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Friday, November 6, 2015

TLR Chapter 42b

Day of Jaxon’s Birthday Party Part 2
Friday June 27th

James, Heath and Jaxon arrived back home a little before four that Friday afternoon, transferred everything into the back of the golf cart with Jaxon and headed toward the house, being careful to approach it so that Jaxon couldn't see the back yard.

James, seeing the look of fatigue on Jaxon's face and worried that the boy would be too tired to enjoy the party set up for him, settled Jaxon into the recliner with his leg elevated and a cool drink on the table beside him before disappearing with the bags into the bedroom.  Heath took the bag of clothes, removed the tags and put them into the washing machine so that they'd be fresh for the next day.

James, while Heath and Jaxon had been busy buying candy, had stopped at a stationery store to pick up wrapping paper and a card, and was quickly and efficiently wrapping the laptop, anticipating the look on Jaxon's face when he opened it.

Jaxon felt as though he'd just closed his eyes when James woke him gently.  "How are you feeling?"

"Just a little tired, but good.  In fact, I haven't felt this good in a long time."  He smiled.

"Good.  Then if you're up to it we have another surprise for you."

"Guys, you've done so much for me already.  I really don't deserve..."

"Stop that thought right there," James said, "Or you'll get your birthday whacks early."

"Birth... what day... oh man!  It is my birthday!" Jaxon smiled.

"Yep, and we're having a cook out, so let's head outside and get the grill started."  Said Heath, smiling fit to burst.

Jaxon's stomach rumbled again.  He was definitely hungry and felt he could eat a horse by this time.  He stood up carefully, settled himself on his crutches and followed the other two men out into the back yard.

"Surprise!  Happy Birthday!" yelled the people who had been gathered in the back yard, waiting eagerly for Jaxon's arrival.

Jaxon was stunned at first, then he felt tears of happiness threatening to fall.  He blinked several times, shaking his head and looked around at the happy, expectant faces before him.  Nearly everyone he'd ever met was there.  Two tables were laden with food, paper plates, cups and utensils as well as jugs of iced lemonade and fruit punch.  Another table was covered with wrapped presents as well as a basket of cards. Yet another had two stereos and stacks of CDs, behind which stood a smiling Torren who promptly put on the Beatles Birthday Song.  Some people grimaced and others clapped as the strong sounds came from the speakers.

Several coolers were nearby, containing more drinks and ice.  More picnic tables and chairs had been set up beneath an awning, to accommodate the guests.  He nearly cried again as he took in the streamers, the banner wishing him a happy birthday, the balloons, and the lanterns which were already glowing dimly.

Mutt approached him and placed a handmade crown on Jaxon's head.  It had been made of sturdy cardboard, spray painted gold and was studded with glass 'gems'.

"Happy 21st birthday, Jax."  He said happily, giving the younger man a careful hug so as not to cause Jaxon to lose his balance.  He then led Jaxon to the lounge chair, which was also decorated with balloons, and made his friend comfortable on it before everyone clapped.

"Speech!  Speech!"  Someone yelled.

Voice quavering somewhat, Jaxon smiled.  "I'm beyond words right now, guys.  I'm... I'm touched and grateful for everything you've done for me, and I'm thrilled that so many of you are here to celebrate with me.  Thank you."

After the applause died down, people came up in small groups to wish him a happy birthday.  Jaxon felt completely at home here.  He knew everyone, and they knew him.  He was overwhelmed with a feeling of family that he hadn't experienced since he'd lived with his father, and felt tears trying to escape once again.

He laughed when James came up to him with a bottle of beer and a wine cooler.  "Here you go, birthday boy. Choose."

Jaxon chose the wine cooler, twisted off the top and took a tentative sip.  The taste was strange but not bad and he took another sip.  “Thanks James," He said, smiling broadly.

"First rule, young man.  Always drink responsibly.  Don't drink more than one and don't mix different drinks or you'll get more than a sick stomach."  He warned.

"Yes, sir." Jaxon replied before taking another sip of the beverage.  His father had always told him the same thing, and had made a pact with him that he wouldn't drink before he was legal.  While he'd been tempted at times, he'd kept his word.

Heath walked up with a plate laden with food in one hand, and utensils and napkins in the other.  "I picked out a few of your favorites. When you finish this let me know and I'll get you more."

