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Sunday, September 4, 2016

TLR Chapter 82

Mutt had told Ryan he couldn’t work on the golf carts the day after Castiel had come home because Griff had surprised everyone by showing up at the resort.  And the following Sunday their plans to work on the carts changed because James agreed to take Ryan and some of the other brats along with Coral to the beach.

So early Sunday morning Coral woke Ryan by singing softly to him.

Ryan blinked open his eyes and smiled at Coral. Castiel nudged him too and he put out a hand to gently stroke his fur ball.

"What would you like for breakfast, Angel?" Coral asked. "Or would you rather shower first?"

Ryan thought about that for a moment and his stomach growled a bit loudly. He smiled. "Pancakes?"

Coral grinned, "Pancakes it is, then." He rolled off the bed and patted Ryan on the backside. "Go wash up, I'll have breakfast ready in no time. Coffee is already on."

Ryan squirmed at the pats to his bottom, but rolled out of bed as well and placed the kitten on his shoulder, his usual perch, and went into the bathroom to wash his face, hands and shave, planning to shower after breakfast.   He couldn’t help checking out his temporary crown.

Coral had just finished making the first of the pancakes when Ryan arrived in the kitchen, freshly shaved and smelling of soap. Coral wrapped his boy up in his arms and inhaled the scent before kissing him, starting at the curve between neck and shoulder and working his way up.

Ryan leaned into Coral's attention while Cas batted at Coral.

Ryan grinned. "He wants kisses too Cor."

Coral lifted the little critter off of Ryan's shoulder and held him like a baby, rubbing and tickling his furry little tummy and laughing as the little thing captured and nibbled on his fingers. He leaned down and planted a kiss on the kitten's head. Castiel stopped playing with Coral's fingers long enough to lick them with his coarse tongue before rolling over and scampering back up Ryan to sit on his usual perch.

Ryan giggled with delight. "He liked that Coral!"

"He's a cutie alright," Coral said affectionately. "But he's going to have to sit somewhere else during breakfast," he continued, turning to wash his hands in the sink to get rid of the cat hair that stuck to them.

Ryan pouted. "He's okay where he is Cor."

Coral wiped his hands on a paper towel and turned toward Ryan with a calm expression. "One," he said.

Ryan looked at Coral puzzled. "One? Cas is the only kitten we have and I want more than one pancake."

Coral had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep himself from laughing. His heart felt as though it would explode as feelings of love of Ryan and his innate innocence swelled inside his chest.

"One as in I'm giving you til the count of three to put Cas down or in his carrier while we eat breakfast," he said, fighting down a smile.

Ryan still looked puzzled. "Why?" He asked.

Coral's lips twitched and he had to fight hard to keep from smiling.

"I'm giving you til the count of three to put Cas down otherwise I'm going to warm your backside. I'm giving you a chance to do as you're told before it comes to that," Coral explained.

Ryan pouted, "Well...umm...Cas don't bother anythin'. Don't know why it bothers you so much."

"Let's just say I have a real problem with hair in my food, or anyone else's for that matter. Especially cat or dog hair. Now, two. Put the kitten down. Now. And go wash your hands before you eat. Don't make me count to three."

Ryan mumbled, "It ain't like he's goin' to eat my breakfast or somethin'. I don't think cats or kittens like to eat pancakes." He put Castiel on the floor, but the kitten crawled right back upon Ryan's shoulder and licked his ear with a rough tongue.

Coral got up from his chair, took the kitten gently from Ryan's shoulder and put him in his carrier with food and water before closing and latching the door.  "Go on and wash your hands, and then we can sit and have a nice breakfast," he said.

Ryan sighed, but did as Coral said and washed his hands and came back to the table.

Coral washed his hands again and then served up two more hot, golden pancakes onto Ryan's plate. He placed the butter and syrup in Ryan's reach and then made several more for himself before sitting down with a smile. He reached for the coffee pot and poured the two of them hot, freshly brewed cups of coffee. "Eat up, today is a big day and I want you awake."

