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Sunday, July 17, 2016

TLR Chapter 77

"Ry. Ry, honey. Time to get up. We have a big day ahead of us. Come on, baby, wake up, sleepy head," Coral said, kissing his boy gently to wake him up.  Castiel gave Coral a look as he purred loudly and snuggled closer to Ryan's neck.

Ryan snuggled closer to Coral's warmth and deeper into the covers.  Castiel snuggled under them with Ryan. "Mmmm...," he replied.

"Come on my little sugar cookie boy," Coral said, nibbling Ryan's ear. "If you keep looking so sweet and sleepy we'll never get to the dinosaur exhibit. You want to ride on that T-Rex, don't you?"  

Castiel put his little nose where Coral was nibbling on Ryan and nipped Coral's ear with his teeth gently.

Ryan stirred and opened one sleepy green eye. "Yeah," he mumbled and laughed to see Castiel nipping at Coral's ear before he worked at extricating himself from the covers.  "So you like chocolate Castiel? I'm not sure it's good for you little kitty."

Coral eased the kitten out of the way and pinned his lover down a moment more and demanded a kiss before letting his Angel up. Ryan sleepily returned the kiss. Coral playfully swatted the naked butt in front of him and laughed when Castiel meowed loudly and swiped at his hand as he smacked Ryan's bottom. Getting out of bed Ryan jumped at the swat and gave Coral a coy look over his shoulder. He then made his way to the bathroom, his eyes still half closed, Castiel close on his heels. Coral watched admiringly as Ryan walked into the bathroom.   Ryan continued on, laughing at his kitten's antics. He used the bathroom and then stepped into the warm shower. He had come in late from his shift that morning and then it had taken him quite a while before he wound down enough to sleep.

Coral got up and went to the bathroom off their kitchen to take a quick shower. He began to make breakfast when he heard a loud thud and a yell from the bathroom in their room.

He turned the heat off under the pan and quickly ran down the hall until he reached the bathroom. "Ry? RY! Are you alright?" he called.

Ryan in his sleepy state had forgotten to put the bath rug on the floor and as he stepped out of the shower he startled as his wet foot landed on his kitten’s tail and the kitten let out a loud screech.  His wet foot slipped on the tiles as he tried to catch himself but tumbled the rest of the way out of the bath tub onto the hard floor face first, stunning himself as he hit hard. He let out a loud yelp of pain. He curled up on his side and clamped his hands to his mouth. As the pain hit him, Ryan moaned. He tasted blood and began to cry.

Castiel tentatively sniffed at Ryan and nudged him curiously.

Seeing his boy lying on the floor moaning Coral rushed to Ryan's side, gently nudging the little fluff ball out of the way so he could feel for broken bones and look for bruising before turning him over onto his back so that he could get a good look at his partner. He was shocked to see blood coming from between Ryan's fingers but he stayed cool.

Ryan moaned again, still crying as Coral turned him.

"Let me see, sweetheart," Coral said softly, grabbing a towel and running it under cold water to wipe up the blood and ease the pain. He gently moved Ryan's hands from in front of his mouth.

Ryan at first shook his head, but keeping his eyes closed he felt Coral move his hands. He could tell they were sticky with blood and he began to shake and moaned, "Noooo."

Coral carefully wiped around Ryan's mouth, and then cleaned his hands. "Open up for me hon; I need to see how bad it is."

Ryan moaned. He shook his head once more.  

Castiel tried once again to cuddle with Ryan, licking and nipping at him for his attention, his fright with his tail being stepped on completely forgotten.

Coral gathered the kitten up as he tried to get Ryan to cooperate. "You just took a fall and you're covered in blood, little boy. Open that mouth now," he ordered sternly.

Ryan, still not letting Coral look inside his mouth began to try to get up.

Coral, if possible even more concerned than he had been, now put Castiel down and picked Ryan up and brought him to the bedroom. He laid the young man down on the bed and did his best to wrap his boy up to keep him warm.

Ryan felt himself being picked up in strong arms and soon felt the softness and warmth of their bed beneath him.

"Keep this cold towel on your mouth. I'm calling Heath."

At Coral's words Ryan shook his head again and managed a, "Noo!"  He felt Coral cover him as he was still shaking.  Castiel jumped up on the bed then walked over Ryan and meowed and then snuggled under the covers up by his neck. Ryan kept the cold towel on his mouth as Coral had told him to do.

Coral quickly dialed Heath's number and told him what had happened.

"Bring him right over. I'll be waiting for you."

"Get up sweetheart; we're going to see Heath. Let's get you dressed and out as quickly as possible. It'll all be alright," he promised.

He went to Ryan's dresser to pull out a tee shirt and other things that Ryan would need and proceeded to dress his boy as gently and as efficiently as he could.  The kitten batted at the clothing and purred and laid on Ryan making dressing him a bit of a challenge. 

