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Monday, July 4, 2016

Ricky & Troy

Ricardo “Ricky” Juan Gonzales
Written by Rosemarie

Age 32 of Mexican descent with Black hair and warm brown eyes. He’s 5’8” and comes from a long line of Cowboys. He’s the fifth of six boys in his family and his mother, father and brothers accept him as he is, being gay. His family have lived on the land they have before the U.S. took over that part of Mexico and after the American/Mexican war and it was ceded to the United States. His family was fortunate to hang onto their ranch, being able to obtain title to it and pass it on down to future generations. He was born a U.S. Citizen. All his brothers love him and they are all very close. His family just wonder how he fell in love however with a young white man 8 years younger himself and a very small spitfire.

Troy Nelson Temple
Written by Rosemarie

He is 5’5” age 24 and has a bad temper. He has black hair and dark blue eyes. He’s the youngest boy of five children, with two older brothers and two older sisters. Not only is he the youngest, but the shortest and his brothers tease him and call him runt and his sisters keep treating him like a baby who’s not quite grown up yet. His parents are very permissive and allow him to do whatever he wants and have ever since he was a young child because he was so small and cute. He grew up in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. His family accepts his gayness and even his partner Ricky.  Ricky calls him TNT or Dynamite. He also refers to him as Nino or Chico, little boy when he’s annoyed with him or being affectionate.

They’ve been together for the past three years working on the Triple Swan ranch in Arizona. 

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