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Sunday, January 3, 2016

TLR Chapter 50

July 4th, cont.

After James and Heath went back to the beach to find Jax James told his partner, “I’m going to stick around here for a while until everyone goes home. Take Jax back to our place.”

Heath nodded and walked with Jax back to the house where he got him comfortable in his recliner and then turned to go back to the picnic area.

“Will James be ok, Doc? “ The boy asked.  “He sure was upset.”

Heath went back over to Jax and kissed him tenderly.  “He’ll be fine, Sweetheart.  He just needs to relax and get a good night’s sleep.”

“Ok,” Jax sighed. 

Heath had no more stepped out the door when Jax picked up his cell and called Mutt.

"Jax? What's up? Are you alright?" Mutt asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine but I do need your help," Jax explained.

"Sure, what do you need?"

"James is very upset with everything that happened tonight," the boy said.  "You know, with the other fireworks. I thought I would give him a relaxing evening."

"I'm not sure a five way is exactly relaxing," Mutt joked.

Jax laughed, "You are crazy you know that right?"  

"What do you have in mind?

He turned serious, "I was thinking of setting up the hot tub for us but I can't get the cover off by myself.  And it would take me forever to bring snacks and drinks out there."

"Oh, ok, that kind of relaxing evening." Mutt smiled. "Sure, I'll be happy to help.  Ad is staying with us tonight, do you mind if he comes along? I don't want to leave him alone." He whispered.

"Heck no, the more people the faster it will get done," Jax agreed happily.  "I don't know how long they will be at the beach."

"Let me call Jeff, I'll tell him what's going on and ask him to stall James a while."

"Ok, that'd be great.  See you in a little while."

Mutt immediately told Adam what was going on, and he called Jeff as they were heading out to join Jax.  "Just keep him occupied for a little while, and warn us when he's on his way back, so that we can clear out. Ok, Chief?"

"Can do." Jeff replied with a smile.

He was worried about James as well, and didn't mind being asked to stay with his best friend for a while.

Jax was surprised how fast Mutt and Adam got the hot tub set up for him.  Then helped him get the towels, drinks and snacks out to the hot tub too.

"Mutt, can I ask you something?"

"Want us to stay a little while or will you be ok by yourself? I can call Jeff to let him know you're ready but I don't know when they'll be done talking. And sure, you can ask me anything."

"I was wondering if you had ever seen James as upset as he was tonight.  He sure was quiet when he got back to the picnic area."

"No," Mutt replied quietly.  "I've never seen him that upset.  This land has been in his family for generations, and he built something great out of it. To imagine how he felt at the thought that it could have all burned to the ground tonight... well, it'd be like losing a part of himself."

Jax looked at Mutt.  "Yeah, it would just about kill him.  I'm glad Greg got there in time to stop the guys."

"Me too, Jax, Me too," Mutt replied.

"Thanks for helping me set everything up, guys.  And Adam, I hope Torren doesn't get in too much trouble." Jax said.  "I'll let you know if this plan to get James to relax worked.”

"Tor will be ok, Jax.  Eric will see to that." Adam assured his friend.  "And I'm staying with Mutt tonight so they will have some alone time."


James went to the beach area and surveyed the remains of the party. It had been a great party until those miscreants had to try to set off their own fireworks. He began to pick up some of the debris. His phone rang and he answered it. "Eric?" He listened and then nodded as he heard Eric tell him about Torren's punishment and that he was to clean up the beach. "All right." He said quietly and hung up. He glanced around, not wanting to go back just yet. His emotions were still in turmoil.

James began to walk along the beach, lost in thought.

Heath jogged up to his partner, wrapping an arm around him.

James jumped and swung around and grabbed Heath in a hold, startled by the younger man.

"Easy, JW, it's just me," Heath whispered.  "I should know better than to surprise a Marine."

James let go and said softly, "Sorry Heath...I was thinking and you startled me." He allowed the man to put his arm back around him.

