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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Talk

Owen and Freddie  -  The Talk.

Whilst outside the resort:

Freddie worked half days on Saturdays, as he came in he grabbed the mail and walked into their new house.  He dropped a Burger King bag on the table. He placed Owen’s mail on the table under the phone. He walked down the hall looking though his mail when he heard the front door, ‘Shit forgot to lock it,’ he thought.

"Hey you got mail,” Freddie yelled.

“There is no need to yell Freddie,” Owen replied, coming in dressed in his preferred weekend clothes, jeans and a tight white t-shirt.  “I just got Dakota down for his nap.”  He looked at the BK bag on the table and his eyebrow went up. “I thought we talked about your fast food intake just last night,” he remarked calmly.

'Damn it,' Freddie thought.  "Dad bought it," he told Owen, hoping it may save him from another lecture about fast food.  He came down only in his briefs which was the only thing clean on his body.  "Why is Dakota here?  That bitch is supposed to have him.”

Owen didn’t think twice. He’d talked to Freddie about how he talked about Dakota’s mother, and he’d had enough. He swatted his young lover across the bottom and heard “ouch” as the pain registered. He expected to feel ashamed with himself, but instead felt something inside him settle. It just felt right.

"What the hell, have you lost your mind?" Freddie yelled in a low voice when the stinging of the swat faded, "You just swatted me."  He was surprised, he was not used to a boyfriend doing such a thing, not even in play.

“I’ve told you before not to refer to Dakota’s mother in that disgusting way,” Owen replied. “I swatted you so you’d stop and think about using such language. I would doubt your father was so light handed.” He’d seen Freddie’s father swat his son’s occasionally since beginning his relationship with his young lover.

"That is totally different he's my dad.  He has the right to smack me, you on the other are supposed to be my partner and partners don't going around spanking their partners." Freddie raised his voice a little.  "And I'll call her whatever I want to," Freddie snapped and turned on his heels and headed for the shower. 'Or do they?' Freddie thought, as he rubbed the sting out.

“Freeze,” Owen’s voice was not loud, just very intense. Freddie stopped as though shot and turned slowly. “Do you talk to me like that?”  Owen’s eyebrow rose.

Freddie stood in hall he swallowed a few times wishing he had something on besides his briefs.  He did his best not to get hard, dominant men did that to him he didn't know why but Owen’s demands made his stomach tingle, more than any one had. "No, sir," Freddie said quietly, his bratty mood was now gone. "Sorry."

“Why don’t you go get dressed?” Owen said, his voice softer. “We need to talk.”

Freddie’s stomach was still a little fluttery when he stepped into the shower doing a quick wash down, relieved himself, from what Owen’s voice did to him. He dried quickly. Freddie knew he was fucked big this time, how in the hell is he going to explain to his parent he needs his old place back?  It’s been only a few months since they moved into together, and now his damn attitude got him in trouble again. He took a deep breath and put on a brave face and left the bathroom.

Owen looked up as Freddie entered the room and immediately got up and held the young man. He gently pulled back and kissed him. “It’s not a break up talk,” he said, firmly. “In fact it’s the complete opposite. I want a stronger, deeper relationship. That’s what we need to talk about.”

Freddie gave Owen an odd look 'I have a partner that can read minds now' he thought as he sat down beside him.  The younger man was confused.  They're living together.  His partner is helping raise a son that came along with him, besides being married how much stronger, can a relationship get?

With both eyes and one ear on Owen he gave the man 3/4 of his attention the other 1/4 was on his son.

"You never answered my question. Why is Dakota here?" Freddie closed his eyes and swallowed, he could do this "Karen is supposed to have him this weekend," he stated.

“Her mother had a bad fall and ended up in hospital.” Owen replied. “She rang up in a panic and I said we’d take Dakota this weekend. After all we are the primary custodial parents.”