Jaxon felt a little guilty.  James and Heath had done so much for him today, and now they were still waiting on him.  He vowed that he would be every bit as considerate of his men as they were of him.

Before he had a chance to say anything to them, Mutt charged up with a plate of his own and plunked himself down in the chair beside Jaxon.

"Happy Birthday, Jax!" He said, clapping his friend on the shoulder.

"This is too much, Mutt." Jax replied, trying once again not to cry.

"No more than you deserve, Jax." Mutt smiled.

Just then Torren came up with a plate in his hands.  "I'm acting DJ today," He said with a smile, “Happy Birthday Big J! So I wanna start the party off right and play your favorite song or CD.  We have just about everything and what I don't have on CD I can call up on my phone.  So, wadda ya wanna hear?" He asked with a wide grin.

Jaxon didn't know whether to laugh or cry again.  This was the most that Torren had ever said to him and he'd begun to think the man didn't like him.

"I'd like to hear something by Miley Cyrus, if that's all right?"  Jax replied.

"You got it! The sky's the limit today." Torren said, turning with military precision and heading toward the table with the stereo and the CDs on it.

He put his plate down and then spoke into the nearby mic.  "Everyone, this is in honor of our birthday boy. Please feel free to come up with your own requests and write them on this paper here." He said, lifting the paper in question and putting it back down within reach where everyone could see it.

He set up the CD player and in seconds, the sound of Party in the USA blasted out, causing some of the party goers to nearly drop their plates.  Eric quietly walked up to Torren and whispered in his ear, or rather, tried to whisper, "Lower it some, honey.  You're going to blast the front row into the next town."

Torren made a silly face and kissed his husband before lowering the volume a few decibels. The people in the front nearest the speakers smiled and clapped their appreciation before going back to their meals.  Some people put down their plates to go and write down their requests before going back to their tables to eat and talk to their companions.

Jaxon looked around, shaking his head in amazement.  Then he spotted something and began to giggle.

"What's up, Jax? What's so funny?"  Mutt smiled, confused.

"Look at the balloons."  Jax said, leaning in toward Mutt so that only he could hear.

"Are they deflating?" Mutt asked worriedly.

"No, but I'm thinking someone here will wish they were once the Tops notice."  He laughed.

Mutt frowned and looked closely at the bunches of balloons that he and Adam had blown up.  That's when he noticed the oddly shaped 'balloons' that had been Torren's contribution.  

"Oh, My, God." Mutt said, torn between concern and laughter.  Within the bunches of balloons were teal, blue, yellow, pink and purple colored condoms that nearly blended in with the others.

"You didn't do that?" Jaxon asked.

"Not me, man." Mutt replied with a grin, "But I know who did, and so will his husband if he sees them."  Mutt chuckled as a thought hit.

"Now you tell me what's so funny?"

"I wonder if Eric sees those, he's going to make Torren suck the helium out of them."  Mutt joked, and Jaxon laughed, nearly choking on a piece of grilled chicken.

"How do you know it was Torren?" 

"It was only me, Ad and Tor blowing up the balloons, and I know I didn't do it."  Mutt looked more closely and smiled.  "He only used twelve, maybe no one else will notice."

"What are you two looking at?" Came a curious voice from behind.

Mutt whirled around and smiled when he saw Adam.  "Thanks for waking me up there, Ad.  You have to see something, but try not to be as obvious as I was."  He said, pulling Adam down so that he could whisper the secret into his best friend's ear.

Adam looked up carefully and scanned the area.  His jaw dropped.  "Holy cow. Torren is going to get his butt toasted if Eric sees those."

"Ok, stop looking before you draw attention to them." Mutt laughed.  "Pull up a chair." He invited.

"Let me get some more food and I'll be right back." Adam said with a smile.  "I can't get enough of the fruit salad."

"Hey, get me a bowl too, before it's all gone, please?" Mutt asked.

"Sure thing.  Jax? Want some?"

"If you can handle three bowls, sure, thanks."

"No problem, I'll be right back."

Still snickering over the condom balloons, the two finished their dinners.  Adam arrived just as Mutt went to throw away the used plates.

Jaxon laughed when he saw the candle sticking out of one of the bowls of fruit salad.  Adam handed it to him and took out a lighter.  "Make a wish."

"Hey, don't start without me!" Mutt called, increasing his pace to join the other two and reclaim his seat.