Ryan did as Coral said and sighed, "I hope Mutt won't get too upset with me today."

"If he gets upset with you, I'll get upset with him," Coral promised. "Give him a chance, and you let me know if he doesn't give you the same chance."

Ryan nodded. "All right Coral, I promise to do my best."

Coral got up and leaned across the table so that he could kiss the top of Ryan's head. "I know you will. You always do," he replied encouragingly.

Ryan smiled a little shyly. He still wasn't used to the compliments when Coral gave them to him. Even at the academy he struggled with them.

Coral sat back down with a smile for his lover and began to eat his breakfast. Soon it was over and it was time for Ryan to get into his grubby clothes and shoes. "It doesn't make sense to take a shower now hon," Coral said. "You're just going to have to take another one when you get home."

Ryan nodded. "All right Coral." He went into the bedroom and found his worst pair of jeans, a stained Tee shirt grubby looking socks and sneakers. He looked up at Coral. "Is this okay?"

"They'll do," Coral replied, wrinkling his nose slightly. He knew they'd kept those clothes for the dirty work around the house but still didn't like the idea of Ryan wearing them. Ever.

Ryan grinned at Coral's expression. "You don't like me wearin' grubby clothes."

Coral grinned a little sheepishly. "No, I'm not fond of grubby clothes on anyone, least of all you. You look like a little chimney sweep in those. All you need is a few streaks of soot on your face and a broom." he joked.

Ryan laughed and reached down under the bed and smeared a few streaks of dust on his face.

Ryan asked, "How's that? More of a chimney sweep?"

"You look like a waif," Coral joked as he wrinkled his nose again, this time with less amusement. He disliked a dusty house and it had been Ryan's turn to clean the floors this weekend. But then he remembered that Ryan had picked up his kitten and the last thing on the boy's mind had been dust mice. He sighed, resigned to doing the dusting while Ryan was working with Mutt.

"Time to get going, my love," he said, wiping the dust off of Ryan's cheeks. "Need me to go with you?"

Ryan shook his head, then bit his lip. "No, I think I can find the garage."

Coral stood up and went around the table to pull Ryan up into a hug. "I know you can find the garage, silly boy. I just meant for moral support. But if you're comfortable, then go on ahead. I'll see you later tonight." he promised.

Ryan looked uncertain. "Come with me Coral," he asked softly.

Coral kissed Ryan and put an arm around him as they left the house to head toward the garage. "It'll be fine, hon, honest," Coral said, kissing the top of Ryan's head again.

Ryan snuggled into Coral and said, "'Kay."

As they approached the garage Ryan bit his lip and looked for Mutt.  He found him almost immediately as Mutt had already started putting things in order, and even had the first cart up on the lift.

"Good morning!" he greeted the two newcomers cheerfully. "Are you ready to get your hands dirty?" he grinned at Ryan.

Ryan nodded. "Yes, even though Coral don't like me getting grubby and dirty."

"It's a necessary evil," Mutt grinned. "I only do it once a month unless something comes up. These should be relatively easy to take care of today, and if we're lucky we'll be done in a few hours."

Ryan nodded. "'Kay, Mutt...what do you want me to do first? Do I need one of them jump suits?" he asked, pointing to the one Mutt was wearing.

"Yep, got just the one for you here. Just put it on over your clothes and snap it up good. I'll give you some gloves to wear. Good job on the sneaks and socks by the way. I'm not going to be having you do any of the heavy stuff so sneaks are ok. I wear steel toed boots to be on the safe side, so I'll be doing the brunt of the work. You'll be my medical assistant." he smiled.

Ryan got into the coveralls and snapped them up and then looked at Mutt. "You mean mechanical assistant don't you? I know even less about bein' a medical assistant,” he told Mutt.

 Mutt smiled at Ryan. "I just meant that I'll ask you for tools and stuff, and you just hand them to me, ok? I'll show you what I'm doing as we go along. By the time we're nearly done you'll be able to tune up one of these babies by yourself."

Ryan nodded. "'Kay. I think I can do that."