Ryan mumbled, "Hur's...don wanna." He tried to push Coral away as he dressed him.

"I don't want to swat you, especially now when you're hurt, but I will if you don't behave and do as I say," Coral said sternly.

Ryan tried to stand after Coral got him dressed.

"Whoa little boy, easy there. You just had a good conk on the head. Let me help you."

Ryan let Coral help him as he swayed a little and kept the cold wet towel against his mouth which still hurt. 

Coral helped Ryan to the kitchen while the kitten scampered ahead of them.  He sat him down and picked up a clean dish towel. He wet it and added a cold pack to it. He took away the wet and now bloody towel he had used in the bathroom. "Here, put this on your chin and mouth until we get to Heath's."  Castiel sat and watched the proceedings, meowing and rubbing up against both Ryan and Coral.

Ryan took it and did as Coral asked because it felt good on his sore mouth.

Coral, worried about the damage that the kitten could do to their furniture and floors if left alone for too long, took the time to place Castiel in his carrier with food and water before he helped the glaring boy up and steered him out the front door to the golf cart he always tried to keep handy for emergencies.  They arrived at Heath's minutes later.

Heath, as usual, was at the door, anxiously waiting for his patient. He immediately pulled Ryan, with Coral close behind, into the first exam room. "Ok Ry, let's see what the situation is," he said quietly.

Ryan shook his head. "Coral fixed it," he mumbled into the dishtowel with the cooling pack in it.  He sat quietly with his hands still covering his mouth, unwilling to let anyone see what had happened.

"Come on now, Ry. We all know you're hurt, and it was a pretty bad fall judging by the amount of blood you left on the bathroom floor," Coral looked at Heath. "He wouldn't let me see the damage, Doc. But he bled a lot."

Heath looked Ryan over quickly. Other than the cloth covering his mouth, he seemed fine.

"There are no bumps or bruising on his head, neck or shoulders, that I can see." He added pointedly to Ryan, "Ry, take that cloth away, now, young man."

Coral sighed. "Ry, come on now. The Doc can't help you if he doesn't know what's wrong. Let me take that cloth and the cold pack. Heath knows what he's doing."

Ryan reluctantly removed the dish cloth to reveal puffed out lips and a bruised chin.

Heath carefully checked Ryan's neck. He gently manipulated the boy's jaw, feeling for any obvious cracks.   "I'd like to get a few x-rays," Heath said.

Ryan winced as he manipulated his neck. The inside of his mouth was cut from his teeth, top lip and bottom lip both and the left front tooth was broken off about halfway up.  Blood was still oozing inside Ryan's mouth.

Heath took some gauze and soaked it in warm water, carefully washing the blood from Ryan's face. "Ry, can you open your mouth for me? As wide as you can."

Ryan did as the doctor asked, reaching for Coral's hand.

Coral sat beside Ryan on the exam table. He held Ryan's questing hand with one of his own and put the other arm around his boy's shoulders.

Ryan relaxed marginally at Coral’s touch.

Heath, as carefully as possible, moved Ryan's lips away from his teeth. It was obvious where the boy's teeth had gone nearly through his lips from the force of the fall. He got a good look at the young man's teeth. He kept his voice neutral when he told the two men what damage he saw.

"This is going to hurt a bit Ry, but it's necessary. I'm going to numb your mouth and lips so I can examine the wounds more carefully. Ok?"

"Why do you need to numb him up, Doc?" Coral asked, taking a page from Heath's book and remaining calm while he spoke.

Ryan gripped Coral's hand more tightly as he heard what Heath said about the damage. His green eyes flicked over to Coral's filled with pain and he gave Heath a slight nod. "No needles," he tried to say.

"I have a mouthwash I can give you, but it might sting until the numbing effect kicks in," Heath warned.

"Doc?" Coral began.

Ryan looked at Coral, He didn't want the needle, but he didn't want to hurt either. He shook his head.

Heath said, “Excuse us a minute, Ry? We’ll be right back. Keep that cold pack on your mouth for now.”  

Ryan nodded and took the cold pack in the dish towel back from Coral and put it on his mouth.

Coral followed Heath outside the office. Far enough away that Ryan wouldn't hear what he had to say but close enough so that they could keep an eye on the boy.

Heath gestured Coral to lean in closer.  

When he did he shared, "The problem is that the broken part of the tooth is still in his lip. I need to get that out. He's going to have to see Doc MacAlroy."

Ryan looked toward the door where Coral and Heath had gone and wondered what was being said.

"I'll get him there, Doc," Coral promised. "Can you put him out or something?

"I don't like to do full anesthesia after a knock to the head, Cor. He's going to either have to use the mouthwash or take the needle. That piece of tooth has to come out and it's going to need a couple of stitches."

