the way:
5-year-old Austin
3-year-old Angela

They don't know the gender of the third yet. They want to be surprised. 

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