"Cor, you stayin'?" Mutt asked cheerfully. "I think you can fit into one of Tank's jumpsuits if you're in the mood."

"Nah," Coral said, grinning back. "I'm leaving Ryan in your capable hands. Put on those kid gloves, got me?"

"Gotcha," Mutt replied understandingly.  "Ready to roll, Ry?"

Ryan watched as Coral and Mutt had their exchange and Cor left them.

“Ok, Ry, put on these gloves and those safety goggles. We're going to start by cleaning the batteries. They get pretty gunky with acid and dirt and have to be maintained carefully," Mutt began. He waited for Ryan to do as he'd been told and then began to spray a special foam onto the batteries, making sure to do it at arm’s length to avoid backsplash.

"It's engine cleaner. We just spray it all on there and let it soak in. We'll use a battery brush to break loose all the gunk once it's set in," Mutt explained.

Ryan nodded, "'Kay it's interestin' lookin'.

Once they'd cleaned the batteries and topped up the water levels, Mutt showed Ryan how to spray the battery cables with Battery Protective Spray, and how to check the battery trays for rotting or corrosion.

Ryan smiled. He was having fun so far. It was dirty work, but he never did mind getting dirty.

They went over to one of the first of the carts Mutt had put up on a lift and Mutt said, "I see here we need to replace some bushings. I'll need you to hand them to me when I've gotten the old ones out."

Ryan nodded. He went out of the garage.  He called back, "What kind of bushes and how big?"

Mutt looked up, surprised. He'd thought that Ryan was having a good time and wondered if the other man had decided it was too much for him. Then he heard Ryan's question and his jaw hung open for a moment. Then he clenched it shut to avoid laughing out loud.

Ryan waited for a response from Mutt. "I can pull them up while you get the old ones out and then you'll have new bushes to put in."

"Bushings are the little rubber things there," Mutt said pointing to the tray of parts he'd set up. He had to bite the inside of his cheek so that he could maintain a serious expression. "I have to unscrew the old parts and take the old bushings out... bushings help to limit vibrations from the axle and the chassis. These here are cracked and loose. We have to replace them to ensure the safe operation of the cart's suspension. Understand?"

Ryan looked at the rubber things Mutt pointed out. "Oh...those rubber things?"

"Yep, those little rubber tube looking things there. I'll show you how to take them out and put them in, then you can try. OK?"

Ryan nodded. "'Kay Mutt." then he bit his lip. "Thanks for not gettin' mad at me about the mistake, I thought you meant bushes."

Mutt felt a little guilty about the laughter he'd fought down. He'd never made that mistake but he could see how someone could.  "I promised I wouldn't get mad about stuff, Ry.  It was an honest mistake.  Now, just watch what I do, and you can take a shot at the next one, Ok?" 

Ryan nodded. "I'd like that, Mutt. My dad never did stuff like this. He always took his car to the garage." 

"My dad never showed me this stuff either. I learned by watching friends and their fathers," Mutt admitted. "Dad never really seemed to have the time to spend with me and my brothers.  He was there, but he wasn't... if you know what I mean."

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Neither of my parents really were there...what's it like havin' brothers? Do they still talk to you or anythin'?" Ryan had to ask.

"They do, on the sly. They told me that if Dad found out they were talking to me he'd disown them too.  I guess he thinks what I have is catching or something," he laughed. "I think they do it just to spite him, but I guess that's better than nothing."

Ryan wrinkled his nose. "Disown you? Because you have a husband?"

"Oh, he disowned me long before then," Mutt explained. "The day he chased me out of the house was the last straw for him.  I never was quite the son he'd hoped for. I thought that having two super butch brothers would make up for the fact that I was, as Dad said, a pansy, because I'd rather sit in a corner and read than play football or baseball.  I'm the smallest in the family, and I know what my limits are. Sports wasn't my big thing.  Jeff taught me a lot about self-defense and I'm a fair to middlin' wrestler and fighter when I need to be."

