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Sunday, October 4, 2015

TLR Chapter 19

Turning on the little lamp by the bed Elijah laid his hands on Zay's chest giving soft kisses whispered, ''Let me show you how much I love you.” 

Before Zay could respond he was pushed on the bed, his shirt pulled off and thrown on the floor.

Elijah studied Zay tired face, the full lips, slightly parted, his brown brows arched as if he had that mischievous look.  “Elijah come on you dirty old man.”

Elijah gently traced a finger down Zay's throat to his chest, stroking the coarse hairs. His body was firm well-toned from being here and had put on weight.

As he continued down to Zay's nipples, sucking on each one, using his tongue making them hard.  Then he continued down further, circled the head of his erection causing genuine arousal to replace an automatic reflex and kept him hard.

He lay for a few moments enjoying the sensation then reached for Zay, pulling him into his arms, biting kisses onto his ear, shoulder and neck before seeking his mouth.

Elijah straddling Zay and slowly impaling himself on his lube-slicked cock. He rested for moment adjusting to the sense of fullness, taking pleasure having Zay's thick penis inside him.

Positioning his hands on Zay's arms he pressed his knees into the mattress and began to ride, slowly at first, then faster, concentrating on losing himself in the physical sensation of sex  finally feeling Zay's body approach climax and arch beneath him, Elijah's hands gripping his hips.

“Oh my god that was awesome, Elijah,” Zay moaned.  “Thank you.”

“Now let’s get some sleep.”


It was the final days of their vacation. They would be leaving Thursday morning.

 They both still had one thing they both wanted to do. Elijah and Zay wanted to do some hiking. They'll get up early go and get a bite of breakfast and take off.

Zay lay in bed too lazy to get up so he just turned over grabbing the blankets whipping them up to his head thinking of the night before and how wonderful it felt to be loved by the man of his dreams.

Elijah coming out of the bathroom dressed in jean shorts and a purple Izod shirt went over to their bed throwing off the blankets and giving Zay a swat and said, “Wake up.  We have to get going.”

Zay dressed and had a smile on his face as walked over to Elijah.  Standing behind him he reached his hand in his lover’s shorts.  He began massaging his penis and repeated what Elijah had done to him the night before bringing him to climax.

“Boy! Now what am I going to do?” Elijah said as he stepped out of his shorts and walked away from Zay to get a pair of clean khaki shorts to wear.

“Nothing,” Zay said laughing as he walked up to Elijah nuzzling him once more.

Zay looked at the breakfast buffet.  It had just about everything there that he liked and he started towards the buffet.

Elijah stopped him in mid-step, “Ah, where do you think you’re going?” 

“To get breakfast. I'm starving and you gave me a work out last night.” 

“That I did,” Elijah said with a big grin on his face. “Go on ahead and sit down and don't wander off.  I really don't want to repeat our discussion we just had.  Are we clear?”


“Yes what?”

“Oh gez,” Zay said as he rolled his eyes at the man that just made love to the night before.


“Yes sir.”

“Thank you. And don't roll your eyes at me. That, young man, could lead you into big trouble.”

After going through the buffet line Elijah met up with Zay before they sat down at a table near a window.  There was a couple sitting across from them talking to other couples and laughing and carrying on. Then the older man whispered in the younger man's ear about something then punctuated it with a swat to his behind.  

“Hey Elijah lets go and introduce ourselves and maybe invite them to dinner before we leave on Thursday,” Zay suggested.

“I think that's a great idea, Zay.”

“Is anybody sitting here?”

“No,” the young gentleman said. 

“Hi, I'm Elijah Thomas and this is my partner Zay Zimmerman,” Elijah said.

“Nice to meet you. I'm Sawyer Carter and this is my partner Jenson Williams,” the other man answered.

Jenson was not in any mood to shake hands.  He was only thinking how busted he was that he got caught missing some of the classes that they’d signed up for and that Sawyer would be dealing with him later.

“Jenson, please do not be rude.  Say hello to these young men.” 

“Ah, hello,” the young man said then went back to pushing his food around on his half empty plate losing all his appetite.

“Are you free for dinner tomorrow night,” Elijah asked.

“Dinner would be nice. What time you want to meet?” Sawyer replied.

