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Sunday, July 3, 2016


Griffin Lee Holden
Written by PJ

23 years old
5’11”,  170 lbs.

Dirty blonde collar length hair, bright blue eyes. Wants too but can’t quite pull off a beard or mustache.   

Griff lost his partner Chad Crawford in a construction accident in Coronado, CA.  They met when Chad hired the younger man to work for his construction company, Crawford Construction. Griff was 20 at the time, just after Chad had lost his first partner.  After 9 months or so, these two men grew to love each other.

Chad was all but estranged from his family and Griff, as an only child, had lost his parents early in his life.  When Chad died Griff headed to the one place his lover had told him would accept him with open arms.  A place that Chad had promised to take his brat. Griff headed to Teardrop Lake Resort. 

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