Ryan nodded. "My parents gave up on me when I was little. They say I've always been a handful, so I guess they couldn't take the time to parent me. I sometimes wonder why they even bothered havin' me. They tend to be pretty critical of me. They ignore the fact I'm gay, but sometimes they will make remarks...let me know how disappointed they are in me. The only thing I did right accordin' to them is graduatin' from the police academy and if it wasn't for Coral I probably would have washed out instead of being at the head of my class." Ryan smiled when he talked about Coral.

"I can understand that," Mutt replied as he worked on one of the carts.  "Jeff and James were my mentors when I first came here.  They're the ones who convinced me to go to college and get a degree. Otherwise I'd have been happy to just work at the resort full time.  But Jeff convinced me... quite painfully actually, to go back to school.  I'm glad I did, and I still take refresher courses now and again. I've also earned my HVAC and taken courses in plumbing. Gardening just seems to come naturally to me, so all in all I'm doing what I love to do... even getting filthy maintaining these carts once a month," he grinned.

Ryan smiled back. "I like running the shootin' range and workin' security here at the resort."

"Then you're doing what you love, and that's all that matters.  Now, how about we get back to work, maybe you'll find something else you're good at and love to do," Mutt grinned.

Ryan grinned back. "Coral might not like it, but he'd let me do whatever makes me happy."

Mutt showed him how to change the oil and check the steering and alignment.  How to use the gauge to make sure the tire pressure was just right, how to check oil levels and everything else that went into the maintenance of the golf carts, and was pleased to find that other than his initial confusion, Ry was a fast learner and really seemed to be enjoying himself.

Ryan had smudges of grease on his face and his hands were black and grimy as was his coveralls and everywhere else that dirt and grime could creep into. He was adept at removing and replacing the smaller parts once Mutt showed him how and after a few more literal confusions. Ryan was grateful that Mutt had been a patient teacher.

"Usually Tank helps me with the carts but I think I've found an able bodied assistant.  Would you like to do this more often?"  Mutt asked.

Ryan grinned. "It's kinda fun, but I'd only be able to do it on Sundays and I'm not sure Coral would want me to be gone on the one day he and I have off together since I work the range on Saturdays all day."

"That's fine, Ryan, but the job is here if you ever want to do something different.  You're really good at this," he praised.

Ryan gave Mutt a shy smile. “Thanks Mutt.”


At four o'clock, Coral went to pick Ryan up as planned.  He found his boy working on a cart while Mutt stood by and watched with a smile on his face, praising Ryan for doing the job so well with only a little assistance from him. Coral smiled at the scene before him, and advanced quietly so as not to startle either boy. He saw the streaks of oil and grime on Ryan's cheek and forehead and felt his heart welling once more with love for his partner.

Ryan completed what he was doing and glanced up at Mutt. "How's that?"

"You're a natural at this, Ry," Mutt complimented with a smile. "Like I said, if you ever need a change of pace, you're welcome to come back and work with me."

Ryan grinned. "I'll keep it in mind. It'll be up to Coral of course if I can, but I have to admit that except for a few misunderstandings I had fun."

Coral walked up to the two men and smiled at them, delighted by what he'd heard. He went to Ryan and pulled him into a hug despite the fact that his boy looked like he'd been playing in mud. "If you would like to help Mutt again at some point, I'm more than willing to let you do it, Ry."

He turned toward Mutt. "So I guess things went well today?"

"Ryan was a great help," Mutt grinned as he patted the other boy's shoulder. "He's a natural born mechanic from what I can see, and honestly I don't think I've had as much fun with Ad or the others as I have today.  It was a lot of fun showing someone how these things work and how to fix them and Ry caught on really fast."

Coral grinned and hugged his boy to him, disregarding the dirt and grime that was being transferred to his own clothes. It was nothing a good wash couldn't take care of. He looked at Ryan and asked, "Did you have a good time?"

