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TLR Chapters 31 - 40

CHAPTER 31:  James calls Jeff about the surprise. Sawyer & Jenson going to class. 

CHAPTER 32:   Mutt asks Jeff and James about a party for Jax?  Harry's first spanking. 

CHAPTER 33:  No work for Harry.  Jenson’s health.  Coral and Ryan getting to know each other.   

CHAPTER 34: Coral & Ryan and the bar.  Beer and getting caught by Jake and Duke.  Spanking.  Coral & Ryan visit the trailer.    

CHAPTER 35: A day on the lake for Brody and Harry. Coral and Ryan talk rules.  

CHAPTER 36: Brendon & Tristan introduced. Heath releases Duke to light duty.  Sawyer & Billy enjoying the night.    

CHAPTER 37:  Jax gets the brace off his wrist.  Coral, James and Ryan talk about Ry going back to work.   

CHAPTER 38:  Mutt working on Jax'x gift.  Mutt cuts hand and goes to Heath.  

CHAPTER 39:  Mutt disobeys Jeff. Duke and Ryan work together the first day back.   

CHAPTER 40:  Tristan comes to TLR & learns he works for Brendon.  Stephen and Billy leave the resort.   

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