“How about 5 pm.” Elijah said with a smile.  

“That'll be fine.”

“Well, you both have a good day.” Elijah said as they turned to leave.

“Thank you.” Sawyer said.  “Jenson lets go.”


Duke paced inside his bungalow. It had been a week since he fractured his forearm and he was feeling frustrated and out of sorts. It occurred to him to call his brother for a distraction. He picked up the phone and dialed the number. When he heard his brother’s voice answer he blurted out…"Dean, you gotta help me, I'm gonna go stir crazy!"  

"Calm down, Duke.  How long’s it been since you had that run in with the moose?"

"A week!  And they won't let me work!  I can't even patrol because somethin’ 'might come up.  Heck, it 'might' rain but you don't see everyone runnin’ around with umbrellas."

"That makes no sense, Duke."  His brother laughed.

"Maybe not, but I gotta do somethin' or I'm gonna blow a gasket. I went for a walk the other day and came across a small stream that was blocked by a large, rather heavy branch that had fallen and the stream was flooding so I tried to unblock it. My efforts weren’t received very well by my friend Jake when he found me, we were supposed to have dinner together and I was late, so he came lookin’ for me. He took me to see the doc, and he wasn’t very happy with me either. I didn’t do any more harm to my arm though, just a bit of swelling and bruising. Now it seems like I have a watch dog at my every step. The Doc is letting me visit every morning with our newest resident, Jax. He’s a good kid, banged himself up and Doc rescued him and he and James are keepin’ a close eye on him. I don’t mind keepin’ him company, but I have to be allowed to do something other than sitting around!”

"Hey, you don't gotta work, and I have the next three days off.  Why don't you come here?  We can chill out, watch movies, hit a couple of the clubs maybe?  Come on.  I'll pick you up in the mornin’ bright an' early... we can go fishin'."

"Uh, I dunno about the fishin'.  I'm not supposed to do anythin' with my arm in the brace."

"So use your other arm, bro!"  Dean laughed.

"I dunno.  I'll have to ask J... ah, James if I can have the time off."

"You're on paid leave, right?  Injury on the job?  They won't let you work anyway, so why not come and spend the time with me.  It'll go a whole lot faster."  Dean wheedled.

"Yeah.  Yeah I guess.  I'm still gonna ask Jak... James.  You'll need clearance to come onto the property with your truck anyway."

"Well, get me that clearance.  I'll be there tomorrow mornin’, better yet, call him now and ask him if I can pick you up tonight, then we can get an early start on those fish.  Call me back, kay?"

"Kay.  Keep your fingers crossed."  Duke joked.

They hung up and Duke dialed James.

James saw Duke's number pop up on his caller ID and bit back a smile.  He picked up the phone.  

"No Duke, you're injured, so for the last time, you can't work today."

"Actually, I'm callin’ to see if it's all right if my brother comes and picks me up tonight.  He suggested that I might have more fun there and it'll get my mind off not bein' able to work.  I just wanted to make sure it was all right with you if I left for a few of days."

"Well, that sounds like a good idea, actually.   Harry will be here for the weekend shift.  Coral will continue taking your day shifts until you're well enough to return to work.”

"Who's workin’ graveyard?  I forget, when's Ryan getting back?"  He asked, referring to their other part time security guard. 

"Jeff and I are switching off every other night until Ryan gets back from his vacation in a couple of days. Then he’ll take the day shift and Coral will return to his usual night shift. Harry said he’ll fill in wherever he can. He and Brody are going to become permanent residents so he’ll be able to help out Ryan with either the morning or late afternoon/evening shift until it’s time for Coral to come on duty. When you’re back to work fully recovered we’ll split the shifts up among all of you, Ryan probably substituting when one of you is off. Like Harry did. So it’s all sorted out until you get back on your feet.”

Duke laughed.  "Ain't nothin' wrong with my feet.  Or my head.  I could still..."

"No you can't.  Now I don't want to hear another word about it. Understood?" came the stern reply.

Duke's smile turned into a scowl.  He didn't like it, but James was right.  "Yes sir."  He answered.

"Don't forget, now."  James repeated.

"No sir."

"Then have a good time, and don't forget your exercises."

"Yes sir, thank you."

"See you in a few days then."  

