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Monday, September 7, 2015

TLR Chapter 5

Heath lay still letting the rays of the early morning sun warm him.  He was comfortable where he lay but wondered why the sun was coming in his bedroom window.    Once he had gotten back to bed after helping Jaxo…his eyes jerked open before he finished the thought when he felt a steady beat through his cheek and ear.  Heath began to panic as he realized that he was sleeping on the pull out bed with James and that sometime during the early morning he had turned over and now his head rested on James’s shoulder. 

The beat of James’s heart was strong and steady.  Heath could feel James’s arm over his shoulder, not quite holding him.  The young doctor was trying to ease away from the man beside him when he heard a soft whisper, “What’s your hurry my good doctor?” in a slightly teasing voice.

“Sorry, JW, but I told you this bed was to small and it didn't have enough room for both of us.”

James chuckled. “I think what you said was that there was plenty of room for both of us.  I don’t feel crowded, do you?” the older man asked.

Heath’s head was still on James’s shoulder and James’s arm was still over Heath’s shoulder except now deft fingers were lightly rubbing circles over the warm skin beneath them.  “I kinda like waking up next to you, Doc,” James murmured.

Heath raised his head and looked in to the smoky blue eyes of the man he had secretly dreamed about since they had met several years ago.  “You’re kidding, right?” he questioned.

"Heath can you honestly tell me you didn't sleep better once I pulled you in to my arms?" James asked softly.

"Well, yeah, but you just did it as a reflex.  You didn't know what you were doing, you were asleep,” Heath said with logic coming into play.

The older man shook his head.  "Do you honestly think that I didn’t know I had a man in my arms?  And not just any man but you?" James asked as he chuckled.

Heath’s head dropped back down on James’s shoulder.  Joy exploded in his chest.  The young doctor felt like a kid on Christmas morning with every gift he'd ever asked for unwrapped before him.  He inhaled deeply and the scent of James filled him causing him to harden a little.  That snapped him out of those thoughts.  He wasn't a child, hadn't been for a very long time.  A relationship between James and himself, would affect many other people.

“I don't know if this is right.  There's a lot of people depending on us,” Heath said trying to make sense of his feelings.

"There would be a lot of people who would be happy for us," James returned gently.

Heath knew he was being a coward, but he kept his head on James's shoulder, looking straight ahead.  "But if it didn't work out...." his voice drifted off.

James told the younger man, "There's nothing wrong with us having a relationship, you know.  I've wanted to have one with you for some time now and there's no good reason why it shouldn't work out."

Heath sighed.  He knew what James was saying and that he was right.  But he couldn't help worrying.  "How will this work?  We aren't the typical young couple going out on dates.  We know each other.  We don't need that typical getting to know you period."

James chuckled. "You're right."  He reached out and turned Heath's face toward him by grasping his chin. "You know that age is only a number. Look at Jeff and Mutt.  They work just fine."

Finally Heath looked at James.  "It’s not just our age, it’s that we know each other too well.  And, well, James we are both tops!  Since I first learned about brats and tops, I knew I was a top and wanted a brat.  I never thought about a relationship with another top."

"Heath, we complement each other and support each other. We each have different strengths and that is what will make things work for us," James said firmly.

That joyous feeling was spreading through the young doctor’s chest again.  What James was describing was just what he wanted.  He wanted the support of another top and he wanted to support other tops.  That was why he moved to the resort.

James smiled fondly at Heath and stroked his side from shoulder to knee. "You also have a very nice body," he teased.

Heath harden even more.  His voice was husky with sex as he said, "If you keep that up, I'm not going to be able to hold back.  And we do have a young brat in the next room."

James chuckled and then leaned in for a kiss. He had always wanted to taste Heath and here was his chance. "He's still sleeping."

Heath melted into the kiss.  Oh yes.  All his Christmas wishes coming true at one time.  His body took over and he kissed James back; actively pursuing the older man's tongue.

James responded, his tongue dancing with Heath's and moving in such a manner as to let the younger man know what his intent was while placing a palm over one of his nipples rubbing it gently until it became a hard nub.

The feelings that James was eliciting had Heath moaning out loud.  The sound seemed to snap them both out of the lust filled haze.  "God, I hate to stop.  But Jeff will be here soon," Heath panted out.