"A birthday bowl of fruit salad?"  Jaxon asked with a smile.

"It's a tradition." Adam explained.  "We always celebrate someone's 21st birthday with something odd.  On Mutt's 21st we put a candle in a roasted chicken."

"And for Adam's we put a candle on a pizza."

"And for Tor it was a candle in a burrito."  Adam laughed, lighting the candle which cast a golden glow.  "Now make a wish before you end up with waxed fruit."

Jaxon thought.  After today there was nothing he could possibly want, so he made a wish for Heath and James and blew out the candle.

Adam clapped and smiled before digging into his bowl.  Mutt clapped his good hand on Jaxon's shoulder and pulled the younger man into a gentle hug.  "Happy Birthday."

They hadn't realized how dark it had gotten until someone turned on the strings of lights.

"All right, birthday boy, time to open presents," James said happily, bringing up the first load of presents, followed closely by Heath and Eric, with more.  Jaxon didn't notice the two large boxes that Heath placed behind the chair he was sitting in.

He opened each box, carefully, stunned, grateful and overwhelmed.  CDs, DVDs, gift certificates, even more clothes, video games and a game system.  Jaxon really wanted to run back into the house and set them up but he knew that James and Heath wouldn't approve.  He'd opened all of the presents, thanking everyone profusely for their kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity. 

Heath pulled out James's carefully wrapped box and placed it on Jaxon's lap.  Curious, Jaxon opened it only to find the first laptop he'd admired, in red, a fantasy video game and a DVD of Jaxon's favorite movie.  Knowing that protests would be inappropriate and might hurt their feelings, Jaxon bit back tears and thanked them, his voice barely audible as he suppressed his emotions.

James and Heath leaned down to hug their boy and kissed him on each cheek. Heath took the computer and placed it on top of all the others that had been carefully piled up.

"We've save the best for last." James said, a proud smile on his face.  "Mutt, if you would?"

Mutt picked up the last box and placed it on Jaxon's lap as well.  Jaxon wondered what could be in such a large box.  It had been wrapped carefully so that the top would come off without having to rip the paper.  He opened the box, pushed aside the mounds of gift paper and found a festive looking paper bag.  Shaking the bag experimentally he frowned and opened it.  He began to pour out the contents of the bag out into his hand, and gaped when he saw the first chess piece tumble out.  He looked at Mutt, amazement clear on his face.

"Where did you get these?" He asked softly.

"When I went to Elmville.  There's more inside." Mutt said, hoping that Jaxon would like what he'd done, and fearing at the same time that the younger man would resent him messing around with something so personal.

Jaxon unwrapped the rest of the paper and looked down into the box.  Unable to hold them back any longer, the tears ran freely down his cheeks.  He carefully lifted the board out of the box, running his fingers along the carved message from his father from years ago.  'Happy Birthday Jaxon'.  The board was once again in one piece and looked better than new.

"Do you like it?" Mutt asked worriedly.
"I love it. I love it. I love it." was all that Jaxon was able to get out from between his tears.

Wanting to give Jax a moment to recover Heath handed him a tissue and said, “Mutt also made a table for the chess set so we have it in a place of honor in the living room.”

Breaking away from the party, Mutt carried the chess set into the living room while Jax followed on his crutches.  He carefully placed it on the reconditioned table James had given a place of honor close to Jax’s recliner. 

Jax ran his hand over the drawer front feeling the carved scene of the lake with a small loon family swimming along the shoreline. 

Under close supervision Jeff had let Mutt do the carving at the kitchen table using his Dremel Tool so there was no chance of him cutting himself again.   He had even helped him when his boy’s hand grew tired.

“Mutt, my friend, I can’t tell you how much this gift means to me.  Even all the other gifts together will never mean as much.” Jax choked out.  He looked at his friend and saw James and Heath standing across the room. He blushed embarrassed because of all the wonderful gifts they had given him. 

“Jax, what Mutt gave you will help keep the cherished memories of the times you had with your Dad alive.”  Heath softly said as he walked across the room and pulled his boy to him. 

“Mutt has given you a piece of your past, Hon,” James added. “That’s something we couldn’t give you.” He joined his men wrapping them both in his arms while smiling at Mutt.

