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Sunday, April 24, 2016

TLR Chapter 64

James picked up his phone and dialed the County Sheriff's office in Masonville.

"Sheriff Grayson here, may I help you?"

"Sheriff, this is James Harrington at Teardrop Lake Resort. I wanted to report a security breach."

The Sheriff asked, "Do you need me to come out there?"

James said, "No, this happened about a week ago, Last Saturday to be exact, the day after our Fourth of July party. It had been brought to my attention prior to that, that there had been an intruder lurking near my home. One of my staff saw piles of cigarette butts and mini liquor bottles left along with large boot prints. One of my security officers took plaster molds of the foot prints." 

Dustin Grayson said, "Good, they may come in handy. Is there more?"

James said, "Three of my security guards and a friend were investigating an area where one of them thought he had seen a light the night before during the fireworks display, but was called away on an emergency call and hadn’t the time to fully investigate. He enlisted the aid of one of the other on duty security officers on Saturday and one of my off duty security guards and that guard's brother joined them. Apparently they found a man named Gene Thomas there. He's the stepfather of one of the residents under my protection here, Jaxon Wilder. I am told there was a slight altercation, with the younger brother of my off duty security guard hitting the man and then after some discussion among the men the two uniformed security guards escorted the man off the property with a warning to not return."

The Sheriff listened and took notes. "If you have a full report from your guards I'd like to add it to my report here."

James eyed the three men still standing at attention in his office and said, "I'll have a full report to you first thing in the morning. I just wanted to make the Sheriff's department aware of this man and that he had been sneaking around and intruding on our property."  James added, "His last known address was Elmville."

Dustin wrote that down too. "Thank you James. I'll take care of filing this report. If the man shows up again, please don't hesitate to call the department."

James replied, “I'll do just that thank you Dusty."

Dustin said, "You’re welcome James. Good-bye."

James said, "Good-bye Dusty." He disconnected the call and then turned to the recalcitrant security guards. "You heard me tell Sheriff Grayson I'd get him the report first thing in the morning. I expect it to be here as I've directed, remember this will be written and completed on your own time, not TLR time." He reiterated and gave them all his stern Marine Captain look. "You are dismissed to complete your assignments.  Duke, before you leave, I want to speak to you." James continued in his stern manner.

Duke watched as the other men left and James said quietly, "I expect you to tell Jake about this. If you don't tell him I will and I'm very sure he will not be pleased to hear it from me first." The resort owner said in a very stern tone.

Duke, having heard that tone from James before, but not for quite some time nodded. "Yes Sir, I'll be sure to do tell him."

James said "Very good. Dismissed!" He watched as Duke then left the office. Once the younger man left James sank into his chair and put his head in his hands. "This has been one hell of a day got any whiskey or brandy in here? I need a drink."

"Brandy, whiskey, bourbon, gin, vodka," Jeff laughed. "Not that I sit here drinking all day, mind you." he joked. "What's your poison?"

“Brandy, please.” James responded.

Jeff went to the locked cabinet where he kept the liquor and glasses. He took a clean cloth and wiped two snifters down before pouring generous helpings of the brandy in. He walked across the room to James, who had gotten comfortable in one of the easy chairs, and handed it to him before sitting across from his boss and best friend.

James took a sniff of the brandy, swirled it around and then took a sip. "That's good, thank you Jeff. I can't believe how things turned out today. How did it happen my own security force didn't notify me of Gene's presence?"

"I'm not sure, James. I'm sure they meant well, but it was such a grave breach of protocol, there's really no excuse. They could have told me even if they were worried about you and how the three of you would feel about Gene being on the property."

 James nodded. "Or Coral who's second in command. Duke should have known better. He's been head of security here for a long time, Maybe I need to promote Coral to head." He mused out loud.

Jeff's eyes widened. Duke had been their head of security for the past twelve years, and he knew that Duke would be crushed at the demotion. 

"I think you should calm down a bit more before you make a decision like that JW. Duke has been with us for years. I think that you would regret it if you took a big step like that while you were still angry. I'm not saying what Duke and the others did was right, by the way."

James sighed. "I know you're right Jeff. Thanks for always being my voice of reason. I was just wondering if a brat was a good choice, but Duke's always been a brat and has always done a good job. I guess because Gene having been sneaking around and how I've grown to love Jax and Heath it just bothers me more than it would have usually, on top of that Chad's death..." He shook his head. "Now that was a complete shock and we have another brat to keep tabs on, although he seems to be a low maintenance brat so far."