James said huskily with true regret in his voice, "As much as I'd like to continue this I’m well aware we need to stop.  We need to get Jaxon up and ready for the day and fed."

Heath reluctantly pulled away from James.  Quickly getting out of the bed, before he could change his mind, he stood there and grinned at the older man.  "We'll finish this soon."

James gave Heath a wicked grin and winked at the doctor's words.

Heath and James reluctantly got up and hurried to get dressed, not sure exactly sure what time Jeff would get there but not wanting to let the bird out of the cage just yet.


The next morning Jeff went to his office and opened the file cabinet to choose the necessary papers needed to process Jaxon…application, registration, a copy of the rules of the resort... Heath would add Jaxon's medical history.   What else?  He said to himself.

He took a long look at the nondisclosure agreement... tedious but necessary as the resort was privately owned and meant as a haven for gay men and those interested in discipline partnership relationships.  God only knew what would happen if the resort were to become common knowledge.  The people who came here had enough to deal with in the outside world.  This was a place where they could be themselves.  To live and breathe freely without judgment.

He couldn't help but to smile as he gathered up a folder and put everything inside.  At first he'd had his doubts about James's idea, sure that a place like this would bring droves of protesters and people who would cause them trouble, but it had been here, safe and sound for over twenty five years. Potential guests were referred to James by past guests and screened carefully by the two of them, before they even thought of contacting prospective applicants.

He looked at his watch, habitually made sure that his watch was synchronized with his desk clock and the clock on his computer, and headed out toward Jaxon's bungalow. Plenty of time, he thought, to sit and have another cup of coffee with the other men and hopefully put Jaxon at ease with his presence. He'd deliberately dressed down, jeans, and a tee shirt that Mutt had bought for him because he said it matched his eyes, boat shoes with no socks.

Jeff laughed quietly.  He knew that that was one habit of his that drove James up the wall. The fact was that neither he nor Mutt wore socks during the warm months.  Easier to kick off their shoes and jump into the water, or bed, without having to struggle with the annoying things.  As far as Mutt and Jeff were concerned, socks were a necessary evil only when it was cold, or when they had to dress up.  

Jeff arrived at the bungalow ten minutes early and was welcomed with warm hugs from both James, who raised an eyebrow at Jeff when he noticed the absence of socks but said nothing, and Heath.  He wasn't disappointed when Heath offered him a cup of coffee, which he gratefully accepted.  Mutt and James both swore that Jeff's blood must be 97 percent caffeine because of all of the coffee he drank.  


Heath gently shook Jaxon from his sleep.  “Time to get up, Jax,” he cajoled.  “Jeff will be here soon and I’d like to at least get some breakfast down you before we all get distracted.”

Jaxon opened one eye and looked over at the clock on the dresser.  “It’s too early,” he groaned.  He tried to pull the covers back up but they wouldn’t budge.

Heath chuckled and pulled the cover all the way to the end of the bed.  The room exploded in light when James flung the curtains open.  Jaxon groaned louder.  The older man scooped Jaxon up in his arms and the two of them headed toward the bathroom. 

“Heath, I’ll take care of his morning chores if you get breakfast started,” James called back over his shoulder.

“Don’t I get a say in any thing around here?” Jax growled.

James laughed.  “Sure you do, Jaxon,” he answered.  “But Jeff is coming over with papers for you to fill out and sign that will keep you safe and sound during your stay here.”

Before Jaxon had time to say anything Heath popped his head in the bathroom.  “Are bacon and eggs ok, Jax?” he asked wanting the boy to be part of the choice.

Jaxon looked between the two men taking up room in the bathroom. “Um, yeah, bacon and eggs are good.”

“Then shake a leg,” the doctor grinned, “it’ll be ready in five minutes.”

“You ready?” James asked the young man and scooped him up again when he saw the nod.  He carried Jaxon out to the living room then carefully sat him in the recliner.  It was the first time either of the men had let Jaxon out of the bed since his injuries.  Heath brought a plate of food over for him then one for James and his self.  The three men enjoyed a quite breakfast until they heard a knock on the door.   