Fighting back tears unsuccessfully at the praise for giving Jax the perfect gift, Mutt tried to wipe his face before the others could see his tears.  “It…it’s not just about your Dad, J..Jax.” Mutt stammered, “It’s about TLR and James and H…Heath too.”  He picked up the two Kings.  “These are made from branches I collected here at the resort.”  He handed one King to each of the tops.  “And,” he said picking up the Knight that had been the cause of his cut hand, “this K…Knight could remind you of, I guess.  It’s the piece I was working on when I cut my hand.”

“I thought you said you were building a Totem Pole?” Jax laughed pulling away from the comfort his guy’s offered.

Mutt grinned.  “Well, I couldn’t have told you the truth.  It would have spoiled my surprise.”  He clarified as he backed out of the room. He stopped when he came up against a solid wall.  Jeff captured his husband in an all-encompassing hug.  Mutt wiggled around until he was facing his man, tears running down his face.  Jeff picked his lover up.  Looking at the other three men he simply said, “Happy Birthday, Jax.  We are both happy you liked Mutt’s gift.”  He nodded to his brother tops and carried Mutt back out to the party.

“D…did I upset Mutt?” Jax asked confused at his friend’s reaction.

“No, Hon,” Heath answered.  “I’d say you made him very happy.”


Coral and Ryan arrived at the party at four and enjoyed themselves very much. Ryan looked twice at the balloons, but didn't mention to Coral about the blown up condoms. He just grinned and shook his head and hoped James or Heath didn't realize what was going on or Jeff or any of the other men who wouldn't approve of such things. He thought the present he and Coral had paid for was great for Ryan and hoped he'd like it.  The men regretted that they wouldn't be there when Jax opened his presents.

The two security guards wished Jaxon a Happy Birthday and said their goodbyes before returning to their bungalow to pick up their bags for the trip.

 "Go use the bathroom and do whatever else you need to do to get ready for a long trip. We have a fun weekend ahead of us." Coral teased.  "And don't forget your swim trunks."

Ryan pouted a little at Coral's words. "Where are we goin'?"

"It's a surprise. I think you're going to enjoy it. Now get going, and grab a towel while you're at it." Coral laughed, giving Ryan a little swat to get him going.  The hotel they were staying at had a heated, indoor pool which Coral was sure Ryan would love.

Ryan jumped a bit at the swat and went to do as Coral told him, returning with a towel and smiling. "Anythin' else?" He asked.

While Ryan was busy, Coral packed a cooler with sodas and water, as well as some of the apples and other groceries he'd bought.  "Yep, help carry these out and we'll head on our way."

Ryan asked, "You have any goodies packed in there?"

"Oh, a few. Rice cakes. Liver and onion sandwiches with goat cheese... all sorts of good stuff."

Ryan looked horrified. "L-liver..." He looked as though he was going to be sick and turned away from Coral.

Coral laughed and pulled Ryan into a hug. "Ham and cheese sandwiches, macaroni salad, sodas. Don't worry, no liver... can't stand the stuff myself."

Ryan breathed in relief and snuggled into Coral's arms. "Thank you. I don't think I could stand even the thought of it."

Coral gave a mock shudder, "Neither can I. But now I know how to punish you if you drink anything other than soda or water." He teased.

Ryan said, "Only if you want to clean up a mess as I throw up all over the place."

Coral let out a laugh. "Ok, no liver, for either of us. Now, my love, are you ready to go?"

Ryan nodded, picked up his bag and followed Coral out to the golf cart.  His heart beat a little quickly in anticipation and excitement.  One, because he was going on a trip with Coral, something he'd wanted to do for a long time, and two, because he hoped that this weekend was the weekend that he and Coral finally slept together. He was still a virgin and while he talked a good game, he was still nervous.  Coral was so much taller than he was, he wondered how it would work.  He was half afraid that he'd misinterpreted Coral's invitation and that they were only going on a trip and nothing more.

Once in the parking lot they transferred all of their luggage and the cooler into Coral's truck and began their journey. It was going to be a nearly two hour drive to York and Coral had a lot planned for his Angel.

Ryan was excited to be going on a trip with Coral. He wasn't sure just where they were going, but he was sure it would be fun.

"We'll stop and eat late snack along the way, Ry. How does that sound?"

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a malt."

Coral raised his eyebrows. "I packed the cooler for a reason, hon." He said pointedly.  He'd been trying to get Ryan to eat healthier.  “Just watch the exits and see if there are any picnic areas open." he said as he drove along. "Let me know if you see any likely places."