Jeff nodded in understanding. "It's been a hard day all the way around, James. What do you say we finish our drinks and call it a day? I'm sure that Heath and Jax are eager for you to get back home, and honestly, there's nothing pressing for either of us to do at the moment.

James nodded. "A good idea."

“One more thing," Jeff said, before James could get up. He leaned across and poured out a little more brandy into the two glasses. "A toast. To Chad."

James smiled at Jeff and said as he raised his glass, "Yes, To Chad."

After they drained their glasses, Jeff patted his friend on the shoulder and hugged him briefly. "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow." he said. 

James stood up and giving his best friend a hug in return said, "Yes, tomorrow. It will be a new day and hopefully a better one."

He waited for James to leave before washing and drying the glasses and replacing them and the brandy into the cabinet and locking it. He didn't know about James, but he was eager to get home to Mutt.


Duke left James and Jeff's office feeling guilty and pretty bad. He hadn't meant to let anyone down. He loved James and Jeff like big brothers ever since they served together in the Marines. He had even been made head of security Twelve years ago. He had never let James and Jeff down like this until now. He checked the time and saw he still had about four or five hours before he had to report for his shift. Perhaps he and Jake could enjoy themselves before they both needed to get to work.

As Duke approached his bungalow where Jake was waiting for him he thought about how he'd distract Jake from asking any questions he wasn't ready yet to answer. He walked in the door and smiled. "Jake? I'm back!" He called.  He took his keys and wallet out of his jeans pocket and untucked his tee shirt.

"Duke!" Jake said with a smile. "Good to have you back. I missed you." he said, pulling Duke down so that he could give him a kiss. He pulled back with a puzzled expression, the kiss hadn't seemed genuine, and Duke was usually more passionate. "Is something wrong, Duke?" he asked, concerned.

Duke said with a smile, "I missed you too." He gave Jake a more passionate kiss. "I'm missin' you a whole lot." He told Jake, thinking he had to make this real or Jake would get suspicious.

"That's my love." Jake said with a wide grin. "Sorry, but I have to say it," he continued in a husky tone, "But are you carrying your gun, or are you just really glad to see me?" He kissed Duke again, pressing himself up against his large partner.

Duke said in a suggestive voice, "Oh yes, I'm carryin' my gun all right." He pressed his erection into Jake's belly, thinking about all the things Jake liked and working to give his partner nothing else to think about but what they were doing.

Jake began to unbuckle the belt on Duke's jeans and quickly divested his partner of jeans and boxers in one quick movement, bringing his face right down next to Duke's hardened member. He gave it a lick on the way up so that he could peel off the Guns n' Roses tee shirt, exposing Duke's finely chiseled body.

Duke grinned at how quickly Jake was responding. "You have entirely too many clothes on." He told his lover as he kicked off his running shoes and stepped out of his jeans and boxers. He ran his hands up under Jake's shirt, teasing the nipples.

Jake growled and gently trapped the large wrists, clasping them with both of his hands like hand cuffs. He loved the knowledge that Duke could break the hold and overpower him at any time, and yet knowing that he wouldn't. He placed Duke's arms, wrists crossed, behind his back, let go, and was thrilled that Duke stayed in that position while Jake peeled off his own clothes, slowly, admiring every inch of Duke that he could as he did so.

Duke stayed where Jake put him, liking the feel of Jake's power over him. He did it for Jake and for himself. It felt good to have Jake in charge and for the moment chasing his troubled thoughts regarding his encounter with Jeff and James out of his mind. His member twitched with excitement as he watched his lover strip.

Once Jake finished stripping he kicked his clothes aside and then ran his hands along the hard abs and up to Duke's neck. He pulled the big man down into another kiss. Duke kept his hands behind his back until Jake took them and pulled the large man's arms around him.

Duke leaned into the kiss, his tongue dancing with Jake's.

Unable to hold back, Jake took Duke by the wrist and led him quickly into the bedroom, already imagining what he was going to do with his beautiful Brat.

Duke followed with a grin on his face that was only for these intimate moments between them.


