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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Heading to the resort

Owen and Freddie – Before the Resort.
Jo and Carrol/
Any mistakes are ours/

None of the three young men heard the door open, the smell of engine cleaner could knock a bull moose on it ass.

"Fred do you think this is good for Dakota's lungs?" Shawn asked as he placed the top of the carburetor in the pot that was on a low flame the stove.

"Nah,  The fans blowing it outside, and beside his door is closed" Freddie told his bother as he grabbed a hand towel he been using as a grease rag and cleaned his hands off, "Zeke don't light that in here you want Own to kill me or do you want to blow us up. " Freddie told his buddy they've been good friends every since a week after Freddie and him got into a major fist fight, neither boy won, and after the fight they decided that they would be better off friends then enemies.

"Man I don't get you, you're a slob and a half and you live with a guy who is OCD on cleanness," Ernest told him as he opens the door to step outside, Freddie gave his buddy an odd look wondering why he jerked his head up. "Hey Owen" Ernest said as he stepped outside to smoke.

“OCD may be over stating it a bit,” Owen said mildly. “That really is a disgusting habit you’ve picked up,” he added. Owen had never liked smoking and wasn’t shy about showing it. He looked at Freddie and then at Dakota and raised an eyebrow, “Is this the place for a baby?” he asked mildly.

Freddie gave Owen a don't go there look, its one thing Owen wants to control his habits but he needs to leave his friends out of that circle. "You do remember we lived above a garage, for the first six months of life, beside that stuff never hurt Shawn or m," he said as he made his way over to Owen  "Hi Chief, " Freddie told them then gave his lover a kiss.  "Ten more minutes or so and we'll have the carb back together. and then we'll get this stuff picked and cleaned up." He said stepping back to help his bother fix what he was working on. 

"He's not a happy Chief is he," Shawn asked kind glancing toward where his bro in law was standing by the wall. 

"Maybe just a little, but if, Miss Choot Kutiya," Freddie said in his native tongue both Shawn and Ernest laughed hard. "Would of picked Dakota up he be with her, and not here." Freddie told him.

Shawn got real close to his brother ear."Does Owen know your tongue? "Shawn whispered.

"I don't think so why?" Freddie asked.

"Cause if looks could kill, you be dead with a mouth full of soap" Ernest said going over to the stove and pulling the part that has been cleaning on a low heat, grabbing a towel he dried it. Freddie didn't look back he could feel Owen’s eyes on him, Freddie closed his eyes and swallowed hard.

"Look you two clean up and I can have this together in a half hour,, Shawn put all the grease rag in the bucket to soak I will wash them tonight.  Ernest you get all the chemicals outside and back into the right container this time we don't need a fucking fire again, leave the screen door open to help air out the place...”   Freddie gave orders and the other two young men did as they were ordered when not playing around Freddie can run a tight ship.

Owen didn’t need to know Freddie’s native language to know he’d yet again be disrespecting Dakota’s mother. The two of them had continued to talk about a DP and had filled out the forms for Teardrop Lake Resort and received an invitation to visit. Owen was more than tempted to call Freddie on his language and attitude.

After Ernest left Shawn a few minutes after him, making sure everything was put away, and clean he picked up the newly rebuilt carburetor and put it on the tool bench in the garage, so he could put it on the truck in the morning, pushing start on the washer, he closed the kitchen door, he then made sure Dakota was still asleep He turner to see his lover looking at him oddly not liking the look he got 

"What did I do wrong now?"  He asked since Owen had his Dad’s “I’m pissed at you boy” look.
“Why don’t you translate what you called Dakota’s mother for me,” Owen replied “And it it’s complimentary I’ll apologize for suspecting you. If it isn’t we will need to try and explain why I shouldn’t spank you. I’m sick of you disrespecting my wishes over and over around this issue.” 

Freddie came over and sat on the sofa, it was time Owen new the truth about Precious, Dakota’s mom,  he rested his elbows on his knees and ran his fingers through the long tangled miss of hair, as  grabbing fistful of hair with both hands, he let out a breath, this was something he wish he could forget.

