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Monday, September 7, 2015

TLR Chapter 8

James walked their guests to the door.  “See you tomorrow, gentlemen,” he said to the men as Jeff led Mutt, still a bit stiff from his spanking, through the door.  The five men had spent a quiet afternoon relaxing in the living room of Jaxon’s bungalow.  Jeff, Heath and James grilled burgers, prepared a salad and worked on dinner while Mutt entertained his new friend with stories of his adventures around the resort.   Jaxon was dozing off when Jeff decided it was time to head back to their place.

James and Heath cleared the table and shared the dish washing duties.  Neither man said much, both lost in thought after this morning’s conversation and Heath waking up in James’s arms. 

Across the room Jaxon groaned in his sleep.  Heath walked over to him and gently lifted the empty glass from his hand before it dropped to the floor.  The young doctor marveled at the resiliency this boy possessed.  He’d been through a lot in his life.   He was just about to drape a blanket over Jaxon when he felt a firm hand on his shoulder.  He turned and looking up saw that James had the same look of wonder that Heath felt looking at this boy, this young man who fell into their laps.

“Before we get him back to bed I think he could use a shower and a change of clothes,” James suggested. 

“Yes, you’re right,” the young doctor agreed. “He is a bit ripe,” Heath chuckled.  “Why don’t I help him and maybe you can see if you can find anything that will come close to fitting him until one of us can get to the store tomorrow to get him some new clothes.”

“Sounds like a plan, Heath,” the older man agreed.  “You wake him and let him know what we have planned for him and I’ll see if I can find something for him to sit on in the shower to make it easier for the both of you.”

“Isn’t this the bungalow Stephen and Billy use when they visit?” Heath asked.

James thought for a minute then answered, “Yes, it is.  Why?”

“Because, Stephen uses a shower chair.”

James looked at the doc, “Yeah, he gets around so well I keep forgetting he lost his leg.  But what does that have to do with us?”

Heath chuckled. “They left it here so they wouldn’t have to haul it back and forth from home,” he answered.  “It’s in the storage shed.”

“Great, I’ll go get it,” James said heading for the door, “and you can wake up our boy.

At those words both men stopped what they were doing and just looked at each other.

Heath was the first to grin.  “I don’t know where that came from, JW,” he softly commented, “but I like the sound of it.”

“Yeah, me too, but it’s too soon, Doc, just too soon,” James shook his head and turned to go look for the shower chair.   “I’ll also rummage around to see if there are any boxes of clothing stored out there that might suit him.”

Heath knew James was right, hell; he and James had only just expressed their feelings for each other.  And this boy finally resting peacefully in the recliner more than likely had no idea what he wanted or needed.

“Jax, Jax," Heath called softly.  He laid his hand on the sleeping man's shoulder and gave a gentle shake.  The young doctor didn't want to startle the boy.  With all he had gone through, the physician wanted to show him that he was safe here.  As Jax opened his eyes, Heath smiled down at him. "I know you're tired, but I bet you'll sleep better after a nice warm shower."

Jaxon groaned, “I’m not sure I can do a shower, Doc.”

"That's why you have me here," Heath said.  He made his voice light and carefree, he knew Jaxon would be embarrassed, but they really had no choice.  "I'm going to help you.  We have a shower chair so it'll make things a bit easier.  James has run out to the shed to get it and is going to try and find some fresh clothes we can help you into when were finished.”

“Um, I don’t know, um, maybe we should wait till I can do it myself,” Jaxon reasoned.  Even to him he sounded like a little kid.

Giving an exaggerated wrinkle of his nose, Heath said, "Sorry, Jax, but you stink. You really need to shower. I promise you'll feel better afterwards." Heath was hoping he could coax the boy into the shower, but if needed, he would use his best no-nonsense doctor's voice.

Jaxon raised his arm and sniffed his arm pit.  "Ugh, sorry," he flushed bright red, "I didn't know it was that bad."

"People tend to grow used to their own smell, it’s the poor souls around him that really suffer," Heath joked.  "Come on, let's get you upright."  Heath leaned down and helped Jax to a standing position.

Jax hesitated. "Maybe I can just change into the clothes in my pack."

"Nice try, Jax but that won't mask the smell,” Heath laughed. “Besides those clothes were in worse shape than the ones you have on.”  Once his patient was upright, he swooped the boy up into his arms and carried him in to the bedroom.  It was fast becoming a habit for both of the older men to just carry Jaxon instead of taking a chance that he would further injure his knee. 