When Duke awoke he smiled at Jake and woke his lover. "Time to get ready for work lover boy...beat you to the shower!" He teased as he got out of bed and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

With an evil leer, Jake smacked Duke lightly on the backside and joined him in the dual headed shower to enjoy a mutual scrub.

Once Duke had dressed appropriately in his clean, crisp security uniform he reported for his shift. He usually tried to get there just before Coral was going off duty, even though his own shift didn’t begin until six o’clock to catch up with things that had gone on during the day.  Duke could have read the reports but he liked to have contact with his second in command. "Hello Coral, anythin' I should know about?"  Marty was just coming in from his rounds to get ready to come off his shift and Duke said, “Hello Marty.” He didn’t bring up the meeting with Jeff and James.

Marty looked at Duke, having not said anything much to Coral and said, “James was really sore, I don’t know when, if ever, I’ve seen him so upset. It seemed he was even more upset than the firecracker incident.”

Coral arched an eyebrow and looked from one man to the other. “Greg said something about James being upset with the three of you when he came back after having been called away. Sounds like the three of you messed up pretty badly.”

Duke nodded and looked at Coral with a sigh. . “Yeah…anythin’ that goes wrong here James takes personally. He built this resort with the help of his friends and when somethin’ goes wrong it’s like a stab to the heart for him.” He said quietly.

The other two guards looked at Duke, then nodded.

“Yeah…I can see that.” His second in command agreed.

Martin said, “After I get home Greg wanted to get together and get on that report James ordered that we have on his desk first thing in the morning. Too bad you don’t have the time off too Duke, or the three of us could collaborate on it.”

Duke said, “I’ll just have to do my own after I’m finished with my shift this mornin’.”

Martin looked at Duke. “Have you told Jake yet?” he asked.

Duke shook his head. “I’ll see him on my dinner break tonight and I’ll tell him then.”

Coral gave Duke a stern look. “I know if this were Ryan I would have wanted to know right away.  I don’t believe Jake is going to be very happy that you delayed telling him Duke.”

Duke winced and nodded. “He’s not going to be happy about it that’s for sure.”

Coral said, “I know I would be upset.”

Duke said, “Well it’s time for me to make my rounds. If anyone needs me they can call my cell or reach me on the radio.”

Coral nodded. “It’s time I get going home to make sure Ryan and Castiel haven’t taken over the entire bungalow with cat toys.” He grinned fondly.

Duke couldn’t help but give a little smile thinking about Ryan having kitten toys all over the place as he headed out to do the rounds.

Later when Duke was manning the office, it was about time for Ryan to arrive. Duke looked up as the door opened a few minutes later. Ryan grinned as he came in. “Hi Duke, ready to report.”

Duke smiled at the younger man. “As usual Ry I need for you to stay here at the office while I take my dinner break. I’ll come back to spell you for your rounds until three. You come back and stay in the office until the end of your shift unless you receive any calls that you need to go out to respond to. Don’t forget to lock the office if you leave it.” He reminded.

Ryan almost rolled his eyes as the big man told him the same thing every night, but said, “All right Duke. I’ll man the office until you get back from dinner and then do rounds until your shift ends. If I have to leave the office after that I’ll make sure to lock up.”

Duke nodded and with a hand on Ryan’s shoulder said, “Good man. I’ll be back in an hour.” 

Ryan smiled at his friend.

Duke walked with heavy steps and a bit reluctantly toward the lodge. He wasn’t relishing having to tell Jake about what happened. He walked up to the bar, took his usual seat and looked for Jake.

Jake had been on the other side of the bar taking care of a large order. He could hear the waiter let out a loud sigh and make a comment to Jake who just laughed, leaned forward and said something back to the waiter who looked surprised at first and then laughed. Once the now smiling waiter was gone, Jake caught sight of Duke and strode over to take his order and sneak a kiss if he could. 

"Duke my dove," Jake said in a voice similar to Pepe LePew, "Let us fly together to zee Casbah!"

Duke couldn't help but chuckle. "You might just want to fly to Alcatraz when you hear what I have to tell you." He said.  His grey eyes telling Jake what Duke wasn't, that he was in trouble.

It was then that Jake saw the expression on Duke's face. "What's wrong, Duke? Are you feeling alright?" he asked, concerned.  He reached across the bar to put a hand to Duke's head to check for a fever. The man seemed unnaturally pale.