"See you."  Duke said just before he broke the connection and began to dial Dean's number.

Before Duke could finish dialing the number, there was a knock at his door.  Duke answered the door only to find Jake there smiling at him.  Jake had made it a habit to check up on Duke a couple of times a day since his injury.  

"So how's the arm, kiddo?"

Duke said, "It's okay."

"So what's on the agenda for today, Duke?  I know you've been bored since your injury."

"Since no one'll let me do anythin’ useful, except to keep Jax company, I called my brother Dean and he said he has the next three days off from work.  He’s gonna come get me and take me to his place so we can do some fi…um, have some fun.  He'll probably come for me tonight and then we can get an early start back to Elmville.”

"We know you, Duke, and we know that if you were to patrol you'd run into that moose again, and you might not be so lucky if you whacked it over the head again."

He smiled at Duke's blush.  For a big, buff marine, Duke was incredibly cute when he blushed.  What made him more attractive was the fact that he was completely unaware of it.

"Anyway, I came to invite you to lunch if you're not busy.  I know we were supposed to meet at the lodge for dinner but I have an errand to run this afternoon so I thought we could do lunch instead."

Duke looked a bit abashed at the mention of the moose.  “Do I look like I’m busy?” the security man asked incredulously as he had been terribly bored the past week.  “I'd like to go to lunch since I ain't got nothin' else to do since James and Heath won't even let me walk the grounds." He pouted. “I need to call Dean first so he can get started.  It’ll take him at least two hours to get here, dependin’ on the traffic.”

"Well, I'm headed to Elmville after lunch, so why don't I just give you that ride?"

Duke smiled. "All right. I'll call Dean and let him know I'm hitchin' a ride and he doesn't need to make that long trip out here."

While Duke made the call, Jake went to pack Duke's duffle bag with enough clothes for three days, then he put the bag in the back of his golf cart before they headed out. They would drive to where the residents parked after lunch and transfer the bag into Jake's truck.


 It was the night before they were leaving and they had their clothes and souvenirs from the resort packed before left for dinner.

The four new friends met up at the lodge and got to know each other by laughing and talking about their jobs and families.  They exchanged emails and snail mail and then said their goodbyes and hoping they meet again this time next year.

Elijah and Zay took their last walk down to the lake talking about their time here at the resort and how their relationship had grown stronger.

“Zay, baby, you don't know how much I love you.” Elijah said as he kissed his lover.  “This time here at the resort gave us time to get to know each other better. 

Zay leaned in Elijah and said “Thank you for this time away.  Hope we can do this again,” then he returned the kiss.”

“Let's go get some sleep or we'll be late catching our flight home tomorrow morning.


"Get in, I'll close the door behind you, big guy."  Jake offered as he held the passenger door open for Duke.

Duke managed to maneuver himself into the passenger seat of the truck.

Jake smiled and closed the door.  He liked being able to do things for this very independent man. Hopefully, soon, his man.  He thought.

Duke frowned as he was unable to fasten his seat belt. "Jake...can you buckle me in?"

Jake reached across the broad shoulders, breathing in Duke's cologne as he did so and resisted the urge to hug him.  He pulled the seatbelt over and locked it securely before putting his own belt on and starting the truck.  "You'll have to give me directions to your brother’s house once we're there."

"I can do that Jake." Duke said.

Jake checked the mirrors and backed out of his spot.  Before they knew it they were on their way.          

Duke glanced over at the other man and said, "It'll be good to be with Dean. We haven't seen each other in a while.  We try to get together every couple of months.  I practically raised him while Mom was out killin’ herself so we have a close bond.”

“What do you mean killing herself?” Jake asked.

“Well, Mom didn’t hanker much to being a parent.  She was wild and just never accepted the responsibility of being a mom.” Duke slowly started to reveal his childhood to the man beside him.   “I never knew my father, the man left before I was born.  I used to hate him for leavin’ but now I can understand that they were cut from the same cloth and it was better for me that he didn’t stick ‘round.”

Jake reached across the top of the seat and squeezed the big man’s shoulder.  “Doesn’t sound like you had much fun as a kid,” he said. 

