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Monday, November 30, 2015

Clayton and Greg

Greg Simpson
Written by Dizzy

          Early 30's.  Average height at 5'10".  Blonde hair that he keeps extra blonde with the help of his hairdresser.  He has brown eyes and a slim build. He's a freelance sign language interpreter.  

Clayton Gallagher
Written by Dizzy

          Early 30's.  Height 6'1".  Light brown hair and hazel eyes.  Clayton has a business degree and is the general manager of a factory.

The two men met in college and although it appears they have little in common as Greg loves fashion, dancing, and is a free spirit and Greg is more conservative, they defined the old adage of opposites attracting.  They've been together since they were 22 years old and they discovered the discipline lifestyle by accident.  That will be a story itself.

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