James came into the bedroom carrying the shower chair and some clothes over his arm just as Heath settled his cargo on the bed.  “Found it and a couple of pair of jeans, a couple of shirts and I ran over to the gift shop and got a pair of boxers and some socks.” He showed the underwear to Heath, they were like the T-shirt James wore when he picked up passengers at the airport for the resort. Tie dyed in the autumn colors with the TLR logo on them. “I’ll just put these clothes here on the bed and set the chair up in the shower.”

“Ugh,” Jaxon groaned, “I’m pretty tired, Doc.  Maybe we should wait till tomorrow.”

“I hate to pull rank on you, Jax, but you are getting in the shower,” James decreed on his way to the bathroom.

When James created Teardrop Lake Resort he had the forethought to install showers that could hold three men easily.  There would be plenty of room for the chair, Jaxon and Heath in this stall.  This bungalow was also one of four that had showers without curbs so a wheelchair could roll right into it or someone on crutches wouldn’t have to step over the curb.

When James finished setting up the shower chair he stepped into the bedroom. “All right…all ready for our guest to get clean Heath,” he said with a grin.

“OH, this isn’t fair,” Jaxon laughed.  “Two big old guys picking on helpless little ole me.”  He tried to push himself further back on the bed.

“Helpless?” Heath mock growled and grabbed Jaxon’s good leg pulling him back to him.  “With those eyes and that grin, I’d say we are the ones who are helpless, little boy.”

Jaxon giggled like a school girl when Heath reached up and tickled him.

“I got this, JW,” Heath said over his shoulder when he heard James’s cell ring. 

James just shook his head and left the room.

“Let’s get the brace off so we can remove your jeans, Jax,” the doctor said.

“Well, if you insist on making me shower, why don’t you just cut them off?” Jaxon grumped.  “They’re ruined anyway.”

“I can do that if you’re sure you don’t want to save them, Jax.”

“No, I don’t want them,” the young man said.  “Gene paid for them.  I don’t want anything from him.”

“OK, then, you stay right there,” Heath instructed, “and I’ll get something to cut them off.”  He left the room.  Jaxon heard some clanging and drawers opening and closing then his Doc came back into the room carrying a small knife.  He walked over to the bed grinning, “No scissors, but I did find this,” he said holding up the knife, “so I suggest you hold very still because I don’t want to cut any important bits.”

“Bits?” Jax said offended, “I’ll have you know I don’t have bits.”

Heath chuckled and said, "Don’t make me laugh, kid…"

"I don't have bits, and I'm not a kid," Jaxon said but the smile told the young doctor he wasn't offended.

Heath leaned over his patient gently pulling Jax’s jeans up and away from his body, “Well, don’t move or you will have bits.”

The room got quiet as the doctor carefully cut through the thick waist of the jeans and then down to meet the beginning of the existing cut he made the night they brought Jax to the clinic.  Looking up, he laughed, “You wanna breathe before I cut the other leg?"

The other young man let out the breath he was holding and looked at the doctor sheepishly.

The other pant leg was cut down the center in no time.  Jax was soon sitting with nothing below his waist except his shorts and the brace.

Heath carefully removed the brace revealing the younger man’s misshapen knee with its swelling and bruising. The young doctor looked at Jax.  “I know it looks ugly, Jax, but it’s healing nicely but it has only been 3 days.”

The young doctor gently but firmly, lifted Jaxon into his arms and carried him to the shower.  "Before you start, I know you think you can walk, but even if I thought you could I really don't want you slipping on the hard bathroom floor."

Jax chuckled, “Yeah, I know.  Thanks for helping me, Doc.”

Heath looked at the young man sitting on the chair.  "The shorts have to go."  He maneuvered Jax this way and that and the shorts were soon tossed aside then he removed the ACE bandage from his wrist.  The doctor looked at the younger man and took a deep breath.  He wasn't sure how Jax would handle this next part.  But the doctor knew if he kept it as clinical as possible it would alleviate the other young man’s embarrassment.  “Its ok kid, remember I’m a doctor and you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”  He stepped into the shower and quickly adjusted the water to the perfect temperature. Then he looked down and saw his pants were splattered with water.  And that was just done by adjusting the temp.  He would be soaked by the time he finished helping Jax.  "Might as well, get in and just shower with you.  I'll be soaked anyway." Then he quickly stripped himself. 

Jaxon sat stiffly on the chair, looking down at his feet with one hand covering his manhood.  He was clearly blushing at the thought of being naked in the shower with a bare Heath.

“If you’re uncomfortable I can put my shorts back on, Jax.”

"No, it’s ok.  I told you I wasn't a kid,” the young man snapped.