"I know JW, but everything’s ok now and the boys will learn their lesson."

James nodded. "Yes, I'm sure they will and I'm glad nothing bad happened to either the boys or the resort." He said quietly.

Even though Heath was shorter than James he pulled his partner to him. 

James dropped his head to Heath’s shoulder and breathed in his scent. 

Jeff worked his way across the picnic area towards James and Heath.  Duke and Jake stood from where they had been waiting, “How about we retire the flag, men?" the big security guard asked.

James, hearing Duke, picked up is head from Heath’s shoulder and looked up at the flag and nodded. "Good idea, Duke, let's take her down."

Duke approached the flag pole with reverence and began to lower the flag cautiously, Jeff and James carefully folded the flag with Duke looking on to make sure they did it correctly, not that he had any doubt.

There were a few couples still enjoying the night.  Some swaying to the music still playing over the sound system.  They all stopped and covered their hearts or saluted as the big men brought the flag down.

When they finished James surveyed the beach and then began to walk along it again, away from the couples still there and the music. He wasn't in the mood.

Jeff walked up alongside James and put a hand on his shoulder briefly, just long enough so that James slowed down so that he and Heath could catch up.  The three men walked along in silence for a while until James had calmed down a little, and began to talk.

The sound of the water lapping at the shore and the faint echo of music in the distance, as well as the solid and silent presence of his friends did more to soothe his frazzled nerves than if anyone had tried to talk to him earlier.

James looked at his best friend and his partner. "Eric called me and told me Torren’s punishment was to clean up the dog park early tomorrow morning and then to clean up the beach here by himself.” He sighed and looked up at the other men. “Maybe I should work at hiring a property management company to take over this place."

Heath looked at James then to Jeff for help.

"You know that's not what you want to do, James.  You've put your heart and soul into it for so many years.  You could never sit by while someone else runs rough shod over all you've worked for." Jeff said quietly.

James said, "I'm not getting any younger...and who will take this place over when I'm gone?" He asked.

"JW, this is your home, our home, we love it too.” Heath gently answered his lover’s question.  “And, even if something did happen, Jeff and I will keep the place going." Heath smiled, "And if we can't then Jax and Mutt can run the place."

The resort owner nodded at Heath. "Yes, our younger men would take over and fight anyone who tried to destroy it. This is a legacy."

"And you're not going anywhere, old man." Jeff teased.  "You're going to outlive us all, you're just that stubborn."

James mood lightened some and he found himself smiling at the two people he loved. "You're right."

"We're lucky that nothing did happen. Greg got there in time to stop any more of their foolishness, and I can guarantee that none of them will do anything of the sort again."  Jeff reassured his friend.

James said to his friend and partner, "I would have been devastated if anything had happened to any of those boys. I care about all of them and the twins have grown on me and so has Torren as a good friend of Mutt's. Then there’s Spence, his partner Warren would have been devastated as well. I'm not sure I could have borne that either. I feel the residents here are like family to me and the loss of any one of them would hurt deeply."

"Well, your angels were looking out for you, and the resort.  It’s best not to think about the could have's at this time, James." Jeff said, "Just count ourselves blessed that nothing worse did happen.

The older man looked up at the stars and then their reflection on the lake and he said, "Tonight...all I could see was Teardrop Lake and all it's come to mean go up in smoke.  This is what I was upset about, for it to all be lost by one careless thing..." He trailed off. “And I know that Eric took care of the problem and Warren too."

"Right, all the brat's involved are at home safe and, well, maybe not sound, but they are safe." Heath agreed.

"You're insured out the wazzoo, James." Jeff reassured him. "No matter what, the resort was covered."

"And the land would still be here and the resort could be rebuilt" Heath added.

James shook his head. "All the money in the world can't replace the spirit here."

"You just put your finger on it, James.  The spirit of the resort is always here, no matter what because you're here.”