"No, it not a polite thing I said about her, and I am sorry I keep disrespecting your wishes, but you really don't understand, I thought I was not normal, I didn't understand why I liked looking at naked picture of men at ten, One of dad workers son explain things to me, my family knew but I didn't come out until I was out of high school, I didn't want the drama. I dated a girl lesbian friend who is a tribe member so she could so her girlfriend in town her parents would of disowned her, they work at the casino now. The tribe looks down on us gay people, yes they know I am gay, my birth grand parents don't care and because my dad was killed in protecting our county the tribe looks the other way. As long as I don't marry a man they are alright with it.

Anyway Precious," Freddie spat her name out like venom. "keep at me at this party and I keep turning her down, after a hour or so I started to get sick I was not drinking all that much, Grey they guy who was hosting the party let me lay down in a spare room, I finally called Shawn and of course he brought dad, they came and got me, I started throwing up on the way home and shaking having some weird shit hallucination trip on top of it.

The hospital thought I was on some odd drug but they could not find anything in my system, so they did a date rape test on me, nothing, A week later I went home.  Nine months later I get paper work from the child support telling me I was named as a person who could of father a child and if I wanted to contest it I had to submit to a DNA test. I called them and explain I was gay and never been with a woman and the person told me to fight it, so I did, BINGO 99.5 % I'm a dad Being he is half Native American and so am I. I got the tribe involved the tribe has say so, the state don't have anything to do with us now.

A very long story short, I let the council handle it, I'm a tribe member she's not her own tribe won't let her be a member,  I gave them all the paper work, my birth dad's parents took care of Dakota until they figured out what to do about these, we both had to go talk before the council  as  you know I have custody over him she has him on the weekends The only reason she wanted to get pregnant by a tribe member was so she could get half of the percentage of the money he got from the tribe which is about twenty-five hundred a month, her share would be half that. That is why I have to pay her a five hundred a month. cause she's the mom." Freddie told him.

"I found out through a friend, that there is a certain plant that is like the date rape stuff, a drop will knock you on your ass, but if used on men not only does it knock them out you to get hard for hours, and if you ingest to much it will make you sick, hallucinate and they could die. If Dad and Shawn would have taken me home to sleep it off I probably would be dead, so she lucky she not put away for attempted murder." Freddie said he finally looked up at Owen he looked miserable

"I called her a cunt of a bitch. I also understand I disrespected you several time over this,  even though I think it's nut and I don't fully understand it,  I will accept any punishment you think I need so I will learn or I hope I learn not to disrespect you again" Freddie told. "Dad said I must have a callous on my ass cause I don't learn well" He said with a half-smile.

Privately Owen was on Freddie’s side, but this issue wasn’t really about Precious it was about Freddie doing something that Owen had told him he found distasteful. The fact Freddie had dropped into his native language to insult the woman indicated that even he felt uncomfortable. “Well it sounds as though she did a number on you,” Owen replied evenly, “However when it comes down to it she is Dakota’s mother and looks after him on the weekends. He has a right to know her and much as he knows us.” Owen pulled Freddie over to him. “This time I’m going easy,” he said calmly.  ”It’ll be six with your pants up. I need your agreement; I will not spank you unless you agree.”

'Good thing I have heavy work pants on,' Freddie thought when Owen said over the pants, his dad always blistered his tail over his boxers, since they usually got walloped in front each other in hopes the other ones would learn from the one being punished mistake, sometimes Freddie did but not always.  

 He leaned hard into Owen. "I said I would accept anything you thought would help," Freddie reminded him.

Owen didn’t waste much time. He flipped Freddie over his knee and rained down three heavy hard smacks. “Before I finish why don’t you explain what landed you here.”

"Oww," Freddie jerked hard when the first swat landed he twisted his body left he pushed his face into a pillow that he grabbed, he sure in the hell didn't want to wake Dakota then he twisted right hoping in vain to avoid the next smack. “How can something be so soft hits so hard' he thought when another one didn't fall.

"Disrespect" Freddie said through his teeth that were clamped down hard on the pillow, he then braced himself since he was told six he knew Owen meant six.   The small pillow was wet from where he was biting into it, tears, and probably a little grease.

