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Friday, November 6, 2015

TLR Chapter 37

Jenson looked at the clock beside him.  It was going on four am and he was nervous as heck to see Heath so he leaned over grabbed his boxers slipped them on and went into the kitchen.  He went into the icebox grabbed a gallon of milk then reached for a glass from the clean rack where Jenson had done dish's earlier.  

Sawyer rolled over and found that Jenson wasn't in his usual spot.  Getting out of bed he went in the kitchen to see what his brat was up too.

“Having trouble sleeping babe?”

Looking up from the refrigerator Jenson answered Sawyer in an irritated voice, “Yes I am.  Wouldn't you be to if you had to see doctors all your life? No one can tell me what is wrong with me.  So, yes I'm having trouble sleeping and I'm not going.”

‘Ok’, Sawyer thought to himself, ‘this is going to be one of those days.’  ''Jenson,'' Sawyer said in a clipped tone, “we are going back to see Heath for the follow up and to see what medicines will help. So if you want to stand here and argue we can take care of business right here and you can go to the doctors with a sore behind.” Sawyer asked in a firm voice.  “So what is it going to be?”

Jenson thought about it and answered his top in a calmer voice, “Okay. I'll go. And sorry I came down as being a grouch. Just nervous that's all.”

“Come here babe.” 

Jenson went willing hugging his husband.  All tension left his body and he relaxed in Sawyer's arms.

“Let's go back to bed and sleep a couple hours.”

Setting the alarm for eight Sawyer crawled in bed next to Jenson's cool body and dosed off to peaceful slumber.

The alarm went off at eight. “Up and at ‘em, Jenson.  We need to leave by eight-thirty. Your Heath's first patient.”

“Okay, I'm coming.  Don’t rush me,” Jenson said quite irritated.

Sawyer turned from the closet making his way to the bed where the younger man was sitting.  Grabbing Jenson's arm and turning him sideways he landed a half dozen swats on his backside then plunked him back on the bed.  “Not another word, you hear me?” Sawyer demanded.

“Yes, sir,” Jenson sniffed.

They both ate breakfast in silence then left for the infirmary to get the test results.

Jenson froze once again at the infirmary door.  “Sawyer please let’s leave, I don't want to deal with this.”

“No Jenson, we are going to deal with it.”  Sawyer answered with authority.  “Come on we are going to be late.”

Once they got in the door they found seats near the men's room just in case they need to use it if things got out of hand and sat down.  

“Jenson sit down please and relax. Everything will be ok and I'm here for you all the way.”

Jenson gave Sawyer ‘a who are you kidding’ look but sat down and ripped out his phone from his pocket then started playing the new Star Wars app he download the other day.

“Babe,” Sawyer said quietly, “Do we need to visit the bathroom to remind you of your attitude?”

Jenson was about to answer when they both were called in.

Jenson and Sawyer sat in one of the rooms and waited for Heath let Jenson know about his labs.


James helped Jax onto his chair at the breakfast table and smiled. "So today is the big get to see if Heath will take your wrist brace off and perhaps allow you to use crutches a bit more."

"It's about time." Jaxon groused.  "I feel like a prisoner in all these splints and braces."

James arched an eyebrow. "I can always suggest he keep them all on until everything is completely healed and keep you confined to the house and your chair." James countered sternly.

Jax snapped his head up to look at James.  He took in the look on his face and knew enough not to challenge him.  "Um, no that's ok.  Sorry."

James nodded. "That's better. Heath and I only have your best interests at heart Jax. We realize this has not been easy for you, but once you're healed then you will be able to resume a more normal lifestyle and that will suit all of us." He gave the young man a smile.

Jax smiled too, "I know, James and I really am sorry.  You and Heath have done so much for me.  But I really am hating these braces."

James reached out and tousled Jax's hair affectionately. "I understand, but it won't be too much longer." James turned and went to the stove, took the bacon off the heat and quickly scrambled some eggs while the bacon drained on some paper towels. Once the eggs were scrambled he divided up the bacon and eggs and buttered the toast that had just popped up and placed Jax's breakfast in front of him. "Here you go hon. Eat up."