Duke pushed the hand away a bit impatiently. "I'm all right...I just have to tell you somethin'."

Jake fought down his initial angry response, he knew Duke well enough to know that he wouldn't act this way if it weren't something important. "Ok Duke," Jake said gently, "What's wrong? Talk to me." he said, taking Duke's hands in his own.

Duke bit his lower lip like he was wont to do when he had something hard to tell or didn't want to tell. "James said I had to." He pouted a little.

While Jake found these things endearing in his man, his ears pricked up at the sound of James's name. He kept his hands on Duke's and leaned in somewhat. He was about to ask what had happened when another waiter came up with a drink order.

"This'll have to wait just a few, Ok, Duke? I'll be right back." Jake apologized.

Duke felt a little relief that they were interrupted and waited for Jake to give him his attention again. He tried to figure out how he was going to tell Jake about the trouble, especially since Dean had also been involved.

Jake mixed up the order in record time and was back with Duke after a look back over his shoulder assured him that no one else was waiting. "So tell me hon, what's got you so upset? What happened?"

Duke said, "Well James said if I didn't tell you he'd tell you himself and...well that you wouldn't like that very much." He looked down at his hands and said, "I'm hungry, can I have some ribs?"

"Ok, first things first here. What did James tell you to tell me? And why would James tell you to tell me anything? Never mind." he said before Duke could answer. He looked at his watch and walked over to Pete. "Lunch time for me, my friend. I'm going to put in for two orders of ribs before I punch out, it'll be for Duke and me at the end of the bar, ok?"

"Gotcha boss." Pete replied with a smile.

Jake put in the order and went to sit next to Duke, who still looked pale and uncomfortable. Jake's stomach knotted in concern. What could Duke have done? he wondered.

"Pete, two cokes here, please." Jake requested before turning back to Duke and taking his lover’s hands in his. "Ok, Duke, whatever it is, we can work it out. Now tell me, what happened."

Before Duke had a chance to answer, Pete came up with two extra-large glasses of soda and placed them on coasters next to the two men with a smile.

"Enjoy, I'll bring the ribs right out." he said before turning away to help more guests.

Duke said "Thank you Pete." He turned back to Jake. "I hope you won't decide that you won't want to be with me anymore." He said softly.

Jake's heart felt as though it hit the floor of his pelvic region. The first thought that came to his mind was that James had caught Duke cheating on him with someone, and that's why Duke was afraid he'd leave, but he wouldn't believe that Duke would do something like that, so with effort, he kept his tone level and asked, "What did you do, hon. Tell me what's wrong and we can take it from there."

Duke kept his eyes downcast and said, "Me, Dean, Greg and Marty ran Gene Thomas off the resort. He'd been hangin' around the back of James's house. It happened last Saturday and...well a report wasn't filed." He said breathlessly. He didn't tell about the physical altercation just yet, waiting to see how Jake would take this first part.

"Gene Thomas..." Jake said thoughtfully, dredging the name out of his memory. "Jax's sorry excuse for a stepfather?" He demanded. "He was here? How did he get onto resort property without being seen? Wait... why... why didn't you file a report?" he asked, shaking his head as though trying to order his thoughts. He looked a Duke, confused, "What the heck is going on, Duke?" he asked. "This happened a week ago and you're only now just telling me? Which means James only just found out as well... Duke...?" Jake said, looking at Duke with a hurt expression. "I'm very disappointed that we didn't discuss this earlier when you came back to your bungalow where I was waiting for you. I feel deceived because now it seems that our love making was a distraction, sullying our time together."

Duke's heart plummeted at Jake's hurt look. "It was to protect James...and Jax. I’m sorry…I did need a distraction. I was really guilty and upset by everything…" He stood up. "I'd better go now." He said softly. "I'm sorry I hurt you Jake..."

"Just where do you think you're going young man?” the other man asked sternly. “You haven't eaten yet, and I know you haven't told me the whole story. So you just park that butt right back on that stool and tell me the rest." Jake ordered, afraid that he was going to lose Duke.

Duke not being able to resist Jake's command, sat back down and finished telling him what had happened, including his wanting to body slam the man and Dean stopping him from doing so.