Heath placed his hand under Jax's chin and pulled his face up.  Looking at him, the young doctor said, "I know you aren't a kid, Jax.  But if it makes you uncomfortable I will put my shorts on."

The younger man didn't say anything just tried to look anywhere but at the doctor’s manly parts.

Heath watched as Jax tried to not look at him and just quietly slipped his underwear back on.  He could see the relief in the other man’s body.  "Ok, Jax, here's how it'll work.  I'll wet you down and then soap you up."

“OK,” the boy mumbled.

The young doctor turned the shower head toward the boy and let the water spray over the naked body. He let the water flow over Jax but the boy looked so embarrassed he decided to lighten the mood.  He remembered the joke his niece told him.  "Hey Jax.  If April showers bring May flowers; what does May flowers bring?"

The younger man looked up at him with a baffled expression on his face.  Finally when he figured that Heath really did want him to answer, he just said, "Um.  I don't know.  What do they bring?”
The young doctor started laughing and said, "Why Mayflowers bring Pilgrims."

“Ugh, that was so bad," Jaxon grinned.

"You think so? I thought it was funny.  But I love bad jokes.  Ok, lean forward and let me soap up your back," the doctor said as he grabbed the soap and wash rag.

When Jax leaned forward, Heath first thought a shadow was on his back.  He scooted the chair with the young man on it forward and stepped behind him.  No.  That was no shadow.  That was a bruise and a pretty bad one at that.

Jax felt Heath staring at him, at his back.  “What’s the matter Doc?” he asked.

"You have a bruise here on your back,” Heath answered slipping into his doctor mode.  “You didn't fall on your back when I found you.  When did this happen?"

"A what?" Jaxon said.  "I don't remember hitting anything.  Maybe it happen when the canoe sank."

Heath looked at the bruise more closely.  "No, this looks older than that, Jaxon."

Jaxon was quiet for a minute before he simply said, "It's nothing Doc, and it doesn’t hurt anyway."

The young doctor knew there was more to the bruise than the younger man was letting on.  But he also knew that pushing him wouldn't help.  So, he decided on another joke.  "Hey Jax."

The young man looked up warily, afraid that Heath wouldn't let this go.  "Yeah?"

"Do you know where snowmen keep their money?”

Jax chuckled, "No, Doc, where do snowmen keep their money?"

"Why in a snow bank, of course." Heath heard the chuckle in Jax's groan.

“You know when I said that other joke was bad?"

Lathering up the washrag, the young doctor said, "Yeah?"

"Well, this one was badder," The younger man laughed.

“Oh, you think so? I’m hurt,” Heath snickered as he started to wash Jaxon’s back being careful not to rub the bruise hard.  The doctor wondered if one of the boy’s ribs had been bruised or worse because even the light touch made the young man flinch.
“Sorry, it tickles,” Jax said trying to make light of the pain.

Heath moved around to the front and knelt down to work on the young man’s legs and feet.  His soapy hands allowed him to run them over Jax’s knee to make sure what he had told the boy earlier was true and that the knee was in fact healing.  “It feels good, Jax.  As long as you stay off it for the next few weeks and let it heal you should be good as new,” he told the young man watching him.

Jaxon chuckled.  “Not much chance of me walking on it, Doc,” he remarked.  “Every time I even think about walking on it someone is there to tell me NO.  Even Mutt does it.”

“We all care about you, Jaxon.  And we all want you to heal properly.”

The young man heard the sincerity in the words and blushed.  “Thanks, Heath, it’s been a few years since I’ve felt like someone cared about me just because they did and not because they were force to take care of me.”  Jax sucked in a breath and Heath waited for him to finish.  “You and James have made me feel at home here and I’ll always remember that.”

The young doctor was glad water from the shower was splattering in his face because he knew there were tears in his eyes.  Trying to keep his voice steady Heath said, “James and I were both serious when we said you were more than welcome to make TLR you’re home, you know that don’t you?”

“Yeah, I know,” Jax whispered wiping the same mixture of water and tears from his face.  “I’d like to stick around awhile.”

Heath soaped the washrag again and dropped it on Jax’s crotch. “You wash your bits,” he laughed and then I’ll do your hair.” 

“I told you I don’t have bits,” Jax growled through his laughter.

Heath waiting patiently while Jaxon washed his private parts one handed.  “How is the wrist feeling, Jax?” he asked noticing that it was still not being used.

“It’s still hurts but not as bad.”

When Jaxon finished washing Heath looked at his wrist.  “It’s only been a few days but it seems to be healing nicely too,” he said. “Everything takes time.” 