"Do you really think Heath will let me use the crutches?" Jax asked and he shoveled a heaping forkful of eggs in to his mouth.  He grabbed his glass of juice to wash it down.  "These are great, James."

James smiled as he watched Jax eat. "Thanks. A man on his own has to learn to cook at some point or starve." He joked. "I'm pretty sure he will, but I'm not the doctor Jax, Heath is and the final decision will be his."

"OK, I guess I can wait till we get there and find out."  Jax bit off a mouthful of bacon. 

James smiled and dug into his own breakfast. Once he had finished he waited for Jax so he could clear the table.

Jax slid his plate to James grabbing the last bite of bacon as he did.  "I can't wait to hold hands with both of you at the same time," Jax blushed.

James grinned as he removed the plate and said, "It will be a milestone for all three of us because we'd like to do that too." He replied. James cleaned everything up and when the kitchen was neat he scooped Jax up from his chair and cradled him in his arms for a moment like a small child and grinned down at him.

Tilting his head back the younger man looked up at James with love in his eyes and licked his lips.

James swooped down, unable to resist the invitation and kissed Jax gently.

Jax pushed back and returned the kiss.  He couldn't believe that he had one lover let alone two.  That he belonged to James and Heath was mind blowing.

James released Jax's mouth and said, love shining in his eyes, "I'd like to do this all day hon, but Heath might come looking for us and then get jealous that we didn't invite him too." He teased, easing Jax carefully into his wheelchair.

Jax blushed bright red at James's words.  He never wanted either man to be jealous.  "Um, ok, I wouldn't want that to happen."

James chuckled and said, "Not to worry Jax. Neither of us would ever really be jealous, we both love you and each other." He wheeled Jax out of the house and over to the infirmary.

His stomach was fighting with his head worrying that Heath wouldn't let him use the crutches by the time James wheeled him up the ramp and into the infirmary.  Heath was waiting for them in one of the examination rooms. 

"Well, it's about time you got here,” the doctor said.  "I was about to come looking for you."

Jax looked at James and blushed again.

James grinned, "We had a little together time before we left." He teased Heath.

"Oh, you did?" Heath teased back.  "Well, I guess I better catch up then," he said and leaned down to place a firm kiss on his boy's lips.

James laughed. "Well enough of that or we'll never get to the real reason for us being here."

Heath added one small peck and then pulled away.  "The big guy's right Jax." Heath said.  "Let's see your arm."

Before the words were out of the doc's mouth Jax had the splint off and his arm in front of Heath.

James smiled at his boy's impatience. "Jax is anxious to have it off and use the crutches." James informed Heath.

Heath laughed. "I can see that and I don't blame him." Heath agreed.  "How does that feel, Hon." he asked manipulating Jax's wrist.

James watched both Jax's reaction and Heath closely.

“Well, it's a little sore but don't you think that can be from me not using it," the young man answered nervously.

"Yes, I'm sure that's the reason.  It does feel good though," The doctor said.  "I think, if you're careful, you can go without the splint."

"Yes!!!" Jax practically yelled as he pumped the air.
James chuckled and looked at Heath. "Please tell us what being careful means Heath."

“Oh man, can't I just have a moment here guys," Jax demanded. "Before you tell me the rules."

James looked at Heath. "I'm sorry Jax; I didn't mean to pour cold water on your excitement babe." He said softly.

"It's ok, James, I'm sorry too." Jax said.  "So what does being careful mean, Doc?"

James sighed inwardly. He was already making mistakes as Jax’s top. He looked at Heath again as Jax asked the question.

"OK, Jax, first no horsing around.  Because even though your wrist is better your leg isn't." Heath firmly said.  "Just use your common sense and be careful." 

James listened as Heath told Jaxon what he expected the boy to do.

Heath walked past James and rubbed his arm in support.  "Jax, I want you to strengthen your wrist by squeezing this ball," he said and tossed a squishy rubber ball to him. 