Ryan leaned into the hug Coral gave him and looked up into the warm brown eyes. "Yeah, I had a good time and do you really mean it Coral? That I can do this again if I want to? Mutt said he’d like me to and I told him you’d have to agree to it. Mutt and I had a few problems with my being literal...he wanted bushings and I was going outside to find new bushes for him," he shared with Coral. "Then he told me they are these tube like rubber things.” He held up a bushing for Coral to see.

Coral looked at Mutt who waved Ryan's mistake away. "It was an honest mistake," he said, "Anyone could have made it, especially a first timer."

"Did you learn anything from all of this?" Coral asked Ryan as he wiped a smudge of grease off of his boy's cheek.

Ryan smiled. "Yeah, I learned a lot and he helped me with a few other literal things too and now I understand and won't make those same mistakes again."

"I'm really proud of you both," Coral said, smiling at the two young men.  Then he focused on Ryan and said, "Time to go home now and shower. What do you say, Professor Mutt? Is the lesson over for the day?"

'Professor' Mutt grinned and nodded.  "We're all set. I won't need to do this again for another month.  I mean it Ry, if you want to come back and work with me, just say the word."

Ryan smiled. "'Kay Mutt, I'll do that. I liked it."

"Later then, Ry." Mutt smiled. "You go on home, I'll finish the clean up here. There's not much to do, to be honest," he said looking at Coral. “Ry was really good about putting tools back where they belonged when we were done with them. Better than Ad, actually," he joked.

Ryan smiled at Mutt's praise. 

"Then let's head home, my Angel," Coral whispered into Ryan's ear.  They waved goodbye to Mutt and began to walk home. He put an arm around Ryan and the two of them disappeared around the corner.

"So what else did you learn today, beside what a bushing really is?" Coral asked as they walked.

"How to clean and protect the batteries and cables, how important steerin' is and other stuff."

Coral hugged Ryan to him and kissed him on a clean spot on his cheek.  "Let's go in and shower up.  I'd thought we could head to the lodge for dinner tonight but suddenly I feel like staying in," he said suggestively.

Ryan grinned and licked Coral's cheek. "Hmm havin' some chocolate after a long day sounds real good to me, especially for dessert," He teased Coral.

"C'mon my little sugar cookie boy, let's get cleaned up. We'll have dessert first, just this once." Coral grinned.

Ryan grinned.  "'Kay, dessert first sounds real good."

Coral stripped Ryan of all his dirty clothes after he'd closed the door and led his boy to the shower.

Ryan grinned as he helped strip off Coral's clothes as well.

Coral turned on the dual headed shower and pulled his boy in beside him, his heart thudding with anticipation and love for this beautiful young man who meant so much to him.

Ryan soaped up Coral and loved the smooth skin with the hard muscles underneath. He didn't like Coral's hard hand when it was smacking his bottom, but loved it when it was tender, soft and caressed him.

Coral gently took the wash cloth and soap from Ryan and softly ordered him to stand still while he soaped him from head to toe and back again, fingers and hands lingering on tender places as he did so.

Ryan tried to do as Coral asked, but couldn't help but squirm when he tended to more tender places. He grinned at Coral. "Am I all spankin' clean yet?"

Coral pulled Ryan to him and tapped his backside gently, "I'd love to spank you right now, Ry," he growled softly. "A nice, erotic spanking. Have you ever had one of those before?"

Ryan looked at Coral as though he was crazy.  "Uh uh." He squirmed at the pat on his backside and said, "You always spank hard because I messed up."

Coral turned off the shower and grabbed the nearest towel. He began to dry his lover off slowly.  Ryan had never been so turned on by being dried off as he was right now. The way Coral was doing it sent tingles down his spine. "You didn't mess up in any way, and this will be fun, not punishment. Willing to give it a try?" Coral murmured.

Ryan bit his lip. He trusted Coral though and gave a little nod. "Will it hurt?" he asked a little hesitantly.

"If it does all you have to do is say the word," Coral replied in a husky voice. "Come with me onto the bed," he smiled softly as he ran his hands gently over Ryan's nude body, pulling him close and kissing him in a way that Ryan couldn't help but to respond to.