The young doctor reached for the shampoo and stood before the young man to quickly clean the mop of hair under his hands.   As much as Jaxon tried he couldn’t keep his eyes off of the wet shorts that clung to Heath or the firm package that was beneath them.   His own “bits” started to harden.

Heath helped Jaxon stand and ran the warm water from the hand held shower sprayer over his fit body.  Then he sat Jaxon back down on the shower chair.  “Stay there and don’t move while I get the towels,” he ordered.  Heath quickly dropped his shorts and walked out of the bathroom.

He was only gone a second but Jaxon was shivering by the time Heath brought the towels in the bathroom.  He dried off then after wrapping a towel around his waist; he wrapped a towel around Jax, picked him up and carried him back to the bed.

Jaxon was trying to suppress a yawn as Heath helped him pull a pair of shorts on, strapped the brace on his leg and replaced the ACE Bandage with a wrist brace for more support.   “It’s late so why don’t you just climb under the covers and let’s call it a night,” the young doctor gently ordered.

“Sounds like a good idea, Doc,” Jax agreed.  “Nite,” he said, “and thanks for the shower.  I do feel better.”


Heath pulled the door within an inch of it closing when he left the bedroom.  He noticed the bed on the pull out sofa was made up and the covers turned back just waiting for the two men to slip under the covers.  James was at the kitchen table sipping from the mug in his hands.  His cell phone lay on the table in front of him. 

“What’s up, JW? You look worried,” Heath asked as he filled a mug with coffee too.  He leaned against the counter and looked at James over the top of his mug.

“Not worried, exactly, but wondering how Jaxon is going to take moving in with one of us?”

Heath raised an eyebrow.  “Not that I don’t want him with one of us but why do we need to move him?” he asked.

James looked up at Heath and chuckled at the eyebrow.  “Stephen and Billy are coming for their spring visit next weekend,” James answered

"It'll be good to see them," Heath said.

“Yeah, but this is the bungalow they always stay in so we will have to move Jax,” the older man said.  “And I don’t want him to far from us so he will have to move in with one of us.”

“Well, I don’t see the problem, JW.  You have the bigger place with three bedrooms and with one of them on the first floor of that old house. Jax wouldn’t need to climb the stairs,” the young doctor reasoned.  “Of course someone would need to sleep on your sofa in case he needs help during the night.”

“You wouldn’t mind him staying with me?”

“No, I wouldn’t mind.  I think it’s the best thing for Jax and you would be back in your own home,” Heath expressed.  “But I am going to miss cuddling with you.”

James said quietly, "I would miss cuddling with you too, why don't you consider moving in with me and Jax? That would be the ideal solution."

Heath hesitated for all of 3 seconds.  "I'd love to, JW, but do you think it's too soon?"

James shook his head. "Not really. You and I are already comfortable with each other and Jax is comfortable with the two of us.  I've even heard him refer to us as his guys."

"Yeah, I heard him say that a couple of times too.  It sure feels good when he says it."  Heath smiled then said, "He was a bit shy in the shower but we joked around a little too.  I think he really is comfortable with us."

"That's been my observation as well and I don't think I'm far off the mark."

"I do need to talk to you about something I found during our shower," Heath said slipping into his doctor mode.

James gave Heath a concerned look. "What is it Heath?"

"I was just about to soap up his back and found a good size bruise.  I asked him about it and at first he acted like he didn't know where he got it.  But then I think he remembered but just blew it off and said it didn't hurt," the young doctor explained to his new partner.  "It did hurt though because he flinched when I washed it."

James's smoky blue eyes darkened and the muscle in his jaw twitched. "Do I have to guess who did that?

"Probably not although he wouldn't talk about it," Heath shook his head.  “I think we should leave it for tonight but I'll come home for lunch tomorrow and see if I can get the whole story."  Then Heath grinned, "Home, I like that."

James grinned back. "So do I. There are plenty of rooms to choose from, but I'd rather you choose to stay with me."

"Try and keep me away from your bed, JW, just try," Heath chuckled.

Heath was already in his sleep shorts and t-shirt so James stood, dropped a peck on the young doctor’s cheek and headed to the bathroom.

James came out of the bathroom having brushed his teeth and washed up. He crawled into the bed and looked expectantly at Heath. "Going to join me?"

The young doctor looked into his cup and swirled the little bit of coffee in it around.  He seemed to be carefully weighing his options.  He gulped that last little bit, placed his cup on the counter and smiled at James.  "Yup, I am," he answered.  Heath chuckled and thoughtfully shook his head as he walked across the living room.  He stood before his guy for a second savoring the moment.  Then he leaned his tall frame over James and slipped into their bed.
James smiled and put his arms around the younger man and pulled him to him tightly.