Jax caught the ball in his right hand and smiled at both men. 

James smiled at Heath as he touched him and said, "That looks like it could be fun." As Heath tossed the ball to Jax. 

"Doc, do you think I can use crutches now?"

"I think you can use the crutches, Jax, but only if James or I'm with you.  Understand?"

Jax dropped his head, "Yeah, I understand." 

James put a hand on Jax's shoulder. "At least you can use the crutches and as you get stronger you'll be able to do more." James reassured, trying to help Jax with the disappointment he was feeling.

"James is right hon; you need to give your leg time to heal more." Heath explained.

"Putting weight on your leg will help but if you fall again we could be back to the beginning.  I know you want to be able to walk and run and do everything you did before but you have to give it time."

"I know, Heath, and I'll try to remember to go slow." Jax agreed.

James smiled and ruffled Jax's hair. "That's our boy."

Jax smiled too but Heath could still see the disappointment in his eyes.

James said, "I know you're disappointed Jax, but everything will come together with time. It's really hard to wait for things."

Heath handed Jax a bottle of cold water.  "We'll practice with the crutches tonight, Jax.  Before you know it you won't need the brace."

"It's ok, guys.  I know I can't force it,” the young man said.  “I’m used to doing without."

James put his arms around Jax. "You won't have to do without any longer Jax, Heath and I will make sure you have everything it's within our power to grant you as long as it's in your best interest to do so. You do know I helped Mutt to go to school...I can do that and more for you."

Tears formed in Jax's eyes, "I can't ask you to do that, James."

James wiped the tears with his thumbs. "You don't need to ask, I'm offering."

Jax wrapped his arms around James and held on tight. 

Heath came over and rubbed Jax's shoulders and kiss the big man in front of him.  "I think you can take our boy home now, JW."

James returned Heath's kiss and said, "All right Doc."  

Jax took hold of James’s hand then reached for Heath’s hand with his other hand. “Perfect.” He smiled.

James remembered what Jax had said earlier and smiled back at him, “Jax said he couldn’t wait till he could hold both our hands at the same time.” He explained to Heath.

Heath squeezed Jax hand but knew if he spoke his voice would crack.

Seeing Heath’s emotions James grinned but asked, "Shall I take the crutches home with us now or will you bring them later?"

"You can take them and I'll bring a walker for him to use in the house," Heath said.  "And before you say anything, little boy, the walker is safer for you to use than the crutches."

"OK, Doc," Jax laughed. 

James nodded. "All right. I'll take the crutches and you bring the walker later. Maybe you should bring the fancy one with wheels and a seat." He teased.

“Jaaammmmeeeesss," Jax whined then laughed with his older partner.

James laughed and said, "Let's go little boy." He took the crutches from Heath and handed them to their boy and wheeled him back out the door and down the ramp.

As they rolled down the path Mutt ran up to them, "Hey great! I see you got your crutches, Jax."

"Yeah, pretty neat huh."

James said, "Yes, but he still needs to be careful and Heath will be bringing up a walker for him later because it will be safer for a while than the crutches."

"Yeah, and I can't use the crutches unless James or Heath are there."  Jax twisted around to look at James.  "What about the walker, James?  Do you have to be there for me to use it too?"

James said, "I'm not sure about that Jax. Heath didn't say, so I'm not going to say one-way or the other until I talk to him. I'm glad you remembered the rules about using the crutches though."

"Thanks," Jax smiled.  "I'll remember them."

Mutt smiled too.  "Well, I better get back to work.  See you soon Jax.” He said as he headed back to his office.

James smiled. "Take care Mutt and tell Jeff I said hello." He turned to Jax, "I'm glad you'll remember and go by the rules."

"I will, James, I promise.  I don't want to take a chance on hurting my leg again." Jax said then promptly yawned.

James smiled. "Good. Looks like someone needs a nap though." He wheeled Jaxon up to the house.

"Well, maybe just a little one, but I'm not really sleepy."