When they broke the kiss Ryan asked, "What word do I have to give you if it hurts?"

Coral bit back a grin, covering it by nuzzling Ryan's neck and shoulder.  "Tell me a word that you'll remember. It will be our safe word.  If I hurt you in any way while we play, you say that word and I'll stop.  Pick another word that you'll remember if you want me to continue. I'll be stopping now and again and asking you how you are.  If you're in pain and don't tell me you'll be in trouble."

Ryan gave Coral a puzzled look. "Safe word? Umm...should I say Safe Word?"

"That won't tell me if you're in pain or not, love," Coral explained gently. "If you're feeling pain you can say 'Red', if you want me to continue, you can say 'Green', understand? As I've said, I'll ask you occasionally how you feel. Say one of those two words and I'll know. Alright?"

Ryan nodded. "Red for stop and green for go."

"Exactly," Coral said with a smile as he continued to massage Ryan's body with the towel.

Ryan grinned and relaxed as Coral dried him, leaning on the larger man.

Coral pulled Ryan into the bedroom and they stood, skin to skin while Coral kissed and massaged his boy's smooth, lean back and buttocks. He leaned down and picked Ryan up and put him on the bed before lying down beside him, continuing to kiss and nibble the sensitive skin between neck and shoulder.

Ryan smiled up at Coral a little nervously. "Will it hurt like a regular spankin' Coral?"

"No sweetheart," Coral whispered, tossing the towel aside as he inched closer to Ryan and continued kissing him. "If I do it right you'll end up feeling better than you've ever felt before." 

Ryan snuggled. "All right...I trust you Coral," he told his partner and soon to be husband. He nibbled at Coral's nipple. "I want my piece of chocolate, Cor."

Coral grinned and continued to rub his hands up and down Ryan's body, only occasionally touching his lover's penis, tickling and teasing by not spending too much time on the sensitive spots, and biting back a pleased laugh as his boy burst out into goosebumps.

"You're gonna get a whole lotta chocolate, little boy. Just not yet," Coral said in a husky voice as he kissed his way down his boy's body, kissing and tickling the insides of his thighs and breathing hot and cold onto Ryan's hardening member.

"Coral!" Ryan cried. Then he wrapped his arms and legs around the darker man and clung on like a little monkey.

"Uh, uh, uh, sweetheart, we'll get to that later," Coral said, gently disengaging the legs and arms of his lover as he continued the tickling and kissing.  He sat up and pulled Ryan toward him and gently smacked the fleshy part of his boy's bottom, being sure to rub and caress between the light smacks.

Ryan panted. "What can I do Cor?" He wriggled a little under the light smacks and rubbing. Ryan tried to kiss Coral's neck.

"Do you feel comfortable, love?" Coral whispered, capturing Ryan's mouth in a hungry kiss.

Ryan thought about that for a moment and then nodded. "Yes Coral.”

"Are you sure you want to do this, hon? It's ok if you don't," Coral reassured his young lover.

Ryan said, "Green."

Sure that Ryan was ready Coral pulled Ry toward him, gently lowering him across his knees and making sure that he was in a comfortable position before he began gently rubbing and patting Ryan's backside while he used his free hand to massage his lover's back.

Ryan gasped a little and squirmed at being put over Coral's lap, but began to relax when nothing painful happened.

Coral continued to massage, rub and deliver soft little smacks to Ryan's backside, concentrating on his sit spot, which was becoming a little pink already. He gave a little rub between pats and he could feel his boy's body relaxing under his hands.

Ryan smiled. He squirmed a little at the soft smacks, but being they didn't really hurt he didn't whimper or anything.

Coral cupped his hand to fit the smooth curve of Ryan's backside and began to spank in circles, careful not to get too close to his spine and avoiding the punishment spots such as his under curve and thighs.

Ryan squirmed.  It sort of hurt, but it also felt good at the same time and he was very hard. He felt confused.

"Just relax into it, sweetheart," Coral said quietly. "Close your eyes and rest your head," he continued as he alternately spanked and rubbed.

