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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jarrod & Jacob

Jarrod and Jacob Nielson
Written by Snarks


Age 19.

Jarrod is 5'8, 124.7 pounds.  Jacob is 5'7 1/2", 121.5 pounds.  They have medium length, dark blond hair and brown eyes.

Jarrod is the elder by five minutes, and the more outgoing of the two.  While they are not perfectly identical (Jacob being slightly shorter and more slender), only people who know them well can tell them apart.  The frequently dress alike and finish each other's sentences or speak in unison but it's only an act to entertain guests and confuse residents.

Jacob (in the blue) is the quieter of the two, preferring to sit under a tree with a stack of books, or take long walks or horse rides around the property.  He is an amateur artist and likes to sketch things around him in pencil or charcoal.  He rarely shows anyone what he draws.

Jarrod is quicker to smile and can often be found swimming or fishing at the falls during work hours, though he is a hardworking man when he does his work, Jarrod's  motto is "Why put off until tomorrow what you can put off today."

Their mother, Tanika, is alive and well and has remarried.  She has mixed feelings about her sons and can be passive aggressive while speaking to them.

Their stepfather, Howard Townshend, tolerates them when they visit but is secretly glad that they are not his biological sons.

Their father, Martin Nielson, died when they were 12.  They have no other siblings.

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