Ryan grinned. "'Kay."

Coral grinned back. He knew just the place off the highway where they could eat and put gas in the truck at the same time. 

Ryan chattered and bounced in his seat as they drove along.  Coral smiled fondly and felt that familiar squeezing in the region of his heart.  He truly loved this young man and found him endlessly fascinating.

Before long Coral turned off the highway toward the rest stop. "We'll have our snack here and continue on. We have a nice long weekend to have fun. And we are going to have a LOT of fun." He said suggestively.

Ryan's smile lit up his green eyes. "'s about time old man." Ryan teased.

"I'll show you who's old, little boy." Coral replied, his eyes twinkling with good humor. "Let's see if we can break another bed." He laughed.

Ryan blushed but laughed heartily. "That one I did all by myself. I hope these are stronger than that."

"I'll see if they have any king sized beds where we're going." He laughed.

Ryan grinned. "Better let me jump on it to test it first." he teased.

"Sounds like a plan. I'm really glad you allowed Aaron to watch the range for the weekend," Coral said with a smile. "We really needed this time together. I love spending time with you. There's never a dull moment."

Ryan smiled. "I'm glad to be spendin' time with you too Coral and it didn't take much to convince Aaron to take over for Friday and Saturday."
Coral pointed to the green grass where there were several picnic tables set up. "There's a picnic table there.  You set up the food and I'll gas up the car and park it, alright?"

Ryan grinned. "All right." 

They sat down at the picnic table that Ryan had set up.  He'd done a great job, setting it to look like one of the tables at the resort restaurant.  All it needed were candles for that romantic ambiance.

"You did a great job hon.  Ready to eat?"

"Yep, I only had a hot dog at Jax's party and I'm pretty hungry right now," He said as he grabbed and unwrapped one of the ham sandwiches and wolfing it down.  Before Coral had even finished his first one, Ryan took another and ate that one as well, along with a serving of macaroni salad and soda, happily topping it off with most of the large bag of bite sized Snicker's bars that Coral had bought.

"Go easy, hon. I really don't want you to get sick in the truck. We have at least another hour to go."

Ryan patted his stomach. "I think I'm full now."

"Full, great... overfull, not so great. Go use the restroom and we'll head out."  Coral said as he finished off the last of his food. He picked up his soda to take with him.

Ryan nodded. "All right." He went to the restroom, used the bathroom, washed his hands and came out. "You gonna use the rest room?" He asked the older man.

"Nah, I figure if the need arises I'd pull over to the side of the road and go in the woods." Coral said seriously.

Ryan frowned. "That's gross."

Coral couldn't help but to laugh. "Yes it is, and yes, I plan to use the restroom. I'll be right back. Stay out of trouble." He mock scolded.

Ryan pouted. "Not much I can get into here."

"I seem to remember a story you told me about some young man getting into trouble at church when he was eleven. If you can get into trouble there, then I have no doubt you could find some here." He teased. He leaned down and kissed the top of the sandy head to take the sting out of his words. "I'll be right back."

Ryan smiled and shook his head as he watched the older man go into the restroom. He wandered over to the video games and pulled a couple of quarters out of his pocket and began to play one of them.

"Hey old man! These games are for kids." Came a voice from behind him.  Ryan turned around and saw three young teenagers scowling at him.

"Yeah, old man," another boy said, “Go get your cane and get outta here.  That's our game."

Ryan scowled at the boys. "Then let this old man show you how it's played!" He began racking up the points expertly.

The three teenagers' eyes widened in shock and awe as Ryan beat one level after another in record time.

"You rock!" The first boy said. "For an old guy, that is." He amended.

When Ryan had reached the top level and got a free game he began to play again, turning and grinning at the teens.

"Aww, come on, grandpa! You made your point. Get off and let us play now." The second boy said angrily.

The third boy shoved Ryan and puffed out his less than impressive chest. "Yeah, get off, grandpa."

Ryan said, "In a minute. I just want you to know this old man isn't a fluke. When I get the next free game you can have it."

"That's really cool of you," The first boy replied.

"No it's not. He could be here forever and mom and dad said we only have a little while to play before we leave."

"Rob, chill out," The older boy said. "This guy isn't half bad."

Ryan shrugged. "Good." He reached the free game once more and stepped aside indicating the first boy could have a turn.

"Thanks Dude, you're not so bad." The first boy said with a smile.