"How do you feel?" Coral prompted.

Ryan tried to do what Coral told him and asked, "Why do I feel...confused? It sort of hurts, but feels good too. A spankin' ain't supposed to be like that is it?"

Coral chuffed a laugh.  "That's why it's called an erotic spanking, hon. It should stimulate the pleasure center of your brain through the sensation," Coral said, spanking Ryan's sit spot gently to make the boy rub up and down against his own legs. He stopped for a moment to trace the crease between the boy's buttocks and tickled his testicles lightly before going back to the spanking.  "How do you feel? Red? Green?"

Ryan squirmed and rubbed against Coral and said breathlessly, "Green."

Coral increased the pressure of the spanks slightly, massaging deeper after each spank, and alternating the spanks with tickles and slight grabs.  He stopped for a moment to reach out onto the bedside table and brought the hairbrush into play, giving Ryan little spanks with it and alternating light rubs with the bristles and his hands.

 Ryan gasped a little and writhed. " bottom's gettin' hotter and hotter...," he said

Coral put down the brush and began to massage his boy's cheeks and back again. "What's your safe word when you're not enjoying this, Ry? Do you want to continue?"

Ryan bit his lip for a moment, checking things within himself and then snuggled close to Coral and said, "Green."

Coral continued to rub Ryan's legs, back and neck until he felt the boy relax again.  He went back to tickling his fingers down Ryan's crease and slightly into it to run a fingertip along the sensitive flesh. He concentrated on stimulating Ryan's pleasure center. He could feel Ryan becoming harder and harder against his legs and knew that his own hard on was probably poking the boy in the ribs.  He fought back a laugh at himself and continued with light spanks and tickles across Ryan's buttocks and scrotum.

Ryan wriggled in pleasure and reached out to take the hard member poking him and rubbing it up and down gently.

"Uh uh. Not yet, little boy," Coral laughed quietly. "You haven't reached that high yet. There's plenty of time for that afterward."

Ryan pouted. "But I wanted to give you some pleasure too."

"Oh, you are, Angel, as you could feel for yourself," Coral grinned as he continued the spanking.  "Now, relax into it, and breathe deeply. Close your eyes. I want to bring you to a place in your head you've never been to before."

Ryan did as Coral asked and soon he found himself grinning and more relaxed than he had ever felt before and zoned out into a place where it seemed whatever Coral did caused a feeling of pleasure more intense than the last. He had never experienced this before and gave Coral a look of wonder reflected in the green eyes.

Coral smiled at the expression on his beautiful boy and rubbed Ryan's face.  "Ready for your chocolate now, little boy? Or shall we continue this for a little while longer?"  Coral asked, hoping that Ryan was primed and ready.

"This is even better than beer...can we do this more often Cor?" he asked, completely boneless in his man's arms.

"As often as you'd like, love," Coral responded quietly, pulling Ryan up onto the bed so that he was lying down. He wrapped his arms around his boy and pulled him close, once again kissing his face and neck gently and softly, capturing the full lips in his before making his way down Ryan's body again.

Ryan gave himself up to the pleasure Coral was giving him.

"I want my chocolate now," he said a little breathlessly, giving Coral an angelic look.

"My brilliant Angel," Coral growled as he licked Ryan's erect shaft. "Let's have our dessert now."


Gas & Electric golf carts annually require the following:
Pressure wash cart, undercarriage, batteries.
Brakes inspected, cleaned and adjusted.
Increase tire pressure.
Grease points greased.
Check differential oil levels.
Check steering for tightness and wear.
Tighten all front suspension and check for wear on springs, spindles, bushings, etc.

Specific to electric golf carts:
Clean all battery tops with water and baking soda.
Remove and clean all battery cables, change as required.
Top up water levels in batteries.
Spray battery cables with Battery Protective Spray.
Charge batteries, inspect battery charger for proper operation.
Check battery trays for rotting/corrosion due to overfilling.
Every 8-12 years chargers do have parts that wear out and will need to be rebuilt when they quit working.

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