Jake took some time to mull the situation over before answering. "While your intentions were noble, Duke," he began tentatively, choosing his words carefully, "It was still wrong of you not to tell Coral at the very least. And as for not telling James... he had a right to know. You know now that you should have told him right off the bat.  Even if you didn't think it was something you could talk to me about."

Duke looked down guiltily at Jake's words. "You're right, I should have." He said softly.  "I also should have trusted you enough to tell you right away...I was scared and nervous of how you'd take this." Duke confessed.

"Well, I can't say I'm happy, Duke, but I do understand why you did it. However, it was wrong not to tell anyone else about it and also wrong to distract me the way that you did."

Duke bit his lip now and nodded. "Yes, James said the same thing when he met with us, that we should have told Coral, filed our report and told James right away. He wants us to write up our reports and have them on his desk first thing in the mornin'.” Duke bit his lip and said, “I’m sorry I used you that way Jake that was really bad of me."

Jake continued, "And while I'm glad that Dean stopped you from physically harming that sad excuse for a man, he shouldn't have hit Gene. If that man finds the right lawyer, he can still bring charges against the resort. It only takes one crooked lawyer and one homophobic judge to turn everything James worked so hard to build into mud. As far as what went on between us when you came back, you are right about that Duke, it was wrong to use me that way as well"

At Jake's words Duke turned a shade paler and his grey eyes swam with unshed tears. "Yes Sir." Duke responded quietly, looking utterly miserable.

Jake sighed, sorry that he'd upset Duke even more, but he, himself felt let down and sad, his heart hurting because of his boy’s duplicity. Deciding that Duke's dilemma took precedence over his own, he said, "Look,” taking Duke into his arms and smoothing the man's long sandy colored hair, "as my father used to say, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, no use worrying about it right now. Perhaps Jeff is right and we've heard the last of Gene. The other we’ll deal with."

Duke leaned into the hug and leaned his head on Jake's shoulder and pouted.

"In the meantime, you have a report to write. Get your stuff and bring it home tonight.  I’ll meet you there and you can write your report... after I paddle your backside for you."

Duke's grey eyes went wide. "After you WH-what?!"

Jake smiled gently in understanding. "What you guys did was wrong on so many levels, Duke, you're lucky James didn't fire the lot of you on the spot. And you, as head of security, are held to higher expectations and standards than the other guys. And I don’t ever want to be used in that manner again."

"You lied by omission, you kept very important information from your boss. Information that could have gotten Gene arrested and rid of for good. Instead you created a situation where this vile man could come back, you left yourself and your brother open to assault charges and the resort in danger of being exposed. If that doesn't warrant a spanking, I don't know what does, and frankly I think you're getting off too easy for your indiscretion on your job."

Duke looked guiltily at Jake, "When I hand in the report I'll hand in my resignation. I don't deserve to be the head of security. I don't know what else James could have done to me."

"Whatever else James could have done to you, he didn't. And he didn't make you step down as head of security, so until he does, you stand tough. You did wrong, you admitted it, you're going to write your report and take your punishment, and with luck that will be the end of it. Understand me?" Jake asked, looking up into Duke's grey eyes.

Duke looked into Jake's eyes seeing the love there replacing the hurt he had seen earlier and nodded. "Yes Sir. I understand and I deserve whatever punishment you decide on."

"So when I tell you that you're going to write that report sporting a sore backside, you'll agree?" Jake said, watching Duke's face closely.

Neither man noticed when Pete placed their orders of ribs on the counter before them nor when he left as quietly as he’d arrive. The glasses of soda had been untouched and the two men had been in such deep conversation that they didn't seem to notice anything else around them.

Duke bit his lip. He thought about the classes they had taken. He thought about all the times in his life while in the service and even recently and then nodded. "I agree, it won't be pleasant, but it's not anythin' I haven't had done to me before."

"That's my boy," Jake said fondly, drawing Duke into another hug. He said softly, “We’ll deal with your deceit with me at the same time and then all will be forgiven and we can move on with both things.” Once Jake had finished speaking, only then did he notice the scent of the food. "Well kiddo, why don't we have our dinner and get back to work. We can work out the other details later when we get together. Deal?"

Duke nodded and hugged Jake tight. "I love you Jake and I know you're only doin' what's best for me."

Jake gasped at the hold Duke had on him but managed a laugh. "I love you too, sweetheart. More than you can know. Now, before I pass out, why don't we eat?"