Ryan grinned. "Nope, I'm pretty damned good in fact."

A deeper voice near his ear said, "You're not so bad, are you?"

Ryan turned around to see Coral beside him, smiling.

Coral drew Ryan into a hug. "You handled that well." He whispered. "I thought for sure those three kids were going to cause trouble. Giving them your free game was very... cool." he smiled.

Ryan shrugged. "They're no different than I was at their age."

"Then I'm surprised that you lived to be as old as you are." Coral laughed. "In my neighborhood you'd have got a beat down for holding up someone's game. You're an amazing person, Ryan O'Donnell."

Ryan blushed. "Thanks, and givin' 'em a free game made it good. They didn't have to spend their money and if they're any good they'll keep it goin'."

"Speaking of keeping it going, we're running a little behind. We have to get to the hotel before they give our room away. I know it's off season but we don't want to take any chances." He put an arm around Ryan and led him back to the truck.

Ryan smiled as Coral led him to their truck and said, "Put the pedal to the metal then old man."

"Oh, you're so going to get a lesson in 'Old Man' when we get to the hotel, little boy." Coral laughed as he put the truck in gear and gunned the engine.

An hour later they finally arrived at the hotel and walked into the main office to register. The clerk gave them an odd look but gave them their keys. 

Ryan looked up at Coral and smiled as they walked to their room. 

Coral smiled back. He put their suitcases aside and picked Ryan up. Before he knew it, Ryan was on his back on the bed, which was thankfully soft and bouncy.

Ryan gasped and laughed as his green eyes sparkled up at the dark ones. "That was fun. Do you think the bed will hold or collapse like the one in the store?"

Coral looked into the bright green eyes and grinned. "Ready to put it to the test?" He asked as he flopped down onto the bed beside Ryan. "I promised you a lesson in 'Old Man' when we got here."

Ryan grinned and said, "Hmm...not sure if I want an old man lesson, but wouldn't mind puttin' the bed to the test, but if we break it will we have to pay for it?"

“Let's find out," Coral replied huskily, leaning over to put part of his weight onto the younger man. He hesitated just a moment before leaning in and kissing Ryan, gently at first, and them more demandingly as the young man responded.

Ryan leaned into the kiss and then put his hands on Coral's hard chest and began to slowly unbutton his shirt, his innocent exploring hands tentative as he performed the task.

The older man smiled tenderly. He wasn't so old that he couldn't remember his first time and how scared he'd been. He ran gentle fingers along Ryan's jaw line and captured the supple mouth in another, gentler kiss, moving slightly so that Ryan could get a better grip on the shirt buttons. Just as gently, he began to unbutton and unzip Ryan's jeans.

Ryan stiffened momentarily, but then concentrated on undoing Coral's buttons instead of what Coral was doing to him.

Coral felt Ryan's tension and instead unbuttoned the other man's shirt, allowing them to be skin to skin as he kissed him.

Ryan put his hands on the man's bare chest, feeling the coarse hair there and the tight abs, running his fingers along their ridges.

Coral peeled Ryan out of his shirt, relishing the feel of the smooth skin beneath his somewhat calloused hands. He began to kiss Ryan's cheek and neck, settling on the delicate collar bone for a few moments before going back up to the boy's lips.

Ryan shivered a little and squirmed. He pushed Coral's shirt off and then bit his lip, not quite knowing where to go from there and not yet being quite brave enough to go lower.   He knew he'd been talking a good game and making verbal advances, but now that it came down to it, he wasn't at all sure what he'd been thinking.

Coral drew back and looked Ryan in the eyes, seeing the boy's uncertainty. "We don't have to go any further if you're not comfortable, hon." He said quietly.

Ryan shook his head. "I want to...I'm just not sure how."

"Relax, Angel." Coral whispered as he gently tugged the younger man's jeans and underwear off. He left Ryan lying on the bed as he went to his suitcase and took out a couple of items before joining his young soon to be lover on the bed. He put the items on the bedside table and went back to exploring, and allowing himself to be explored. 

Ryan's green eyes followed Coral around and then he bit his lip as he tentatively began to unbuckle Coral's belt. He stopped and glanced up at the older man.

Coral couldn't help but to smile. He allowed Ryan to unbuckle his belt and slide his jeans and boxers down. He pulled Ryan closer, once again skin to skin.

