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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TLR Chapter 92

Jet, the manager of Teardrop Lake Resort's housekeeping crew looked at the schedule for the fifth time that morning. As though he hadn't looked at it five times the day before and the day before that.  He was a stickler for punctuality and very particular about how things were done. Luckily his crew was the same way, meticulous at their jobs.  He thought about calling Jeff to find out if Dean and the others had finally finished the first two cabins when his phone rang.

It was Jeff with a very obvious smile in his voice.

"Good morning, my friend,” Jeff said brightly.  He knew that Jet had been up early, as always, and was probably chomping at the bit to get to work.

" 'Mornin' Jeff," Jet replied.  "Are they finally done?"

"On schedule, as promised," Jeff replied.

Jet finally smiled, and waved at two of the members of his crew as they walked in. He gave them the thumbs up and they scattered, gathering up their cleaning supplies.

Logan MacKenzie, his second in command as it were, sauntered in and gave Jet a grin. "We got some work today?" he asked cheekily.

Jet grinned back, his blue eyes shining with affection for his partner and coworker.  "Yep, that was Jeff.  The guys finished and we're good to go.  It's about time you got here!" he teased, since even though they were partners and usually rode to work together, would drive separately at times. Even so, his partner was usually early for his shift.

Logan grinned. "Dang...I knew I shoulda slept here," he teased back.

"Well, stop lollygagging, let's get started."

Logan gave Jet a jaunty salute. "Yes Sir! Right away Sir!" he quipped and gathered up the cleaning supplies they would need.

As he was gathering supplies he heard grunting and muffled sounds coming from the back room. He followed the noise to find Kent playing at swords with one of the mops, thrusting and parrying against an invisible foe.

Logan cleared his throat and gave Kent a stern look, arms crossed.  "Just what do you think you're doing, young man?"

Kent stopped what he was doing with a sheepish look and said, "This is the only thing I don't like about working with three Tops, there's nowhere to hide when you get caught goofing off." he tried to joke.

"Just get the brooms and mops and get a move on." Logan said in a definitive tone.

Kent quickly picked up the items mentioned and scooted past Logan before the man decided to swat him.

The first of the seasonal guests would be arriving within the week and the men were determined to make the cabins as clean and homey as they could before working on the rooms at the lodge and the recently vacated bungalows.

They loaded the supplies into their truck and headed out for the furthest of the cabins.

Upon their arrival, Jet looked inside and smiled with approval. The other men had done a wonderful job of cleaning up after themselves. There was no sawdust or other debris from the renovations in sight.

Logan looked at Jet. "How do we want to split up?"

"You and I will work on this cabin. The usual routine. Titus and Kent, you see to Cabin Five. Radio us when you're done."

"Yes Sir, Cap'n!" Titus replied as he and Kent stood at attention and saluted with impish grins before hopping back into the truck to drive to the assigned cabin.

Jet grinned at Logan and nodded in approval. He'd worked with several crews over the years, but he'd never been as proud as he was of the men with him today. All devoted professionals who took pride in their work.

Jet and Logan could hear the sounds of wood being chopped behind the cabin and walked toward the sound.  They ran into Mutt who was just finishing the last load of kindling while Adam filled the bins for the potbelly stove and the fireplace.  He grinned at the two newcomers and wished them a good morning.

"Heya guys, just in time," he said.

"As always," Jet replied with mock indignation.

"As always," Mutt laughed.

"We have enough wood and kindling too last both cabins the whole winter," Adam announced proudly.  

Logan grinned. "Let's hope so."

"Torren and Tank radioed us about twenty minutes ago that they finished as well," Mutt said. "They're already on their way back to pick us up. Should be another five minutes or so before they get here. Is there anything we can help with while we're waiting?"

"Excellent," Jet replied. "Thanks guys. And thanks for the offer, but I think we have things in hand here now."

"Our pleasure," Mutt replied.  "Nothing worse than trying to cut wood in the cold and rain," he said, throwing a thick, waterproof canvas tarp over the woodpile against the cabin. "See you at dinner tonight?"