Duke couldn't help but chuckle and let Jake go and dug into his plate of ribs, feeling a bit better that things were good between him and Jake and that the man wasn't going to kick him to the curb for this work issue or for his using him like he had.

After dinner, when Duke left, Jake looked at the clock. It was 11, a little late, but he hoped not too late to call James for advice.

He picked up the phone in the back room and called James's home number.

The phone rang several times and Jake worried that he was going to wake James and the others. He was just about to hang up when James answered the phone, sounding quite alert.

James heard the house phone ring and picked up. He answered this phone less informally, "Hello, James here."

"James, I didn't wake you or disturb you in any way, did I? It's Jake."

James said, "No Jake, did Duke talk to you?"

"Yes, that's what I'm calling about. I need your advice." Jake replied, somewhat sheepishly.

James asked, "How can I help?"

“Well, he told me the whole story, and frankly I thought he got off too easily. I told him I was going to spank him for what he did. Now... I've gone to the classes and all, but... I've never actually spanked anyone before. I know that you've disciplined Duke in the past, and I know how but... I think... I need to have it be more personal between us, if you know what I mean. Any insight you can give me?"

James thought for a moment. "Well personally I'd think over your lap, but Duke is a big guy. His sofa should work for that I'd think if you can scoot back enough and keep him from rolling off. He'll need to feel pretty secure. I'm betting it has been a very long time since he has been over someone's lap if ever. I know his grandfather didn't and we didn't and I don't. You'll probably need to know he'll take it pretty stoically so you'll need to be prepared to break him down. I'd suggest an implement of some kind. Otherwise I believe your hand will wear out before he will."

"Thanks James, that helps a lot." Jake replied, thinking of what he had at home that he could use other than his hand. He hated the idea of 'breaking' Duke down, but knew it was necessary.  "I think I have just the thing. An antique hairbrush, wooden, that used to be my grandmother's. It was used on me plenty of times and I know the effect it can have."

James said to Jake, "That sounds like the very thing and as you already know the effect which is taught in the implement classes, having it used on your own bottom by a trusted top then it would be acceptable."  James chuckled. "In your case by your Grandmother or other family member."

Jake grinned and laughed, "Yep, by pretty much every adult in the house at one point or another. Thanks James, this really helps." He sobered up and asked hesitantly, "Ah, I have a question for you though... Duke is pretty worried that you're going to demote him. He was ready to hand in his resignation tomorrow along with his report. Have you given any thought to... well... are you going to? I'd like to be able to put his mind at ease."

James said quietly, "Well to tell the truth it had crossed my mind, but more reasonable voices prevailed. No, I'm not going to demote him. This is a first offense. I'm pretty certain there won't be a repeat of this by any of the security guards involved."  He hesitated a moment, then said, "The only wild card out there is Duke's brother Dean. I hope the young man doesn't do anything so foolish again and put us all in jeopardy."

"Thanks again, James. I'll tell Duke afterward. Thanks for being so understanding. And I'll talk to him about Dean also, and make sure he understands the importance of what Dean did."

James said, "I'm sure Duke does, I just wish there was someone who had authority over Dean to rein him in when needed as well, but right now Duke and you are my main concern. Dean we can deal with another time. I just may have Duke bring him to the office and let Jeff rake him over the coals."

"Sounds like a plan. Alright then, unless you have any other suggestions, I should get back to work."

"Don't forget the aftercare. It's important."

"Don't worry, James, I won’t forget. Thank you again. Good night."

"Good night. Good luck." James replied.

"Thanks, I'll need it." Jake said before hanging up.


Duke got off his shift at 3 a.m. and Ryan told him he'd take care of the office and not leave unless he was summoned for an urgent matter. Duke made his way to the lodge and the bar and waited quietly for Jake.

Jake punched out as soon as he could and joined Duke. "Let's go to your place now, hon.  This will all be over soon." Jake reassured.

Duke was looking a bit nervous. Jake had swatted him before, but hadn't ever given him a real, full spanking. He kept worrying about how they were going to handle this, but then shrugged and laughed to himself. There would be no problem. Jake would just have to have him lean over the back of the sofa, or over the kitchen table or something and then just do what he had to.

"Duke, you understand why you're going to get a spanking?" Jake asked when they arrived at his bungalow.