James smiled, knowing better. "All right, a little nap then." He wheeled Jaxon into the house and helped him onto the bed. He laid down beside him and yawned. "Mind if I share?" He asked with a wink.

Jax giggled, "No, I don't mind," he said moving closer to James.

James grinned and put an arm around Jax holding him close. "Close your eyes little boy and go to sleep."


When Heath came home the house was quiet, too quiet.  He walked to the bed room and smiled at the scene before him.  Both his partners were snuggled together sound asleep.

James stirred, even in sleep knowing someone was staring at him and without disturbing Jax smiled at Heath. "Hello." He said quietly so as to not wake Jax.

"Hello, yourself," Heath answered.  "I'd join you but I don't want to wake Jax."

James eased away and off the bed. "Too bad, we would have welcomed you."  He said kissing Heath full on the mouth. "I've missed you...we've missed you.”

Heath returned the kiss and pulled James into the living room and up the stairs to what would become their bedroom when Jax could navigate the stairs.  “I don’t have much time, Hon.  Ryan’s due at the infirmary about two.”

James went with Heath with no protest and an eagerness of a younger man.


"Come on, Ry!" Coral called from the kitchen.  "Finish up what you're doing, we have your appointment with Heath in about twenty minutes. You do want to go back to work, don't you?"

Ryan sighed. "Yeah, but I wish I didn't have to see Heath. I've been fine for days now." He pouted.

"He needs to give the ok before you can return to active duty, Sunshine." Coral smiled reassuringly.  "And don’t you remember that it was just two days ago that you snuck out to the bar? I'm sure he's going to be putting some rules in place for you, but nothing you can't manage."

Ryan frowned. "What kinda rules? Ain't I got enough of 'em already?" He continued to pout.

Coral pulled Ryan into a hug and rubbed his back.  "I'm not sure what he's going to say, but whatever he says, you do. Got it?"

Ryan snuggled into the hug. "I guess so, if I don't like 'em can we talk about 'em then?"

"That's between you and Heath.  Medical orders take precedence over mine in this matter.  So, are you ready to roll?"

Ryan sighed. "Yeah...let's get it over with." He told Coral.

The two men went outside, got into Coral's golf cart and headed over to the infirmary where they were to meet Heath.  "Come on in, little boy," Coral smiled.

Ryan nodded. "I know." He followed Coral into the infirmary.

Heath heard the two men at the front counter and looked over at James, "Here we go," He laughed.

Once inside they saw not only Heath but James as well.  Coral wasn't surprised in the least but Ryan didn't look very happy.

James glanced at Heath and said, "Hello Coral.  Ryan, you're looking a whole lot better and I'm hoping Heath clears you so you can go back to work and I can go back to sleeping." He teased gently.
Ryan relaxed at James's friendly banter.

"Come on back guys and I'll get started." Heath said.

"Good morning, Heath, James." Coral returned the greeting as he followed the two other men into one of the examination rooms. 

He said, "I'm lookin' forward to goin' back to work too. I'm tired of doin' laundry and house cleanin' chores."

James chuckled and grinned at Heath as he walked back with the others.

Coral, James and Heath all laughed, and Coral wrapped his arms around the young man.  "You're still going to have to do chores at the house, Ry.  Same as me."

"Have a seat on the exam table, Ry."

Ryan did as he was asked

"Take off your shirt please," Heath instructed.

Ryan looked at the doctor.  "Why do I need to take my shirt off? I'm not sick."

Coral started to say something but Heath waved him off.  "I need to check your vitals, Ry.  I do it with all my patients."

Seeing that Ryan was nervous Heath turned to his lover.  "JW, why don't you and Coral wait for us in my office?  We won't be long."

James nodded "Come with me Coral. We'll hit the coffee pot."

Coral glanced at Ryan to give him a reassuring look and started to follow James to the office.  He really needed a good cup of coffee.

Ryan squirmed. "Coral...please don't leave." He asked softly.

Coral walked back over to Ryan and gave him a hug.  "It'll be all right.  This will be over soon and we can go home." He said before he turned and followed James out of the office.