Logan nodded. "Sure, we'll be hungry enough to eat a bear if one shows up."

The other guys laughed and Adam said, "You mean a moose don't you Logan?"

Logan laughed knowing that his friend was referring to Duke and his encounter with the bull moose.

"Well, thanks Mutt," Jet replied. "Yeah, we'll see you at dinner. Tell Gary to pull out all the stops for us."

"Doesn't he always?" Mutt smiled.  "Catch ya's later!"

"Bye for now," Adam added as he and Mutt put their shirts back on and began to pack their tools away. They knew by the time they were done that Tank and Torren would be there.
Logan began to bring in the supplies. He smiled broadly. He loved any excuse to get off of the resort proper and clean the cabins. He often wondered if Jeff would let him stay in one off season, just for a few days.

They started in the bedroom, opened the windows to air out the room, set the down-stuffed mattress in the sun to air out as well. He made sure the ropes that would keep the mattress off the hard wood floor were tight and the bed frame was sound. They put the rugs out to be beaten later, and then began to clean and polish the woodwork and floors.

Logan began to spray polish on the wood. He flipped the polishing rag at Jet.

Jet took his shammy cloth and twirled it, snapping it at Logan's backside. It hit his partner's hip with a sharp 'thwack' sound.

Logan turned and grinned. "Slave're not supposed to abuse the help," he teased.

"Oh but it's so much fun! And since I'm the boss I can get away with it,” he laughed.  "C'mon, kiddo, we have to finish these cabins and get back to the lodge to do our regular rounds before dinner."  He popped the shammy once more, more for the sound than anything else and grinned. "Last one to finish pays for dinner!" he challenged.

Logan couldn't help but jump a little, but grinned. "No one who lives or works here has to pay for their meals."

"Spoilsport," Jet pouted. The look didn't suit him and he knew it and he started to laugh.  "Ok, last one to finish has to dance the Macarena in the dining room."

Logan shook his head. "Get prepared to dance then man." The younger man began to work with a vengeance.

Jet grinned and said, "We don't have to tell the others about this little wager.  If we finish before them, then we'll let them in on the secret."

Logan grinned. "You're evil, Jet."

The slightly older man glanced at Logan, giving him an innocent look. "Just a little fun."

Logan shook his head and turned to Jet. "Then you'd better shake a leg old man."

Logan stepped up his efforts by taking polishing cloths and putting his feet on them and making skating motions across the floor to polish it.

Jet continued cleaning, singing Twist and Shout as he danced in rhythm to the music. He was just about finished polishing the cabinets and decided to slow down a little and let Logan wear himself out.  He grinned to himself. Perhaps he was underestimating Logan's stamina, but at this point he didn't care as long as Titus and Kent were still in the dark. 

Logan smiled.  He knew that Jet had a wicked sense of humor and would spring surprises on them at the oddest moments. He finished well before the other man and began to walk out of the cabin. "I'll just start beating those rugs then, shall I?"

Jet grinned. "As long as that's all you beat," he said suggestively as he moved to the last cabinet. He knew he would be done inside before Logan had the first rug done.

Logan shot him a backhanded 'peace sign' which Adam had assured them was an insult in the UK. Standing tall he turned on his heel and went outside to deal with the large rug after putting on goggles and a mask over his mouth and nose to keep dirt and dust out.  Once again he wished there was electricity in the rustic cabins. Vacuuming would have been a lot faster and easier. Maybe he could talk James into investing into a cordless vacuum cleaner.  He was determined to win the wager.  He listened intently to Jet who had begun to sing Yakkity Yak, put down the beater and sneaked off.

It was only a minute later that Jet’s walkie sounded.  “Jet, here,” he answered. 

“Hey, Jet, Jeff here.  I just wanted to let you know Dean and his crew are done with Cabin 2 if you have time to stop by and give in the once over.  Ezra and Gabe should be checking in tomorrow and they requested it,” Jeff explained.