Owen slowly and steadily finished the spanking with the final three spanks. “All over,” he declared and wasn’t overly surprised when Freddie attempted to roll off his knee and walk away, Nope doesn’t work like that Sunshine,” he declared “We need to talk about what just happened.” Owen was conflicted, he and Freddie had talked about a DP and were heading up to a Resort that could help them with the final decision, but they hadn’t made the final decision. “Had he abused Freddie?” He did not realise he’d said that bit out loud.

He was not sure why but when his lover tried to hold him, it made his skin crawl, Freddie  finally got a few inches away from his lover, he was not used to being held after a spanking, "No you didn't, I just want to be left alone for now." Freddie told him through a tight shaking voice, Freddie then went into Dakota's room and shut the door softy, since Owen insisted only the front and back door had locks on them, he pushed the small nightstand against the door, just enough to block it from opening,, he then gently picked up his son and laid down on the small bed that was in the room, he held him against him, he let out a deep breath. "How can life get more confusing?" he asked himself and then closed his eyes.

Owen spent a miserable night alone with his thoughts, ‘Had he ruined everything. Would Freddie ever trust him again?” Owen was still convinced that discipline would be beneficial in their relationship moving forward. He was worried when Freddie didn’t joined him in bed and was terrified in the morning when he found Freddie and Dakota had gone missing,

Freddie laid staring at the ceiling he had a pain in his gut as well as his heart, his ass didn't hurt like it had the night before, he slipped out of bed and into the hall.  As opens their bedroom door softly he saw Owen there with his back to the door, asleep. Freddie let out a sigh did he even miss him, like he miss him. He closed the door again then headed back to the other room, he got Dakota changed and dressed, grabbing the diaper bag. He slipped outside to his truck, once Dakota was in; he put the old Ford into Natural and let it roll down the driveway. He popped the clutch and the old beast started easy, shifting into second, he headed to once place he could think and get his mind together.

 First stop was burger king, he had to have his whopper fix he was glad they sold them this early in the morning, and he got Dakota some OJ.  Most children didn't know what food was at Six months but Dakota sure did, he loved fries and Coke. 

"Don't you tell Daddy Owen cause he kick my ass but good." Freddie told his their son as he handed the baby a few cool fires.

After a bit he pulled up to the shop he got out and open the gate, he smiled when his old dog Boo-boo Bear looked up at him from the bottom step wagged his tail and then went back to sleep. The old shop cat was making her rounds, she looked at him and then went back to her job. His mom had taken the small pig and Brandy home with her.

Freddie parked in the back of the shop and got out lifting his son out of the car seat he headed up the stair into his old apartment it still smell the same, and looked  just as bad. He put Dakota into the playpen, he then turned on some light tribal music to help him think, he made his coffee he did quick sweep of the place tossing into a bag in to a garbage bag, after it was full he stepped out onto the landing and tossed the trash bag into the trash toll bin over by the fence, "Yes" He said when he made it into the bin and not onto the ground. When he went back in the apartment, he headed over to the corner of the room, his weaving loom was up and ready to go. He makes three blankets a year, for a raffle for the tribe pow wow, Christmas, New Years and one for the Fourth of July.  The fourth was coming up fast and he needed to get this finished, before his grand mom started harping at him.

Freddie remember seeing one on the back of the sofa at Owens the first night he went over, it had the his initials and his age that he made it in the lower corner of it. He smiled when he remember selling Owen the ticket, when he asked Owen why only one, "It only takes one to win." Freddie remembers Owen telling him. he was sixteen at the time, he also remember staring at Owen ass, when the man wallet fell out of his hand  bent to retrieve Freddie had to think fast so he would not get hard. 

As he listen to the music and did his thing he thought about last night, how Owen tried to hold him after the spanking, and he rejected him, why he felt the way he did, afterwards, it was not a bad feeling, but he never felt it before, a pressure was removed from him, but yet way did Owens touch make his skin crawl like that. It was not like getting spanked from his dad, no this one hurt more in his heart, than his ass. He did cry last night but from the pain in his heart, seeing the hurt in his lover’s eyes, when he pulled away, hearing him say aloud did he abuse him.  of course he didn't abuse him, he left no marks.

