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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Warren and Spencer

Warren and Spencer
Written by Rosemarie

Spencer Gene Davidson age 28 auburn wavy hair, kept short because of his baking trade, and hazel eyes.

The youngest of five children and the only boy. He always admired his sister’s clothes and knew he was gay early on as he had feminine interests and loved to spend time with his aunts and grandmother and it’s where he learned his cooking skills. He’s 5’10” and weighs about 180 lbs. Very mischievous and had been over indulged by the females in his family. His father didn’t really interact with him much as he didn’t show any of the usual male interests. Being the youngest and cute and mischievous, he was allowed to get away with a lot of his mischief. When he met Warren he was a handful and had to be taken in hand. He and Warren have been together now for six years. They have been at TLR for the past five.

Warren Alexander Bailey
Written by Rosemarie

Warren is age 35, is 6 foot even and weighs about 185 pounds and has short dark sandy hair and green eyes. He met Spencer when he was working at a local bakery. He himself worked there and they got to be good friends. When they were together two years they heard about TLR and the need for bakers and were hired on.

Warren came out when he was eighteen. He hid his gay orientation from his family until he was of age to be out on his own. His parents took it in stride and his older brother told him he had suspected for years and his younger sister said she loved him anyway no matter what lifestyle he chose and so received support. His parents held him accountable for his behavior and his brother and sister as well as himself were no strangers to discipline having found themselves over their parent’s laps for misbehavior and poor choices. Warren is a strong top, organized and loves Spencer.

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