James looked at his friends. "Yes...well I need to let go of this isn't doing me or anyone else any good...let's head back to the picnic area and see who's left and shoo them on their way. “

"Yes, and we all need to get back to our partners." Heath added.

James nodded. "Sounds good to me."

As they approached the picnic area the music was now shut off and the beach was deserted.

James began to pick up dirty paper plates and to stack them.

"At ease, Soldier!" Jeff barked, startling James.

Jeff grinned at the look on James's face, and said "Don't forget, part of Torren's punishment is to pick up the mess here tomorrow, so put that down and let him do his job."

James jumped and almost dropped the plates he had been gathering. He looked at his friend. "Jeeze Jeff, you nearly made me drop these plates." He complained. “It won't hurt for me to at least stack them up." He told Jeff.

"It'll hurt Torren.  If you start picking up for him he won't learn his lesson.  So put 'em down, soldier, and step back. That's an order." Jeff grinned.

James put the plates down with a little frown at Jeff, but he knew Jeff was right.


Shorty couldn't sleep and made his way to the picnic area.  Seeing James, Jeff and Heath he walked over to talk to James.

"Hey, guys," He said as he approached them.

James caught Shorty out of the corner of his eye. "Shorty...what are you doing here?" He asked. "Shouldn't you be home with your boys?"

Jeff turned, surprised to see Shorty walking up behind them.  "Hello, Shorty. What's got you out this late?" He asked.

"Taking a walk to wind down a bit."

"There are coolers with beer, wine and soda left.  Lots of chairs to sit in.  What do you say we have a seat and relax for a few minutes?  It's nice and quiet now." Jeff suggested.

"We should be getting back to Jax, but one beer won't hurt," Heath said

James nodded. "We should, but, yes, one beer won't hurt among our friends. Have a seat Shorty."

"Just let me call Mutt to let him know I'll be home soon," Jeff said, remembering his promise to warn Jaxon when his partners would be back.  He made the quick phone call and joined his friends around the remains of a bonfire as James passed beers down the line until everyone had one.

"How are Little Jake, and Jare, Shorty?" James asked.

The vet sat and took the beer James handed him.  "I found out from both Jarrod and Eric that my guys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, James."

James nodded to acknowledge Shorty's words. "All our boys are good boys and none of us are strangers, I'm sure, to being in the wrong place at the wrong time." He smiled ruefully remembering times when he had a sore backside from his uncle for just that very thing.

Sipping on his beer James began to relax more and said, "It was a good party though and I'm real glad Adam and Mutt got to shoot the fireworks off this year.  Maybe to avoid a problem next year either Jeff or I should do it again or hold a contest among the brats for good behavior and whoever earns enough points next year get to shoot them off under our supervision."

"That's a good idea, James.  And we'll make sure not to leave any fireworks anywhere within reach of our brats.  Keep them out of temptation’s way."

Heath sipped at his beer and smiled knowing it was a good sign that James was thinking about next year.

James nodded to Jeff. "Yes no temptation or what Spencer called "Orphan Fireworks"

"After this year and once the word gets around the resort I'm pretty sure Tops will be impressing to their brats the dangers of playing with fireworks," Heath said.

James nodded at Heath’s comment and smiled at Shorty. "I'm real glad the twins weren't fully involved and that none of them got hurt."

"Me too, James." Shorty said.  "Jacob was really scared.  He will be crafting a letter to you tomorrow."

James nodded, finishing his beer and contemplating if he wanted another or not. He said to Shorty, "Thank you. I appreciate that."

Heath stood holding out his hand to James, "Let's go check up on Jax, JW."

Jeff feigned a huge yawn, “I don't know about you guys, but I have to get home to Mutt. Adam is spending the night and I think he could use a little TLC if he's not already in bed."  He was not only eager to get home to Mutt, but he wanted James to get home to Jaxon. He couldn't help but wonder what the surprise was.