He had no one he can talk to about these expect his lover.  Maybe this resort was a good idea going there may help him understand things better. Freddie had one ear on the music and the other on his son the new blanket was coming along fine he only had a forth of it to go. , his feet and hands were keeping temp with each other as the outside world became a far distance.

Owen was watching his lover dance and was transfixed at the beauty of the man he loved. He'd known where Freddie would run to. He'd made friends with the dog when he first hooked up with Freddie, so had no problem accessing the old apartment. He immediately noticed Freddie had cleaned the place up and smiled wryly. "Some things stick," he thought to himself. When Dakota burbled at him Owen grinned and he placed his finger over his lips to hush his son. Owen had thought through his actions of the night before and although Freddie's rejection had hurt, and still did, he understood it. He was hoping the time they spent at the Resort would help. A place where they could explore the new dynamics in their relationship without censure. One thing they would have to deal with first was this habit Freddie had of disappearing when upset. Owen wanted open communication at all times no matter how hard it was.

"Freddie," Owen said softly hating to break the spell, "You ready to leave for Teardrop Lake? We can drop Dakota at your Mom's place on the way."

Freddie was getting frustrated with himself he was making too many mistake he was not a beginner on this he knew what he was doing giving up he pushed himself away from the loom.

He stood looking out the back window he could see the back lot of the shop, before long he was moving to the music graceful as he could be he, when he heard his lover voice his heart flutter and his tummy tingled, Owen was voice was dominate even when he spoke softly.

Freddie spun gracefully around keeping with is dancing he headed over to his lover wrapping his arms around the older man, he moved his body soon both men was swaying softly to the chant.

When Owen asked if he was ready to head out, he looked up at him.

"Yes the C... Precious will pick him up at moms if she remembers to." Freddie said as he laid his head on his lovers shoulder. He let out a sign when the song ended. He was real nervous about going to the resort, but if he could help him understand this type of relationship, then he is all for it.

 As the two men began the drive to the Lake they were both hoping that their relationship would grow even stronger.


  1. Hola,antes que nada quiero agradecer al escritor de Owen y Freddie,son unos personajes que me han llamado mucho la atención y he disfrutado tener la posibilidad de leer mas de ellos.
    Felicitarlos a todos por estas increíbles aventuras,y la sorpresa de éste capítulo ha sido genial!!
    En verdad muchas gracias y si es posible,nos encantaría poder seguir leyendo mas de ellos cuando les sea viable obsequiarnos con sus relatos.
    Saludos cordiales,Ken.

    1. Thank you Ken for a you lovely comment I am excited that you enjoy Freddie and Owen. We will try our best do more of them at the resort. once again thank you so much, Carrol (Freddie writer.)

    2. Thank you Ken.

      We do have another Owen and Freddie off the TLR. I will try and get it up on a public website when I've conquered my blogspot site.

      Jo (Owen;s writer)

  2. ¡OH vaya ,no pensé que habría respuesta!
    Gracias por su gentileza!
    Y la noticia de posibles nuevos capítulos de Freddie y Owen me llena de ilusiones!!
    Saludos y hasta pronto!

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  5. Aun sigo esperando las nuevas aventuras de Owen y Freddie,me hace mucha ilusión seguir enterándome de sus aventuras.La realidad es que me gustaron desde un principio y digan lo que digan a varias personas nos encantan estos personajes.
    Por otro lado,PJ lamento haber causado alguna incomodidad pero la verdad de la situación es que las entradas hostiles ,citando tus palabras,no surgieron de mi,mas bien el comentario (no creo que constructivo)fue de la otra persona a los escritores de la historia y la cahetada fue directamente hacia mi,por lo tanto no creo haber faltado al respeto a nadie .Mas como bien tu dices eres propietario de este blog y haces tu voluntad por lo tanto no dudo que mi comentario será eliminado.Solo espero que tanto Carol y Jo sepan que les admiro y disfrutamos de sus historias e indudablemente esperamos poder leer mas de ella o por lo menos saber a donde dirigirnos para poder disfrutar de su trabajo sin molestar a nadie.
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