He ran his hands up and down Ryan's body, carefully avoiding his hardening member. He pulled Ryan closer and ran his palm down the younger man's back, cupping his buttocks.

Ryan began to squirm and gasped a little at what Coral was doing to him, his green eyes luminous in the soft light.

"We can stop any time you want, hon.  Just say the word." Coral whispered.

Ryan shook his head. "I-I d-don't want to stop." He stammered a bit nervously.

Coral continued to caress Ryan's body, and felt the younger man's response despite his nervousness. "We'll go slowly. Just say my name if you want to stop at any point."

Ryan allowed Coral to touch him and caress him as they laid back down on the bed.

Coral went down on Ryan, kissing his way down the other man's chest, down to his hard on where he proceeded to lick and suck gently, keeping his eyes on Ryan for any indication that he wanted to stop.

Ryan's green eyes grew wider and his penis grew harder and harder and he began to squirm.

"Do you want me inside you, Ry?" Coral whispered.

Ryan looked at Coral, bit his lip, he shivered a bit and then gave a quick little nod, "I've never...but I want to know, what it's like." Ryan whispered back.

Coral reached over to the bedside table and took the packaged condom he'd put aside. He tore the wrapper open with his teeth and put the condom on. He then took the tube of lube and rubbed some on his hands and fingers, using them to massage and enter Ryan's body, slowly and gently.

"It's going to hurt a little at first, but before long you'll feel like nothing you've ever felt before." Coral said before slowly entering Ryan with his own hard member. He took his time, probing and thrusting a little at a time.

Ryan at first stiffened at the pain, but took deep breaths and closed his eyes tightly.

"Put your ankles on my shoulders," Coral said, helping the young man do as he'd said. Once that was done he began to thrust a little harder and a little faster until he was completely inside Ryan.

He made sure to keep his weight off of the smaller man, and kept his eyes open for any signs that Ryan was in too much pain or wanted to stop. It became harder and harder to keep his own reactions at bay. 

Ryan wriggled a bit and began to smile as the feelings inside began to build and his own member grew hotter and began to pulse with need.  He gasped in pleasure when Coral hit his sweet spot and ecstasy replaced any discomfort he'd been feeling.

Coral gripped Ryan around the thighs and increased his efforts. He reached down and took Ryan's penis in his still slick fingers and began to stroke in rhythm to his thrusts.

Ryan began to feel the need to thrust, and thrust into Coral's hand at the edge of exploding.

Coral watched as Ryan's hands clutched the pillows beneath his head and as the boy's eyes rolled up in ecstasy and he expertly finished the two of them off.

Coral rolled off of Ryan and pulled the younger man into a hug, Ryan's head on his chest. Coral could feel his own heart racing. He could feel Ryan's heart racing as well against his rib cage where Ryan's chest pressed against his.

Ryan immediately snuggled up to Coral and rested his head on the other man's chest deeply contented. "That was amazin' for an old man." He whispered in a teasing manner.

Coral hugged the young man more tightly and kissed the top of his head. "You are so wonderful. I've dreamed of this for so long. Thank you for letting me be your first."

Ryan's green eyes filled and drops of tears clung to his lashes. "I'm glad you were." He said softly, "I've always wanted you to."

"What do you say we take a shower and go for some dinner? Or would you rather order in?"

Ryan smiled. "Either way, as long as we can be together.”

Coral grinned and took Ryan's hand, helping him up and leading him into the bathroom. They washed beneath the dual shower heads and enjoyed the feel of each other's slick, soapy skin. Coral was surprised to find that Ryan had scratched his shoulders during their lovemaking. He couldn't help but to notice the love bite he'd left on Ryan's collarbone.

"Let's order in. I don't feel like sharing you with anyone right now."

Ryan snuggled close. "'Kay, I'm good with that."

After their shower they dressed in jeans and tee shirts and ordered a large meal which they ate picnic style on the bed, their bare feet touching.

Coral admired the fact that Ryan's feet were so much smaller than his own Sasquatch feet, and he loved the contrast between their skin tones. The one dark and the other fair. He sat back and admired his lover.

Ryan played footsie with Coral with a little boy grin.

"I'm ready for another go 'round." Coral grinned, "How about you?"

The two men grinned at each other and cleared the bed off. They quickly shed their clothing and made slow passionate love. Afterward they snuggled up and slept until the next morning.

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