Coral saw that Ryan was looking their way so he said," I'll do my best to get him to take one or the other. Thanks, Doc."

Ryan was squirming with anxiety and was beginning to slide off the exam table to get to his feet so he could pace, or at least get closer to hear what was being said.

Heath and Coral walked back into the exam room just in time to stop him.  "Sit. Down. Now," Coral commanded, not looking the least bit happy.

Ryan froze and slid back onto the exam table at Coral's words and tone.

Coral looked at Heath and at a nod from the doctor he bent to be on eye level with Ryan. He held him close. "You're going to have to make the decision, Ry. Either Doc uses a needle to numb your mouth or the mouthwash does it. But it needs to be done, hon. And I'd rather we do this with your cooperation than without."

Ryan's green eyes welled with tears and he said, "Needle."  The young man figured it would hurt, but would be over more quickly than with a mouthwash that would sting and hurt longer.

Coral took the wet dish towel with the cold pack in it, setting it aside and kept Ryan busy while Heath filled a syringe with Novocain.

"Lie back on the table and open your mouth, Ry. And don't squinch up your face like that, hon. It's only a little pinch, here.... and... here," Heath said, getting it done as quickly as he could.

Ryan again squeezed Coral's hand while Heath put the medication into his damaged mouth.

The Novocain worked quickly and soon Ryan was feeling no pain. Heath quickly removed the piece of tooth from the inside of Ryan's lip and deftly stitched it up.

Ryan relaxed as the pain ebbed. He didn't even feel Heath remove the piece of tooth that had been broken off in the tissue of his lower lip or the stiches he placed there.

Coral looked questioningly at Heath who smiled and shook his head no.

Ryan tentatively took his sore tongue which had been bitten at the tip and explored the inside of his mouth. When he came to the spot where his front tooth should have been his green eyes widened. "My toof! I’s half gone!” he cried, his words coming out slurred because of the swelling and numbing. He struggled as he tried to sit up.

"Take it easy, Ry," Heath said, putting his hands on Ryan's shoulders to keep him lying down for the moment. "It's easily fixed. I'm going to call Doctor MacAlroy in town. He does pretty much all of our Dental work for us, and he can make your tooth look brand new. Just stay calm."

Ryan began to cry. "I don wanna be toofless for my party and my weddin'!"

Coral helped Ryan to sit upright and held onto him, rubbing the boy's arms against the sudden chill he seemed to have contracted. Heath took a blanket out of a cabinet and wrapped it around the young man’s shoulders.

"Let's get my x-rays done, Ry, while your mouth is numb. I'll call Mac as soon as I know you're alright otherwise."

Ryan snuggled into the warmth of the blanket. He had a fear of the dentist. He tried not to show it, but couldn't help his shaking. "C-can't we wait?"

"Wait... for the x-rays or the dentist, hon?" Coral asked, confused.

"Duh densis."

Heath said, "The longer you wait to make an appointment with the dentist the more of a chance that you will be minus half a tooth for your party, at least. The sooner we call; the sooner he fixes it. Alright?"

Ryan tried to bite his lip and was surprised when he didn’t feel his teeth and then gave Coral a pleading look. "Will you come wif me? I-I'm..." He didn't want to admit to being afraid.

"I'll be here with you while Heath takes his x-rays, and I'll be with you at Mac's. I've been to him many times, and I can promise that he's a very good man, and great at what he does." He looked at Heath.

Ryan gave a distinctly relieved look at Coral and relaxed. "'Kay, the S-rays don' hur'."

"Neither will Doc Mac. I promise you," Heath said. "Now let's go get those films and I'll call Mac as soon as we're done. He's top notch, Ry, and he's what they call a 'painless dentist'."

Ryan looked at the doctor dubiously. He'd never heard of a painless dentist in his life and it had been a very long time since he'd been to one.

"If you thay tho Doc... I ain't never theen one before."

"He may give you some more Novocain, but you've proven to me that you can handle that just fine. That's as painful as it's going to get. Now let's go. No more stalling." Heath said with a smile. "Coral won't be able to be with you when I take the x-rays but he'll be right outside waiting for you. Alright?"

Ryan nodded and then winced as his head hurt. " 'K."

Coral hugged Ryan as carefully as he could and repeated, "I'll be right outside." He put his arm around Ryan and led him to the room where the x-ray machine was. As promised, he leaned against the wall and listened to the humming of the machine and Heath's quiet orders to Ryan to move or pose as needed.

Once they got into the X-ray room Ryan balked a bit. "Are you thure this ith really nethethary doc? My mout dothn' hur' now."

"It's not your mouth I'm worried about. It's your head, neck and jaw I need to concentrate on before I send you to see Doc Mac. And your mouth is going to hurt again once that Novocain wears off, so you'll want to see him as soon as possible."

