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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Elijah & Zay Problem at home

The Missing Credit Card

Elijah pulling the car in the driveway thought about their vacation at the resort as he was walking down to the mailbox getting the mail. 

Elijah and Zay have been home now for a few months and things were going well with their marriage. They both had agreed that going to TLR was a great idea and taking the classes were very helpful. They met couples that are in the same relationship as them.

Once he had the mail, Elijah headed back to their home.

“It sure smells good in here. What are you making?” he asked as he leaned into Zay planting a kiss on his soft lips.

“It does indeed.” Zay agreed. “Bar-b-que ribs, bake beans and peach pie for dessert.”  

“Sounds yummy.” Elijah answered his young brat.

Zay held his breath all the while Elijah was in the kitchen hoping his credit card wasn't brought up.  He had to think of a way to tell Elijah how he was buying everything from clothes to camping gear which totaled up $600.00. He went to the snack cabinet pulled out an empty sugar container to see if his credit card was still there. He made sure Elijah wasn't around then opened the lid. Zay took a second look and to his surprise the container was empty.  “Dang, it's gone” he said loudly.

“Are you looking for this?” Elijah demanded, waving the credit card in the air they both shared.

“Ahh, no not really. Why do you ask?”  

“Well, it seems with all the mail and phone calls from the bank in the last few weeks since we've been home I decided to check your balance.” Elijah answered.  “And then phone call I received this morning at work today confirmed that you as having a problem.”  Elijah explained none too happy. 

“Oh.” Zay said then everything became quiet.

“Ok, Zay since you can't remember to keep track of our credit card, I myself have decided do something that I’ve never done before for your punishment.” 

 Elijah went to the kitchen junk drawer pulled out notebook and a pen and sat down. He pulled out a chair snapping his fingers and pointed.  “Sit down please we have lots to discuss.”  

Zay sat and Elijah continued, “Here's what's going to happen, while we are here sitting at the table we're going to go over some things and I want you to write them down. I made one earlier so we have two copies.” 

“Elijah, really I'm sorry. I just lost track when the bill due.”

“Oh, I see.” Elijah said.  “So you decided to hide it so I wouldn't find it.  Is that right Zay?” he demanded.

“Ahh, yeah” Zay answered.  

“Ahh, that's what I thought.” The top said.  “So Zay I want you to copy down what I have written here on paper. And then I want it hung on the refrigerator.”

Here's what's what I wrote.

1.  Take Zay's phone away.

2.  Put all videos, all trains, designer clothes in one closet with a lock. Do this as soon as this list is done.

3.  Label each item with a certain number of chores Zay will have to complete in order to get his phone and other items back.  And then his credit card back.

4.  Give him the basic necessities to survive, like a bar of soap, deodorant and toothbrush.  Also give him three outfits from Target of my choice.

5.  Put a huge lock on the closet to send the message.

“So young man,” Elijah said, as he grabbed the notebook and slid it across the table in front of Zay.
“You have two hours.” 

‘‘Really Elijah you got to be kidding. This is just plain not going to happen.”  

Elijah pushed back the chair he was sitting on and came around to the side of Zay's chair and lifted him up and turned him sideways and landed three hard swats to Zay's backside and plunked him back down.

“You have one hour to get this done.”

“Yes sir.” Zay said as the tears started.

Zay picked up the pencil that was near his bottle of water.  He began writing the list that Elijah had given him.  

Cleaning up the kitchen Elijah dried the last dish and put it away. Then he went up to Zay squeezing his shoulders and leaned in giving his brat a kiss on the lips and whispered, “Finish up babe and come up to bed with the list in hand.”

Returning the kiss, Zay finally said what needed to say. “Um, sorry about the credit card.”

Giving Zay the approval that he was forgiven, they both walked up the stairs to bed.

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