"Yes sir." Duke replied quietly.

"And you understand why the two of us have to deal with this now." Jake said with finality.

"Yes sir."

"Then you know that I think this calls for more than a few swats, Duke. I want you to go into the bedroom and bring me the hairbrush. The one with the heavy wooden back you’ll find on the dresser."

Duke had seen Jake use the brush he was referring to before and protested, "But Jake...that thing looks like it would sting a lot!"

"I know, hon, but if it helps you to remember not to do this again, then it's worth it. Now go get the brush. I'll meet you in the living room."

Duke pouted. He thought about things. He remembered the classes they had taken together. He understood on one level, but his natural instincts didn't like it. He went to get the hairbrush and took it into the living room to Jake. He bit his lip as he handed it to the man. " it is Jake."

Jake felt badly about the upcoming spanking. He also knew that Duke would remember the reasons for it.

"Take your pants and underwear down, Duke, and lie over my lap." he directed.

Duke bit his lip and gave Jake a pleading look. "I won’t do any of these things again, I promise, Jake." He said.

Jake stood up and began to pace. He'd been growing angry with Duke for trying to get out of a punishment he'd agreed to and he reminded Duke of that.  "Now, are you, Mr. Marine, going to go back on your word?

Duke got very quiet for a time. Then he said quietly, eyes downcast, "No Sir. I'm sorry Sir."

Jake took a calming breath and once again sat on the couch. "Now, please do as I asked." he repeated, making sure that Duke knew it was an order and not a request.

Duke squared his shoulders and stood straight. He slowly unbuckled his belt, then undid the button on his uniform pants and unzipped his fly. He shucked them down his long legs along with his underpants. He shuffled over to Jake and laid himself across his lap like an ironing board.

Jake rubbed Duke's back to try to get him to relax a little bit. "Put your weight on the couch and relax your legs. It'll hurt more if you tense up."

Duke tried to do what Jake asked, but was clumsy about it and tensed up once more. "This isn't goin' to work!" He tried to push up off Jake's lap.

Jake held the larger man down effortlessly and laid a barehanded spank on Duke's backside. "Stay put." he said quietly.

Duke jumped at the smack. "I-I'll hurt you...can't you just bend me over somethin'? I haven't been over someone's lap since I was a little kid." He informed Jake.

"You're not going to hurt me, hon. Most of your weight is on the couch, and what little is on me is manageable." he reassured the larger man.

Duke squirmed to try to pull himself all the way onto the sofa. He wasn't successful. He bit his lip. He didn't want to tell Jake he was scared, so just laid there like a board.

Jake could feel Duke's tension. He knew that Duke had been punished by James on more than one occasion in the past and that it had been more impersonal. He felt that Duke needed the closeness that an over the knee spanking provided and he told him as much. "Now you just need to relax your body and let me take care of the rest." he directed.

Duke consciously relaxed his legs, but held his back stiff.

Jake sighed, not sure how to get Duke to fully relax and understanding that this was a hard position for the big man to be in. He continued to rub Duke's back and what he could reach of his neck and shoulders. "Do you trust me, Duke?" he asked quietly.

Duke answered immediately, "Yes Jake, I trust you."

"Then rest your torso on the couch. Fold your arms underneath your head if it helps make you feel more secure. Just know that I'm not going to give you more than you deserve or more than you can take."

Duke bit his lip, but nodded. "I know that Jake it's just...well, I’m a bit nervous about bein’ in this position.” 

"I think that being leaned over something is too impersonal, Duke, and I think that being over my lap is the perfect place for you. Understand?"

Duke nodded. "I think so, it's just...well not what I'm accustomed to, but I do trust you Jake...will you keep me safe? Not allow me to fall?" He asked a bit anxiously.

"That's the point." Jake smiled gently down at the large man. "Are you ready?"

Duke bit his lip, but gave a little nod. "As ready as I'm ever goin' to be I suppose."

Jake put the hairbrush to his side for the time being. He pulled Duke as close in to himself as he could and wrapped his arm around the big man's waist before laying on a dozen or so barehanded spanks. His hand was stinging by the time he was done but he felt that Duke needed that more personal touch before he used the hairbrush.

Duke squirmed a bit. He tried to stay still as Jake laid stinging smacks to his upturned bare bottom. "Ouch!" He cried at the last few.

