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Friday, July 8, 2016


Title: Reaffirming
Characters: Clayton/Greg
Written by Dizzy

Greg stood staring at the clothes in his closet. He loved clothes, loved keeping up with all the latest fashions. As a sign language interpreter, he could only wear black when he worked. He more than made up for it when he and Clayton went to the clubs. Pulling out a short sleeve shirt, he heard Clayton speak from behind him. 

"You'll look hot in that," Clayton said. 

Greg waited knowing that Clayton had more to say on the matter. He ALWAYS had more to say. He was not disappointed when he heard, "You'll freeze your ass off, but you will look hot."

Throwing the shirt on the bed, Greg growled, "Who goes on vacation in February? To Maine? Snow up to our asses!"

"We do. We take vacation in February. And its been a couple years since we've been to the resort," Clayton said as he folded the shirt Greg had thrown on the bed.

Greg knew they took their vacations in February and why. Clayton was the general manager of a ribbon factory and he was encouraged to take time off at this time. The summers were reserved for the hourly employees to take their vacations. Lucky them, Greg thought bitterly. "They get to go on vacation when normal people do!"

"Aren't we normal?"

Greg jumped at the question. He hadn't realized he'd spoken his thoughts out loud. Keeping his back to Clayton so he wouldn't see the blush of embarrassment in his face. Damn being a red-head, Greg thought. All his emotions showed on his face.

"Greg? Answer me. Aren't we normal?"

Well crap. Clayton wasn't going to let it go. With a big sigh, Greg said, "Yes, we are normal. Its just I've seen the weather. The northeast has been hit hard with snow. It'd be nice to go on a cruise. Maybe to Cancun. Or the Bahamas."

He heard Clayton moving about before he felt him wrap his arms around him from behind. 

"We went down to Florida last year. And the year before that we did take a cruise," Clayton reminded him. "We've not been to the resort in awhile and I think maybe we need to go. It'll be fun. Hot toddy's in front of a roaring fire. You naked; spread beneath me."

The images floated in Greg's mind. They did look good. But he also knew that Clayton was wanting to reaffirm the discipline in their relationship. Staring straight ahead, refusing to turn around, Greg softly said, "it's hard some times. Some times I just don't want to have to deal with it all. Ya know?" 

"Yeah. I do know. I feel the same way some times," Clayton said just as softly.
Greg wanted to turn around and look into Clayton's deep brown eyes. To see if he was serious. But Greg knew by the tone in his voice he was. Leaning back into Clayton, letting his head fall back on to his shoulders, Greg asked, "really?"

"Sure, I do. Greg, its hard on this side of things too. What gives me the right to tell you what to do? Why do I spank you? You're a grown man. Fully capable of making your own decisions and facing the natural consequences," Clayton said.

Breaking free from Clayton's arms, Greg turned around. "I do! I give you the right. We both know I do better, I FEEL better, when I know there's someone to hold me accountable! Am I putting to much on your shoulders?"

The all too familiar feeling of guilt started to overwhelm Greg. He should be man enough to deal with his own shit! Not push the responsibility of his actions onto Clayton. Clayton whom he loved so much. Clayton who accepted him for who he was when no one else in the world did.


Clayton's strong voice and even stronger swat did stop him.

"It works for us. Discipline works for us. We just need a refresher. We get too complacent with with the day to day trials of life. That's why we go there," Clayton said.

Greg took a deep breath. Yeah. Discipline did work for them. The resort was a good place to reconnect with the principles of their relationship and to reconnect as a couple. And besides, winter was the best time to go there. Maybe they could go do some shopping on the way there. With all the snow Maine has had, he could get a cool snowsuit. He would be well padded from swats.

Leaning in, Greg kissed Clayton long and hard. Pulling back he grinned at this man he loved so much. "Can we stop and get snowsuits?"



  1. "Aren't we normal?" I love that line. Greg knew he better do some fast talking to get out of that question.


    1. Yes, Greg did have to come up with a good answer for that question. I'm glad you like this. Thanks for letting me know!