Ryan gave a disappointed look as he saw Coral disappear into the office with James.

"Ry, we'll be done in no time," Heath said.  "Then we'll go to the office too."

After the two tops left Heath followed his normal checkup routine.  "How are you feeling, Ry?"

Ryan looked at Heath. Even though the exam table was padded it felt hard to his still sensitive bottom and shifted a bit uncomfortably. "'Kay." He said quietly. "I feel okay for the most part."

From the way Ryan was setting he knew that Ry more than likely been spanked but didn't say anything about it.  "Have you been sick to your stomach or dizzy lately?"

"No, I haven't, not since the first days when you gave me those silver things." He told Heath.

"What about any cravings?" 

“Yeah, I've had some cravings."

"Good, but if it does happen I want you to tell Coral or me right away," the doctor instructed.

"Umm why should I tell you guys right away if I feel sick or dizzy?” Ryan said blushing and squirming a bit.

"One, because I can help you if you are experiencing those symptoms and two, so you don't get dehydrated."  Heath explained.  "The cravings are normal, Ry.  And I can help you with them too if they get too bad."

Ryan nodded his head in understanding. "What can you do about the cravings? Spank me too?" He asked with a scowl.

Heath tried not to laugh at the look on Ryan's face.  "No, Ryan, I can help in other ways."  The doctor said.  "Get your shirt back on and we'll go to my office."

Ryan put his shirt back on and slid off the exam table wincing as he did and walked with Heath to his office.

James smiled at the two as they entered the office. "All finished?"

Coral put his cup of coffee aside and went to embrace Ryan who looked miserable.

"I'm happy to report this young man is healthy as a horse and is cleared for regular duty." Heath announced.

Ryan snuggled into Coral's arms.

Coral smiled and hugged Ryan tighter, clapping him on the back in congratulations.

“I think you were working part time, right Ry?" Heath asked.

Coral looked down into the green eyes and gave his boy a look that said 'I have no idea why he’s asking.'

Ryan nodded. "I am part time security and I work my own shootin' range when I'm not workin' here." He explained.

James nodded. "Yes, I'm aware of that."

Heath continued, "I heard you have someone covering the range for you so do you think you would be able to work days for a while?"

Coral, still with an arm around Ryan, guided him over to Heath's couch and pulled the young man down beside him.

Ryan looked at Coral. "I suppose I could if I have too."

"Ryan, do you still want to work nights?" Coral asked.

Ryan nodded. "Yes, I like working the graveyard shift."

James listened as Heath and Coral and Ryan discussed things.

Coral wondered if he was going to be going back to night shifts or if he was going to continue on as second in command until Duke was better.

James thought about things and asked, "Ryan, would you like to work full time if someone's watching the shooting range?"

Ryan bit his lip. "I can try it. Coral's got someone reliable to look out for things there right now."

James nodded. "I think being here full time would be best for a while since most of your drinking was done with your friends and alone at the shooting range."

Ryan frowned. "I don't want to give it up altogether. I'd need to work there on my days off."

James looked at Coral and Heath at Ryan's request.

"I see no reason why he can’t do both, James," Heath said.

Coral raised his eyebrows but agreed as well.  "Whatever Doc thinks is best." he said.

James looked at Coral. "What do you think Coral, would that be a lot for Ryan to be doing or would that be all right? Would there be someone there to help?"

Ryan frowned. "I can handle things by myself. I always have."

"Of course you can," Coral said quietly.  "Just be sure to utilize Aaron, keep him in the know so that he can take care of the place and run things when you're not there."

James nodded, “You still can have your regular days off, Ryan.  You'll need to be at the range on the weekends."

"So would you agree to more hours?" James asked.  "Because if you will I have a task for you."

Ryan looked at James, "What kind of task?” he asked and looked curiously at James to see what he had in mind.

"Heath released Duke to light duty.  He will be starting back to work on Monday, same as you." James explained.  "But as you know Duke isn't one to keep to light duty, so I was wondering if you would work with him and help him if he needs it."