James decided to forgo another beer and smiled at Heath. "Time for all good tops to go home to check on their brats."

“Yeah, I better get back too." Shorty agreed.

"Now be a good Eagle Scout and put out that bonfire." Jeff teased, as he picked up one of the buckets of sand to throw on the embers.

"Come on, Heath; let's show him how it's done."

Heath grabbed a bucket and followed Jeff.

James grinned as they began to pour buckets of sand onto the fire as well as douse it with pails of water from the lake. Once he kicked the embers apart and made double sure each and every spark and coal were cold he looked up at Heath. "I think we can leave now."

Shorty leaned against a table and watched the three grown men put out the fire then turned and headed back to the bunkhouse.

"Good night then gentlemen." Jeff said, clapping each man on the shoulder as he passed them by before heading home. He called Jaxon to let him know that his men were on their way home.

"Let's go home to our brat, James." Heath ordered.

When Jeff got home, he found Mutt and Adam asleep on the couch and recliner.  He covered them with throw blankets and went to take a shower. He checked once more on the boys before he went to bed, kissed Mutt gently and went up to bed.


Jax hung up the phone and waited for his men. Soon he heard their steps on the porch. He had a big grin on his face when the door opened.

Heath kissed Jax then asked, "What are you grinning at little boy?"

"Oh, nothing much," the boy answered looking from James to Heath.

James smiled as he stepped into the house and shook his head at his little brat. "You look like the cat that ate the cream. What have you got up your sleeve little brat?" He asked, a teasing light now in his smoke blue eyes replacing the darkness that had been there earlier.

"Um, I have a surprise for you two." Jax said a bit embarrassed.

James hugged Jax. "Whatever your surprise is we'll love it.”

Jax wrapped his arms around his older top’s neck.  "It's out back."

Heath opened the back door and James carried Jax to the back porch.

James smiled at Jax as they walked out onto the porch and down the steps. He saw the hot tub all ready for the three of them. "Jax, this is wonderful, but how did you do it? I hope you didn't try to do all this by yourself." He said a slight sternness to his voice.

Laughing Jax said, "No, I called Mutt and he and Adam helped me."

James smiled. "I'm glad then." He gently put his brat down and snagged Heath so the three of them were together. He began to strip the clothes off of Jax and Heath both in turn, a devilish glint now in his smoke blue eyes.

After James had stripped his partners and as Heath carried Jax into the water he stripped out of his own clothes and entered the hot tub relaxing in the warm water as the bubbles massaged his still rather stiff muscles.

"This is perfect, Babe." Heath groaned as he settled lower in the water.

"Yes perfect." James said.  He let out a sigh and sank as deep into the water as his frame would allow. After a bit he poured Heath and himself a glass of wine.  He then waited for Jax to protest.

Heath held his glass up to Jax,  "You're not used to wine, so only a few sips," He said when Jax started to say something.

Jax took the glass, tasted the wine and said, "I think I'll stick to water."

James chuckled. "It's something you'll need to get used to."

"I don't think I'll do much drinking.  I promised Dad I would be careful."

"That's a good thing Jax. We don't drink much ourselves."

Heath pulled Jax onto his lap.  "Come here little boy."

James smiled at his two younger partners.

Jax could feel Heath's hardness under him.  He felt Heath's hand on his thigh.

James reached over and tweaked the hardness of each younger man and grinned. "Maybe you two should head for the bedroom...and I can join you."

"No, you need to relax, James." Jax moaned.

James chuckled. "What I have in mind for the two of you will definitely relax me." He teased.

Jax stiffened. 

"Not till you're ready, babe," Heath whispered.

Jax laughed, "I think I'm ready."

James said softly, "We'll take it all slow and easy."

"I know."

"And we'll have a better reason to remember this Fourth of July." Heath added.

James smiled. "Yes, something to erase the unpleasantness."

"B...but...w...what if I can't it?" Jax worried.