“I didn’t know there was a better life back then,” Duke shrugged.  “And it wasn’t so bad once Dean was born.  I had someone who loved me and needed me.  Dean never knew his dad either but then again Mom was never sure who he was.  She didn’t really care who took her to bed.  Which will be obvious when you meet Dean.  My dad was white but Dean’s dad was black.”

Jake just shook his head.  He heard the disgust in Duke’s voice as he talked about the woman who had brought him into the world.  

“So I basically raised us while Mom partied herself to death.  She died when I was 14 and Dean was 5.   We lived with our grandparents, Mom’s parents, after that.   They did the best they could to give me and Dean a good home.”

“Why didn’t they take you two sooner?” Jake asked.

“Even though Mom didn’t really want us she didn’t want her parents havin’ us more,” Duke answered.  “Hell, I didn’t even know I had grandparents until I found a picture of them with her as a kid shoved in a drawer a few months before she died.”

“I’m glad to hear that you finally did get the family you and Dean should have had.” Jake said.  “How did you find your grandparents?”

“There was a phone number on the back of the picture.  Written in a different color ink so even at 14 that caught my eye and I took a chance and made the call.  And like they say, the rest is history.” Duke paused and Jake thought he had talked himself out but after a bit he said, “At 14 I was pretty set in my ways so it wasn’t all smooth sailing for me.  I joined the Marines at 17.”

Jake looked sideways at Duke. He was glad that Duke was comfortable enough with him to share his history but he felt as though the man had deliberately evaded the question.  "I'm glad you'll be with your brother, it'll be nice to catch up.  So... what are you two planning while you're there?"

Duke said, "We'll just kick back and do some fun things."

"Fun things, eh?"  Jake asked with a wry smile.  "Just remember what Heath told you.  Don't do anything too strenuous, and keep that brace on.  And the sling." 

Duke nodded, but secretly knew he'd get rid of the irritating things as soon as he could.

Trying to change where the conversation was going Duke asked, “So, why are you going to Elmville?”

"I have twin sisters, Marissa and Marina... well Rina, the younger of the two, moved to the Moosehead Lake area with her husband and they've invited me to their housewarming."

Duke smiled. "That's really nice. I hope she likes it out here."

"It's a nice little house on the lake front. Brick, and wood shingle siding.  She sent me a picture of the outside.  It was originally a vacation rental house, but the owners were elderly and had no kids to pass it down to, so Keller bought the house outright.  She loved it and had to have it.  Keller would do anything for her, so she got the house.  I'm bringing them a case of flavored vodka, but I have to pick it up in Elmville before I head out." Jake explained.  "The liquor store in Elmville is the only place I know to get the brand they like."

"Wow...I bet they will have a lot of fun...especially with waterfront property. They can go boatin' and fishin' and everythin'."

"She's an avid swimmer.  She can just jump into water and swim like a dolphin.  Which is funny because her husband sinks like a stone." Jake laughed.

Duke grinned. "Poor Keller, but I'm glad he got the house for her."

"I've never seen two people more in love.  The sun rises and sets on her, as far as he's concerned.  Too bad he has no clue as to what a spoiled little princess she really is." He joked.

Duke smiled at Jake's description of his sister. Then it suddenly occurred to the security man what Jake had told him about the gift he was going to bring and he said, "Flavored Vodka? I could take a couple of bottles off your hands." He grinned teasingly.

"You, young man, are not supposed to be drinking."  Jake laughed.  "Wait till your arm gets better and I'll treat you to a drink."

Duke said, "I'm not takin' the pain meds all the time now.  A couple of drinks won’t hurt me." he argued sulkily.

"Duke, any meds and alcohol don't go together. If you take them one night then you still can't drink the next day because they'll still be in your system.  So no drinking!  Got it?"  Jake said sternly.  

Duke scowled at Jake’s last comment. "They don't last all day and I won't drink when I take the pills.  Neither me or Dean drink much after seein’ what liquor and drugs did to Mom.”

"Then be safe and don't drink at all.  Your health is more important than a few drinks.  Understand?"  Jake said seriously, thinking it odd that Duke was arguing about mixing drinks and meds so casually after what he'd just revealed about what had happened to his mother.

Duke said stubbornly, "Jake, one or two isn't goin' to hurt me."  He was confused, he didn’t like that Jake was trying to tell him what he should or shouldn’t do but it gave him a safe feeling too.