"Oh ok, Lisa is cool, and yeah we are," Freddie said with a huge yawn.
"Why in the hell did you swat me?  My dad says the only way a relationship can get stronger is each day you are together, and how it gets better is what you do together and how you enjoy your life, and since I've met you I enjoying life a lot more." He told Owen as a small blush crept up his cheek.

“I’m enjoying my life,” Owen replied looking deeply into Freddie’s eye. “I swatted you because you were doing something I’d told you before I don’t approve of. I thought a swat might drive the message home. It’s something I want to talk to you about. Did you feel I was being abusive?”

Freddie sat there for minute "No, It stung,” he said with a pout, tucking his legs under him. Freddie let out a heavy sigh. “You don't understand but fine I won’t call her the b word anymore, or anything else around you," he said playing with the string on his sweat pants. "You want to talk to me about swatting me?" he asked looking confused at his love.

Owen tried to hide his smile and mildly said, “It wouldn’t be much good if it hadn’t stung. What I want to talk about is introducing discipline into our relationship. I love you to bits but I really feel you need some structure in your life, and real consequences if you mess up. Things like time keeping for example you are always running late. We could talk about why it’s important to turn up to events on time and how to fix the problems. We could also discuss consequences if you backslide.”

“Discipline, yah mean beating my ass if I fuck up?  You’ve done fallen off your bike and bumped your head. Nope," Freddie told him, as he got up to check on Dakota, closing the door just a little he placed his shoulder against the wall, looking at his love with a puzzled expression, "Owen I love you more than anything, but, you’re crazy if I had known this was how you rolled, I’ve been rolling the other away. Sorry love but no way in hell." Freddie told him.

“I didn’t know I rolled that way until I meet you,” Owen informed his young lover. “And I would never beat your ass as you so colorfully put it. Any consequences would be discussed fully and yes spanking may be one of the consequences, Then again grounding or lines could be equally effective.”

"You’re nuttier than the squirrels nest," Freddie said with a laugh. "I have, we have a son, I'm too old to spank, ground and I don't write lines, and why all of a sudden you," Freddie stopped for a moment and scratched his head to get his bearing. ”Why do you want to get all dominant with me?"

“Been thinking about it for a while,” Owen admitted, “Especially when you turned up half an hour late for our movie night.”

Freddie looked at Owen and shook his head. "Now that’s stupid, how is getting spanked going make me not be late?" Freddie asked as he paced the hall way, "The only reason I was late for our movie date was ‘cause my dumb ass brother didn't put gas in the truck and I had to stop, that takes a while and I told you that.  Beside one partner don't spank the other one because of a small screw up.  It’s just not right, and beside what if you screw up?"  Freddie stopped his pacing and leading against the wall, "Do I get to spank you?"

“No,” Owen replied firmly. “It doesn’t take 30 minutes to fill a truck. That was only a day after you were an hour late for dinner. It’s not just one screw up baby. It’s a pattern of behavior. If a sore bottom helps modify your bad habits I’ll be happy to deliver. I want you to think about it and we’ll talk it over some more.”

Freddie looked toward Dakota's door when he heard his son whimper a little. His mind was going a 100 miles a minute.  His dad told him once he’d be late for his own funeral if he didn't learn to be on time.  He almost lost a few accounts cause of his tardiness, he was always getting yelled at for being late for class when he was in school.

The younger man looked as if he was about ready to cry, his bad habits has gotten him in trouble before. Taking a deep breath he shifted his weight.  Was he going to be punished for every bad habit he had, if he was, he wouldn't be able to sit for years to come. He chewed on his upper lip for a moment, his eyes flickered back and forth across the room but never stopped on one thing long enough to focus.  They finally focused on his lover, someone he didn't want to lose, someone who showed him what love was actually about, and someone he actually had fun with as well as enjoyed being around.  He let out a shaky breath.

"How," he swallowed the lump in his throat, “how long are you giving me to think about this?"  Freddie asked, trying to keep his voice from shaking. "Will I lose you if I say still say no?" he asked, still fighting back the tears that he was holding.  