"Hmmmm," Heath sighed.  "I can't believe this is really happening, JW," he said.  "Less than a week ago we were pretending we didn't need each other and now here we are and we have what I hope will be our brat in the next room."

James chuckled. "Well it's a bit of a surprise to me too.  It’s what I've been looking for, for a very long time."

"Me too," Heath agreed just before he stretched up and claimed James's mouth.

James smiled and deepened the kiss and stroked Heath's side from shoulder to knee.

Rolling onto his back, Heath brought James with him opening his mouth for him.

James covered Heath's body and deepened the kiss, savoring the taste of the younger man. "Mmmm..." He groaned.

Heath slid his hand under James's pajama top and slowly rubbed his back.

James slid his hands up under Heath's T-shirt and caressed his nipples until they were tight little buds.

At first the younger man tried to pull away but when James didn't allow it he just groaned into James's mouth.

James continued the kiss moving his tongue in and out and rubbing his hands up and down Heath's well-muscled chest and flicking the nipples gently.  Breaking the kiss for a moment he eased the T-Shirt off his head and tossed it aside.

The cool air on Heath's moist nipples did strange and wonderful things to him.  He reached for James's top, unbuttoning the buttons as fast as he could.  Once he had the top off, he pulled James back down.  He wiggled down in the bed a bit and pulled one of his lover’s buds into his mouth.

James gasped in pleasure and while Heath sucked on him he rubbed the other man's nipples and then worked his way lower, caressing his abdomen.

The sensation was almost too much and Heath released the nipple in his mouth to gasp for air.

James chuckled and began to slide the boxers down the long legs admiring what he had revealed.

Heath raised his butt off the mattress when he felt his boxers moving.

James took them all the way off and said, "Now that's much better."

"Yes, it is but you have way too many clothes on, JW," Heath whispered.

James smiled. "Would you like to take care of that?" He asked with a sexy smile.

Heath chuckled, "I sure would."  He pushed the older man on his back and slowly worked his green plaid pajama bottoms off his legs bringing his shorts with them.  The younger man leaned back and gazed at this man who he had always been attracted too.
 James lifted his hips as Heath stripped off his pajama bottoms along with his shorts and grinned up at him. "I see you like what you see?" He teased.

"Oh Yeah I do," Heath answered knowing he sounded like a kid in a candy store.  "Best view I've ever seen."

James chuckled and reached out and ruffled Heath's hair. "Imp."

"I'll show you who's an imp," Heath said as he gently took James’s manhood in his hand.

James's smoky blue eyes darkened and he grinned and also took Heath’s manhood into his hand. "Hmm...I think this is going to be fun."

"Do you know how long I've wanted to be here in bed with you, JW?" Heath asked and allowed James to pull him down on top of him.

James said softly, "I have an idea." The older man led the way to their ecstasy and as they both came down sated and tired cuddled up together, the older man wrapping his arms around Heath.

The grin on the young doctor’s face slowly faded as he drifted off to sleep in James arms.

James watched Heath slowly relax and closed his own eyes.  He drifted off as well content in his new relationship, the one he'd been waiting for so long. He also smiled to himself at the thought of them hopefully being three with a brat of their own.


  1. Very funny shower scene, bad jokes and all.
    At first I wondered that James and Heath were going a bit fast but then again, I suppose they've known each other for a while so perhaps it was long overdue.
    When do we get more?

  2. Yeah, James and Heath have know each other for several years and have stayed friends. That is until they found Jaxon.
    Believe it or not we have over 40 chapters written.
    Thanks for continuing to read

  3. I apologize.I don't mean to flame, however I find it difficult to imagine that the doctor would allow his patient to stay in the same clothing for three days, nor do anything to clean him up sooner. Also, I don't believe that the doctor needed to be in the shower with Jackson, or that if he felt he had to he would have worn swim trunks or something rather than get in naked with an all but perfect stranger.
    I would have said something in private but I can't figure out how to send private messages.
    Other than those items, I felt that this was a very good chapter. I also found the shower scene amusing. As a nurse I find that keeping my patients laughing and as happy as they can be very important.
    I like where things are going with James and Heath.
    Good chapter over all.

  4. You're not flaming anyone, Pippin, you're simply making an observation, and I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you like to keep your patients laughing. I know that the few times I've been in the hospital that my caregivers (mostly the nurses) kept me laughing. It sure beat lying in the bed, bored and lonely.
    Thank you for being a caring nurse.

  5. No flaming problem here, PIppin. As Snarks said we appreciate any constructive observations.