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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Gideon, Ken & Roman

Written by Snarks

Gideon is 30, is 5' 11" and solidly built. The youngest of five children. 
He has short, dark, almost black hair that starts in a wide widow's peak at his forehead. He has brown eyes and is clean shaven. He has a very friendly face and his eyes crinkle when he smiles, which he does often. He is a social worker in the state of Maine and is dedicated to his clients, whom he treats with kindness, respect and understanding which makes him a great favorite.

He and Ken have been together for eight years but have only been married for five.

They first went to live in Gideon's childhood home until they built a new and larger home for themselves on the same property with the idea of adopting children at some point. They rent the old house to their friend Mark.

Kennedy (Ken) Miles Ford
Written by Snarks

Ken is 29, Gideon's partner, is 6' 0" and muscular. He has blue-grey eyes, and shoulder length red-brown hair that he usually keeps in a ponytail while at work. He usually sports a scruff of beard and mustache.

He is employed as a heavy equipment operator for county which includes operating a snow plow during the winter months.

Roman Troy Baker
Written by Snarks & PJ

Roman is Gideon's oldest brother by ten years. He looks much like his youngest brother except that he's grey at the temples. He is 5'11" and is built similarly to his brother, although he's a little softer around the middle than Gideon.

He was married at the age of eighteen to his high school sweetheart, Melissa, but became a widower a year ago, losing his wife in a car crash. 

He has three grown children who have married or are in college. They all live close by with their own children, and are frequent visitors.

Currently he owns and runs a bookstore/deli in Washington State.

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