Ryan nodded. "You want me to keep Duke out of trouble for once instead of him doin' it to me." He grinned. "Turnin' the tables so to speak."

"You would be doing us a big favor, Ry.”  Heath added.

James smiled and nodded. "Yes, we all know how gung ho Duke is about his work, but his arm isn't completely healed yet and I know he'll be trying to do things he shouldn't quite yet." He glanced at Heath for confirmation.

"We are going to have him working in the office too but he will get bored with that so getting out in the field with you should keep him happy." Heath chuckled, "And a happy Duke is a fun Duke."

James nodded. "Yes, an unhappy Duke is not a fun Duke."

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, I know all about that." He cringed remembering the other night when Duke had caught him drinking.

"So what do you think?  Will that work for you, Ry?" The doctor asked. 

Ryan said, "It works for me right now, just as long as I can still work at the shootin' range."

"Will that work out for you too Coral?”

"Well, I'm sure you've thought this out and your plan seems to work.  Does that mean that I'll be working mostly days then?"

“What days are the range open Ryan?” James asked thoughtfully.

“I keep ‘er closed Sunday to Wednesday. But we do certifications on Wednesdays.” Ryan answered.

“So you would need to be there Saturdays for sure and possibly Wednesdays?”

“If Arron stays on he can certify also, as can I,” Coral interjected.  “So between the three of us I think we have that covered.

“Yeah,” Ryan yawned, “But I would need to be there Saturdays.  It’s our busiest day.”

“Ok, I need to talk to Duke and you too Coral but I think we can schedule Ryan to work 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and Duke to work 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.  That will put Duke full time but with Ryan watching him for us I think it will work out and keep him for being bored.” James reasoned.  “If that’s ok with you Heath?

“Yes, I think that will work, JW.”  Heath answered.

”And then you can work 12 noon to 9 p.m., Coral.” James said to all the men in the office.

“That should work, James,” Coral agreed.  “And that will give us some time to um, talk before I have to go to work.”

It was hard to tell but Heath thought he saw Coral blush.  He knew Ryan was blushing.

“And you will have Saturday and Sunday as your days off, both of you.” James seemed to order them.

“Yes, sir,” both men said together.

“So how will the rest of the schedule work, James?”  Coral asked.  “Do we have enough coverage with both of us off on the weekend?”

“We’ll have to talk it over with Duke and Jeff but with both Martin and Greg back to work I’m sure it’s doable.” the resort owner confirmed.  “And Jeff and I are always available to cover shifts when needed.”

James was quiet for a minute then said, “Heath, originally we discussed Duke having Saturday and Sunday off so his days off would be the same as Ryan’s.  That might work for Sunday but we are going to need him on Saturday so either Jeff or I will ride with Duke the next couple of Saturday or Sundays unless you think he will be ok by his self.”

“Well, let’s see how he does for a few days,” Heath said.  “I think he won’t be risking his freedom and I doubt he wants to cross you or Jake again.”

“What days off will he have then?” Coral asked.

“I think it’s best if he has Wednesday and Thursdays off, the same as Jake,” James answered.  “Which will leave Ryan alone for most of his shift those two days.”

Coral felt Ryan tense up.  “You’ll do fine, little boy, just remember what we talked about and call me if you need too.” He said dropping a kiss on the top on Ryan’s head.  “And I can ride with you for a few hours after my shift ends.”

“Ok, now that that’s settled let’s go over to the lodge and get some lunch.” James announced.  “I’ll even buy,” he laughed.  “If we hurry we can beat the lunch crowd.”

Laughing Heath stood up. “Let me close up here and go get Jax and I’ll meet you there.” He agreed.  “I’ll sure he’d love to get out of the house for a while.”

James dropped a kiss on his lover’s mouth as Heath passed him then turned to the others. “Let’s get going before the mad rush starts.”

Coral stood and pulled Ryan up and into his arms gently kissing him.  “You heard the man, Hon, let’s get going,” he laughed.

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