“You will never lose me.” Owen pulled his lover into a big hug and kissed him. “I’ll give you as much time as you need. The lines of communication and negotiation will always be open.”

Freddie snuggled close to his man and let out a sigh, he really didn't know what to think at this point.  When his brain registered what Owen said his head snapped up and he stepped back. "You're not going to make me write sentences like back in grade school are you?" he asked remembering the thousands of lines he had to do for being tardy or doing something wrong and the spankings he got when he got home when his parents found out.

“Maybe,” Owen replied. “However I like to get to the seat of a problem, so you’ll find yourself bare assed over my lap more than sitting at a table writing lines.”

Freddie let out a groan.  He didn't like that idea at all.
Owen just smiled.


A few days later Owen came home to dinner already being cooked and his lover and Dakota asleep on the sofa Dakota wrapped in Freddie's arms. Freddie had on a pair of shorts and was bare chested, his long hair was laying loose.  The wide beaded head band he always wore had slid down a little, just enough for the white gauze stained with red to peek out from under it.

Owen took a minute to admire the sight of his lover, and the child he already felt was his. He frowned slightly when he saw the gauze. He gently pushed Freddie’s fringe back to take a closer look and his lover’s eyes opened. “What happened sweetheart?” Owen asked his voice soft so he didn’t wake the baby.

Freddie blinked a few time then stretched his body out, shifting Dakota a little he slid the bundle onto the sofa without waking him, and then sat up, rubbing his nose with the back of his hand.  He was trying to think on how to tell on himself without lying.  Slipping his arms around Owen’s neck he snuggled deep then burying is face into the curved area of the neck.
"I wasn't paying attention and I ran into the car lift." Freddie whispered with a voice dry from sleep.

“Give me details,” Owen let some of his innate dominance escape in a growl.
Freddie didn't realized he let out a small whimper when Owen growled. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath hoping the scent of his lover would calm his nerves between the strong arms holding him and the scent it helped some. "I was reading something on my phone and not paying attention to what was going on around me, Shawn was at the lift and Uncle Pat was bringing in a car, and I walked in front of Pat, he honked when he almost hit me, I ran still looking at the phone, Shawn yelled at me, I looked up and bam I hit the lift and then hit my knees. Dad yelled at me while he cleaned the cut and then sent me home, ‘cause mom had to take the twins to the doctor," Freddie told him.  

Freddie was not about to tell his lover his dad threatened to beat his ass for being stupid.

Owen sighed, “I’m not sure I’m happy about you hurting the body I love,” he said. “I really think for such thoughtlessness we should revisit that discussion we started a few days ago about discipline. There would definitely be a rule around putting yourself in danger.”

Letting out a small whimper that sounded almost like Freddie was about to start crying. ”That’s why I was reading my phone I was looking at some stuff of the net. Chief I'm scared," he finally admitted.  "I don't like the idea of you hitting on me" he whispered and then kissed Owen’s neck. 

Freddie wondered how many rules there were going to be he already knew two now three, maybe four. "Mom made some stew and corn bread and sent it over," Freddie told him hoping to get off the subject that was making him nauseated and his head was killing him.

“At the moment we don’t have rules and I won’t be hitting you I’d be spanking you,” Owen replied. “Look Brody and Harry resigned recently and they gave me some information about a resort that caters for people like me and you. They offer classes about discipline partnerships. I think it would be a good idea to fill out the forms after dinner, and take advantage of the opportunity to visit the resort.  What do you think?”

Freddie let out a small laugh, "Classes on how to stay out of trouble.  Where the hell were those when I was in school?" He let out a sigh, "You mean there are more wac…people out there that are into spanking their partners?" Freddie thumped his head on Owens shoulder, “Oww," He said rubbing his head.  "If you want to go and see what it about I guesses I can also, I mean the only thing I am going to lose is the ability to sit, and you getting a sore hand.  And I can always cut class and go fishing." Freddie said with a smile.  

“It’s decided we’re visiting Teardrop Lake Resort.” Owen replied smiling back.


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