Smiling to take the sting out of his words, Jake said, “I'll give you a good swat if I find out you've been drinking." 

Duke shook his head. "You can't do that. I'm older than you." He teased back.

"Age is just a number, Duke, my lad,” Jake grinned.

Duke raised an eyebrow. "I suppose to some, but you gotta respect your elders and swattin' them isn't bein' respectful." He teased. "Besides you're my friend and I care about you.  So please, Duke, promise me you'll take care of yourself... or I'll have to."  He growled, a theatrical scowl on his face. "It's because I respect you that I'd have to do it, kiddo.  I can't risk you getting hurt because you didn't think ahead.  And if you have any questions about that then there's a certain moose I'd like to introduce you to.”  Jake laughed.

Duke got a disgruntled look on his face at the mention of the moose once more. "Stupid Moose.” He grumbled irately.

Jake, seeing the other man was becoming a bit annoyed decided to change gears and go to a lighter subject. "Hey, why don't you bring that CD case up from the floor near your feet and pick out some music?"

The security guard bent and grabbed the case with his left hand and set it between them so Jake could help him open the box.

"How's about some Don Williams?"  Jake asked

Duke nodded his assent and they drove a while in silence and then began singing to I Believe in You.  Jake noticed that little by little Duke became quiet and thoughtful. During the song Some Broken Hearts Never Mend, the security guard had drifted off to sleep.  Jake smiled fondly at the other man's face, the longish blonde hair falling over one cheek. Taking advantage of his friend in his sleep, Jake brushed the lock of hair off of Duke's face and ran his thumb along the man's cheekbone.

Duke sighed in his sleep and relaxed.


Nearly an hour later, the two men arrived in Elmville.

"Hey, big guy,” Jake said, patting Duke gently on the shoulder until the taller man woke up.

"Huh?  Wha...?"

"We're here.  Just give me directions from here and we're all set."

"Oh, ok.  Sorry I dozed off."

"No worries my friend.  Just get me there in one piece and it's all good."

Finally they arrived at Dean's house.  It was a nice, cozy looking place nestled in a grove of birch trees across from a small lake.  Jake laughed when he saw the wooden sign outside on the lawn that read 'Welcome to the Cracker Box Palace'.

Dean was on the front porch, smiling and waving at the two men as they got out of Jake's truck and Jake unloaded Duke's duffle bag.

"Hey!  Duke!  How are you?" The man grinned, giving his older brother a gentle pat on his good shoulder.

"I'm fine.  It's good to see you.  This is Jake, by the way."

Jake stepped forward to shake Dean's hand.  "Nice to meet you, Jake."

Jake smiled up at the man, who was nearly as tall as Duke.  He was in good shape, from what Jake could see.  He had short dark hair but he had the same grey eyes as his brother which twinkled with good humor.  "Pleasure to finally meet you, Dean.  Duke told me all about you."

"Nothin' good, I hope."  Dean joked.  "So would you like to come in for a little while?"  He asked, gesturing toward the door.

"I can't, I'm afraid.  I have an errand to run before I head off to my sister's new house.  But thanks for the offer."

"Well, it was good to meet you.  I hope you'll come again some time."  Dean said as he took the bag from Jake.

"I will," Jake promised, "Now that I know where you live.  Goodbye guys.  And Duke, remember what I said.  I meant it."  Jake winked.

Duke resisted the urge to stick his tongue out at Jake but grinned instead.  "Yeah, yeah.  Like I said, there's nothin' wrong with my head."

"It's not your head I'm worried about, kiddo,” Jake said with a smile.  "Have a good time." 

‘Oh, I will.’ Duke thought as he waved to his friend who got into his truck and headed off to town.

"Come on, I have dinner waitin' for you."  Dean said, leading the way to the door.

"Just as long as it's not liver."  Duke grimaced, wrinkling his nose.


  1. Just wanted to send you guys a quick comment. I absolutely adore this story. It is so fun to read. My fav I think is Heath but Bo is advancing steadily.
    Thanks for sharing your work.
    (or Winchestergirl in the FCR Forum)

  2. Thanks Jessica, We're happy you are liking our guys. It's a fun series to write.
    We do have a few more chapters written.


  3. Awesome can't wait!