James smiled and tousled Jax's hair. "If you can't then we have this very pleasant memory of the Fourth of July.  You surprised us with a nice interlude in the hot tub."

Heath massaged Jax's shoulders, "Yes, just thinking about us and giving us this time to relax is a great memory."

"Ok," Jax whispered.

James, seeing Jaxon's uncertainty pulled him onto his lap and put an arm around him.  He pulled him in gently for a kiss.  He ran his hands along Jaxon's arm and back, making it tickle slightly.  Heath leaned in and kissed Jaxon where his neck and shoulder met.

Lost in the kiss the young man began to relax.

Heath wrapped his arm around Jaxon's waist, running his hand along the young man's chest, feeling the rapid heartbeat beneath.

"You don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, sweetheart," James said between kisses.

"We're not going to push you into anything," Heath whispered into Jaxon's ear.

Jax closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations his men were giving him.

Heath lightly nibbled on Jaxon's ear as he continued to caress his chest and abdomen.

James, deliberately avoiding Jaxon's quickening arousal, ran his hands along the young man's back and thighs.

Jax moaned as his member sprang to life.  He nuzzled into James neck.  His hand moving to Heath's manhood.

Heath moved to kneel between Jaxon's and James's knees to get his share of kisses.  He alternated between kissing Jax and James who returned the kisses with fervor.

Jax moaned with desire. 

James and Heath both began to pleasure Jaxon, caressing and relaxing the younger man.  James pulled Jaxon up a little out of the water, grimacing in pleasure as the smooth skin rubbed over his hard on.

Heath kissed his way down the young man's chest and abdomen, while rubbing Jaxon's arousal with his right hand.

"Oh, oh, oh, so good," the boy moaned.

Heath moved his hands around Jaxon, running his hands along the taut buttocks, and teasing James's hard on as he did so.

Jax's hand found Heath's member and held it, not really knowing what to do.

Heath gently took Jaxon's hand and guided it slowly up and down his hardened shaft. In return he carefully took Jaxon's into his hand and stroked upward, starting at the base and tickling with his fingertips when he reached the top. He repeated the motion several times as he placed his head on Jaxon's chest, listening to the heavy breathing and the rapid heartbeat.  He kissed his way up toward Jaxon's neck again, focusing on the tender area where neck and shoulder met.

James broke his kiss with Jaxon and began to nibble on his ear, breathing little puffs of warm air on the wet skin.

Jax’s hand stopped moving on Heath’s member.  He couldn't think.

Heath was grateful that Jaxon had stopped. Between the stimulation of his hand and his own excitement, he'd been afraid that he wasn't going to be able to last till they got to the bed.

James nodded to Heath and slipped his hands under Jax and picked him up and smiled at his other partner. "Bring the wine and the rest of the goodies would you please?"

Heath smiled and saluted.  "Yes sir."

James carried Jax to their bedroom and placed him in the middle of the large bed then waited for Heath to join them.

Heath brought the wine and cheese in in record time, balancing the tray with the ease of long practice.  He placed it on the dresser and then sat on the side of the bed, pulling Jax to him and kissing his soft lips.  He felt James behind him and pushed back against him.

James reached around Heath and massaged his nipples until they were rock hard.

Jax felt the back of James's hands on his own nipples and Heath's hands on his ass.

Pushing Jax back down on the bed Heath took his youngest lover’s wrists and held them loosely above his head.  He began to kiss the younger man, starting at the wrist and moving his way down to his elbow and finally to his mouth.  "Keep your hands still." Heath whispered with a reassuring smile at Jaxon. He released their boy’s hands.  Jaxon held them obediently above his head and held his breath.

"K," Jax moaned.

"Breathe, sweetheart," Heath whispered knowingly.

The younger man sucked in a mouthful of air, eyes closed.

James kissed him and whispered, "This is going to be fantastic."