"Six more, Duke. I'm going to use the hairbrush for these." Jake explained.

Duke gripped the couch cushion. "Go ahead." He ground out.

Jake picked up the hairbrush and got a good grip on the wooden handle. He tightened his grip around Duke's waist and raised the hairbrush high before bringing it down with a solid sounding thwack. He worried that he was going to lose his grip on Duke when the big man jumped a bit at the impact but he maintained his grip, giving Duke Time to process the first one before laying on the second.

Duke tried to not jump, but couldn't help it when the first firm swat landed with the hairbrush. "Ow!" He yelped. He froze, trying to hold very still for Jake when he felt the man's grip on him almost slip.

Jake momentarily wished he had longer arms. He could feel Duke tense up again. Instead he shifted his weight under Duke and put his feet up on the coffee table so that even if Duke rolled a bit he wouldn't be in any danger of falling. The strain would be a little harder on his knees but it was worth it to keep Duke feeling safe and secure. He pulled Duke close to him again and brought the hairbrush down the second time.

Duke felt Jake adjust things and relaxed a little when he realized he wouldn't fall off Jake's lap. He yelped and couldn't help but squirm at the second firm smack of the hairbrush. "Oww!"

"You understand why this is happening Duke?" Jake asked softly.

Duke nodded. "Yes Sir. I put the resort in danger by my actions, as well as my job, and let James and Jeff down as well as not being a good role model for my own men and more importantly used you in a manner partners, friends and lovers should never do.”

He added, "Oh and I let my temper get the better of me and Dean had to stop me from really hurtin' Gene Thomas."

Jake stifled a smile. "You don't get a spanking for thinking about doing something, only doing it. No matter what the reason, you didn't hurt the man. Speaking of which, we're going to have to have a talk with Dean, but that's for later. Ok?"

"Ok," Duke replied, happy that he wasn't going to be spanked for that particular transgression.

Jake patted Duke's back. "That's my boy. Four more now and then we're done." he said reassuringly.

Duke said quietly, "Yes Sir."

He raised the hairbrush and laid down the last four, alternating cheeks. He worried that he would bruise the other man if he used his full force so he made the spanks sharp and quick rather than hard, making sure to keep a secure grip on his man's waist while he did so.

Duke yelped at the sharp stinging swats and by the fourth one had tears running down his handsome face.

Jake's knees were hurting, and his arm was straining with the effort it took to keep Duke in place but he put aside his own discomfort to make sure that his lover was taken care of properly. He put aside the hairbrush and rubbed Duke's back and thighs gently, making soft shushing sounds. "You did great sweetheart. You did great. I'm so proud of you." he crooned. "When you're ready, we'll get you up and straighten out your clothes."

Duke began to respond to Jake's gentle touch and said softly with sniffles, "I'm ready Jake." He didn't want to cause Jake any undue discomfort.

Jake helped Duke up and righted his clothes before pulling the big man back down onto the couch, making sure Duke's head was in his lap. He carded his fingers through Duke's thick hair. "I love you Duke." he said quietly.

Duke snuggled into Jake's lap, liking what Jake was doing in his hair. "I love you too Jake." He responded softly.

Jake said quietly, “I spoke to James earlier and he told me he had no intention of demoting you and that your job as head of security is not in jeopardy.”

Duke glanced up at Jake. “He did? I’m glad.” He said with a smile.

Jake smiled back. “Yes, he did. I didn’t want you worrying about it all night.”

Duke smiled. “All right, thank you Jake.”

Jake said, “You’re welcome my love.”

Duke began to relax under Jake's ministrations and slowly drifted into slumber, content being with his lover.

Jake found himself dozing as well. The spanking had taken a lot out of them both.

When Duke woke about an hour later Jake smiled and said, “I believe you have a report to complete my love.”

The security guard grimaced, but nodded. “Yes, I do.”

Jake set the man’s supplies and notes on the table for him and gave him an encouraging smile.

Duke gingerly lowered himself into the chair and worked on completing the report he had to give James first thing in the morning. Then he’d head to bed and everything would be all right once more.

Jake looked over the report when Duke finished and smiled. “Looks good. James will be pleased.” He kissed his lover on the forehead.

Duke smiled and felt much better about everything even though he sported a sore backside

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