Jaxon sat in one of the two recliners in the living room.  His sandy blonde hair was uncombed, revealing that he hadn’t been awake that long. He was dressed in jeans with one leg cut open to accommodate his brace and what looked to be the same t-shirt he was found in. Jeff put the folder on the coffee table and casually approached the boy with a warm smile.  "Hello, Jaxon, I'm Jeff Markham, assistant director here at the resort. How are you today?”  He didn't extend his hand for a handshake, afraid of spooking the boy, and preferring to let him take the lead for the time being.

Jaxon held his right hand up to show the ACE bandage supporting his wrist and shrugged.  “Nice to meet you Mr. Markham,” he returned the greeting.  “Thanks for helping me out.”

"Please, feel free to call me Jeff,” the older man smiled. "And it’s my pleasure."

James smiled.  “It’s what Jeff’s supposed to do. He’s a great help to me. He’s the administrator of Teardrop Lake Resort,” the older man informed Jaxon smiling at Jeff as he did so.

Heath joined the men in the living room and handed Jeff a cut of coffee. 

"We're very glad that you're here, and though I know that James and Heath have both told you that you're in a safe place, I'd like to reiterate that fact.  The paperwork I've brought should cover all the bases. They've explained what this is all for?"

“Yes, they said that this paper work will keep me safe if my mom’s husband should track me down,” Jaxon answered.  “I don’t really think it will stop him, but if you say so I guess I’ll have to believe you.”

"All right then.  Are you right or left handed?  Will you be able to fill out these papers on your own or will you need help?"

“Right, but I think I can do it as long as I don’t press too hard,” he said.

Jeff smiled again, then sat nearby on a chair, sipping his coffee.  He watched as the papers were filled out on the same tray that had held Jaxon’s plate while he ate his breakfast, signed by all present, and then he notarized them as the resort’s Notary Public.

Jaxon leaned back in the recliner relieved the paper work was filled out and safe with Jeff.
Jeff felt something different in the air.  It was difficult to put his finger on at first, but then it hit him.  The secretive smiles, the glances between Heath and James, the very cat got the canary smile on James' face.

"All right then,” Jeff said, standing and putting his empty cup aside to take the packet of papers to file.  "Jaxon, it was a pleasure to talk with you.  I know you'll be comfortable here, and you're in very good hands.  I'm only a phone call away if you need me for anything," he reassured the boy.  "James, Heath, I'll be in my office if you need me for anything else."  

Jaxon closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep again, having had a rather difficult night and then being woken up early.

James relaxed for a bit while he waited until it was time for him to go pick up the new arrivals at the airport. When the time grew near James smiled at Heath as he stood up. “Let’s wake Jaxon so we can tell him we’re going to be leaving. I need to get a move on or I’ll be late picking up our new couple and you need to prepare the clinic so you’ll be ready to perform their physicals when they get here.” He smiled at Heath.

“Jax,” the doctor softly nudged the napping man, “wake up for a minute.”

“Do you have something against me sleepin’, Doc?” Jaxon asked.  His eyes still closed.

Heath tussled the unruly head of hair under his hand.  “Listen to me for a minute and then you can sleep until lunch unbothered by either of us,” he instructed in a slightly lower tone.

Jaxon opened his eyes wondering why the tone compelled him to do its bidding.

“Both James and I have things to do this morning,” the doctor explained.  “One of us will be back for lunch.  You have everything you need right here,” Heath said pointing to the end table with a glass of juice, the remote for the TV, and a walkie talkie.  “Use this if you need anything, Jax, and I’ll be here as soon as I can.”

“What about James?”

“James has to run in to the airport and pick up some new guests,” Heath explained, “so, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.”

Jax smiled, “I don’t see a problem with that, Doc, and I kinda like you rescuing me.”

“Well, let’s not make a habit of it, Jax,” Heath chuckled.

“I won’t,” Jax yawned.  “Can I get back to sleep now,” he grinned.

Heath laughed as he moved to the door where James was waiting. “Don’t forget to use that radio if you need anything,” James reminded Jaxon just before both of the older men stepped out the door closing it behind them.


  1. LOL I would have called Jeff and told him to come around later, but then, I suppose even though they've known each other for so long that a more intense relationship will have to wait. It doesn't surprise me that Jeff caught on so quickly.
    Very good chapter.

  2. LOL Pippin, It's only the second day the guys have know each other so their main concern is making sure Jax is safe.

    Thanks for commenting.