While James worked his magic below, Heath worked his above.  He tenderly kissed Jaxon's lips and moved lower, planting gentle kisses down the young man's neck, spending a little extra time on his collarbone, trailing kisses down toward Jaxon's erect nipples where he stopped and licked gently, teasingly, blowing cool air onto the hot flesh before trailing down closer to where James worked his magic.

Jax turned his face toward Heath, searching for his lips.

Heath saw Jaxon move toward him and he licked a cool trail of fire back to Jaxon's mouth.  He kissed the passive young man, searching for his tongue with his own.

Jax returned the kiss then twitched when James touched him.

James massaged Jaxon's butt cheeks gently. He touched and caressed the sacs that hardened with his touch. Then he, with lubed fingers, gently stretched his opening.

"Oooooo....ooooooo," Jax moaned past Heath's lips

Heath nibbled down Jaxon's neck, expertly tickling with his breath and tongue.  Jaxon arched his back in pleasure between Heath's and James's ministrations.  He was surprised to find that yes; he could actually become harder than he already was.  He covered Jaxon's mouth with his own and kissed the younger man passionately while guiding Jaxon's hand down toward his erect penis.

Once Jaxon understood what Heath was asking, he did his best to concentrate on pleasing the doctor while James's tongue and mouth lit fires in Jaxon's body that he never knew could exist.  Jax gently grasped Heath manhood.  He slowly squeezed his fingers one at a time.

"Uhhhhnnnn," Heath moaned, breathing heavily.  Jaxon might be inexperienced but he seemed to know instinctively how to stroke and fondle.  Heath found himself having a hard time controlling his response.  He doubled his efforts to please Jaxon and drive him to ecstasy before he lost it.

Jax never knew sex could be this good, and they hadn't even gotten to the real sex yet.  He didn't know what would happen when they did.

James slowly entered Jaxon easing a little at a time until he was fully encased, then began to move in and out slowly, making sure to hit the sweet spot with each stroke. He breathed heavily as he worked to contain his own release. He quickly kissed Heath on the mouth, and then held onto Jax's hips moving in and out a little faster each time.

"Uhhh...uhhh... uhhhh," Jax groaned.

James pistoned faster and faster, sweat covering his body and his breathing heavier as he worked.

Jax couldn't think...he could only feel...and it felt wonderful.

All three men were breathing heavily and sweating with their exertions, James's face was a mask of pleasure, his eyes heavy lidded as he watched his youngest partner squirm beneath him.

James thrust once more and unable to contain his release any longer let go with a groan, pumping a few more times.

Heath, feeling his own release coming, took hold of Jaxon's hardened member and began to stroke it in rhythm to James's motions.  He moved his lips back to Jaxon's mouth just in time for the young man to moan his pleasure and release.

Feeling himself come Jax stroked Heath's member faster as it exploded.

The two older men collapsed alongside Jaxon, all breathing heavily and gasping with pleasure.  James and Heath snuggled closer to Jaxon, kissing his cheeks and neck, nibbling gently on his ears, hot breath turning sweaty skin cool.

James whispered, "You're wonderful little brat."

Jax breathing hard simply whispered, "Wow."

"You are amazing," Heath whispered in Jaxon's ear.

James stroked Jax's body from head to toe and asked, "Are you all right little brat?"

"Fireworks," Jax grinned.

James chuckled. "At least these were legal ones."

James, when all three of their breathing returned to near normal, scooped Jax up and headed for their shower. He knew it would accommodate three people easily. He saw Heath following them and grinned. Once they reached the shower James reached in and adjusted the water for a comfortable temperature and stepped in. He lowered Jaxon to his feet and the doctor joined them. 

They laughed and had fun soaping and rinsing each other. Once they were finished James and Heath each took turns toweling their brat dry and James once again picked him up and brought him to their bed. Then James and Heath both snuggled close with Jax sandwiched between them. James pulled the covers up over them and all three men drifted off to sleep completely sated, the day ending much better than they had expected. 

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