“Sure thing, Boss,” Jet replied.  “We should be there in a couple of hours and with all four of us we’ll have it ship shape in no time.”

“Great,” Jeff exclaimed.  “Talk to you when you get back then.”

“We’ll be eating at the lodge tonight, I’ll probably see you there,” Jet said then closed the connection. Once off the radio Jet realized he couldn't hear any activity from outside. He looked out the window and didn't see any sign of Logan.

"That little stinker!" Jet said, half perturbed, half amused.  He finished the last of his work and went outside, sneaking quietly to where he couldn't help but to hear the whispered conversation coming from behind a large tree.

Logan, who had been crouching low with the walkie in his hand, looked guiltily up from his position when he noticed a frowning Jet staring at him.

With a sickly smile, the young man keyed the radio for the last time.  "Busted," he said, "gotta go."

"Get your butt up and finish the rugs!" Jet ordered sternly.

Logan clipped the talkie back onto his belt and slid out from behind the tree with a sheepish look. "Sorry," he said as he tucked in his backside and slithered around Jet to get back to his job.

Jet followed the young man and once he was clear of the tree took him by the arm and landed a hard swat. "No more goofin' off," he scolded.

"Ahhheeeeee!" Logan yelped, nearly causing Jet to smile at the bizarre sound.  "I'm goin'! I'm goin'!" the younger man said. He gave a sidelong glance at an angry looking Jet, licked his lips and rushed back to the heavy laundry line to finish beating the rugs at breakneck speed.

Jet sighed as he picked up the buckets and cleaning supplies and brought them outside to put in the truck when the others got back.  "I can't believe you were ratting me out. But now, since I'm sure the others have stepped up their game and should be nearly done, we can all enjoy you performing the Macarena for us at dinner tonight.  Whadda ya say?" he asked with a glint in his eyes.

"But...!" Logan began to object.

"But what?" Jet asked innocently.

"You weren't going to tell the others about it," the younger man objected.

"But you knew about it. Then instead of doing your work, you hid and told everyone, therefore, you didn't finish your job quickly, therefore... you... get to entertain us during dinner. You did lose the wager, after all."

Logan scowled.  He'd bitten himself in the butt this time, and that was for sure.  If he had just kept his big trap shut, he and the others could have been done and their boss would have had to entertain them. A sight Logan knew the others would have paid to see.  

Jet helped Logan get the clean rugs back into the cabin and furniture and replace the mattress before radioing the others that they were done. "We're going to have lunch now, unless you want us to wait for you."

"We finished up here a little bit ago," Titus replied. "We're halfway there now."

"Jeff called a little while ago. We’re going to be heading to Cabin 2 after we eat." 

"OK to the cabin. As far as lunch goes, go ahead and start without us if you want. I know you must be starving. I know I am."

"Sounds good," Jet replied.  "We'll be waiting for you. We just have to wash up and we'll be ready. 

Jet and Logan went to the lake and washed off the worst of the dirt and residue from the 'green' cleaners before going back and settling down at the picnic table to wait for their friends. 

Logan eyed the cooler that contained his lunch. He wasn't sure he was hungry after all.

"J," he began.

"Yes," Jet replied shortly, "I meant it."

The others arrived moments later. Jet, Kent and Titus talked and laughed about anything and nothing while Logan picked at his lunch. When they were finished, they stuffed their trash into their lunch coolers and climbed into the truck.  When they got back to the main road Jet followed it a few miles then turned off to find Cabin 2 to give it a thorough clean and shine.   

Soon they were back in the truck again. They would be back at the resort in plenty of time to get started on the rooms in the lodge and then for a quick shower and change of clothes before dinner.

Logan scowled and slouched in the passenger seat as they drove to the resort to join Mutt and the others, trying to remember the song and dance he was going to have to perform in the dining room. He couldn’t help but wonder to himself why when he was with Jet a bratty side of him emerged if he was supposed to be a top. That just didn’t seem right somehow.

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