Ryan said, "It will? I thought you fithed it wit' da needle!" he accused.

"Novocain is just a temporary numbing agent, Ry. Haven't you ever had it before? When is the last time you saw a dentist?"

Ryan shook his head at the Doctor's question about the Novocain and then shrugged. "Prob'ly when I wath a kid and bi' the denthih' finger cauthe it hur' so bad."

Heath laughed at himself. If he weren't so worried, he could swear an oath that there was nothing wrong with Ryan's jaw. No one with an injured jaw could argue that much. "One more x-ray, Ry. Turn your head to the left as much as you can without straining."

He snapped the picture and helped Ryan up. "These will be up in just a minute."

Ryan did as Heath asked taking the last of the X-rays and went to Coral as soon as he saw him.  Too tired and sore to speak, Ryan merely snuggled up to Coral, allowing the larger man to wrap him in a reassuring hug.

"I think he's fine. I didn't see anything to worry about during the exam, and anyone who can argue that much can't be injured too badly," he joked.

Ryan gave Heath a look as he told Coral about him arguing.

Coral kissed Ryan gently on the corner of his mouth so as not to hurt him anymore than he already was. "Arguing, eh? We'll have to see what we can do about that later," Coral replied with a little smile that let Ryan know he wasn't really in trouble.

Heath looked at his watch as he led the two men into his office and said, "Mac should be in his office by now. Let me give him a call and see when he can get you in. Have a seat, gentlemen."                                         

Heath dialed the number by rote and smiled when the receptionist answered the phone. "Don! It's Heath. How's everyone doing? Good," then he added after a pause, "Listen, Don. Does Mac have any openings in the next couple of days? Yeah?" He looked at Coral and Ry and winked. "Yeah, I have a young man here with a broken tooth. Fell in the bathroom. No, no other injuries, I did a full x-ray panel. Yes, I'll send them," Heath said, not taking offense that the other doctor would want to see the x-rays.

"Ok, I'll tell them. Thanks Don. They'll see you tomorrow at 2. Thanks. See you later. Tell Mac I'll see him on Friday night. Will do. Thanks, Don."

Heath hung up. "Tomorrow at 2?"

"We'll make it," Coral said.

Ryan looked at Heath.  "Tomorrow? What am I goin' to do wifout a toof until tomorrow? I gotta work!"

"You don't need a toof... ah; tooth to do your job, Ry. I'm more concerned about any possible pain you might suffer once the Novocain wears off. I'd call Duke to get one of the others to cover your shift, at least until the swelling and pain diminishes," Heath suggested.

"I c'n work...juth give me thomefin' for the pain," he said thickly, his speech still impaired by the Novocain.  Heath and Coral exchanged looks. Neither one of them would say it to Ryan's face, but he sounded too cute with the resultant lisp.

Coral looked at Heath. "Is that a suggestion, or doctor's orders?"

"I'd say more along the lines of Doctor's orders, Ry. I'm sorry," Heath said, knowing that the younger man was going to explode.  Before Ryan could blow up, Heath continued, "The fact is that your mouth and gums are swollen and bruised from the fall. It's going to get worse before it gets better. You need to rest, keep that cold pack on and see Doc Mac tomorrow. In the meantime, just take Motrin. It'll help with the pain and the swelling."

"You're going to have to be careful brushing tonight too. And I'd advise against using a strong mouthwash, since it will cause a burning sensation. Just rinse using warm water and a little salt mixed in."

Ryan scowled. "I c'n thtill make my rounds. There'th hardly anyfhin' goin' on in the middle of the night!" he protested.  "You got any of them Motrin, Doc? strong ones woul’ be good and give me that cold pack back.  Coral, I can reth for the reth of the day and report for my shift tonight."

Coral drew himself up and detached himself from Ryan's hand which had been gripping tighter and tighter the angrier he became. "Ry, if Heath says stay home, then you stay home. That's all there is to it. I'll call Duke to see if Greg and Martin can take our shifts tonight. You're staying home with me. That's the end of the subject. Understand?"

Ryan pouted, but then winced as the pain hit his mouth, so he crossed his arms over his chest. "I wanna work. There'th no good reathon why I can'!"

"Because those are doctor's orders and because I agree with him.  I can see how much pain you're in even with the Novocain, so home you stay. Now behave."

Ryan began to kick his feet against the exam table in frustration.

"I don't want to swat you when you're injured, Ry, but I will if you don't behave yourself," Coral warned as he put his hands down over Ryan's kicking legs to still them.

Heath couldn't help a smile and a small laugh at the scene before him. "This one is a handful, Coral. You have your work cut out for you." He shook his head, amused and yet annoyed, by the boy's stubbornness. He wondered how Coral was going to rein his boy in.

Ryan sighed as Coral stilled his kicking legs. "You on'y thed to behafe, you didn' thay how."

"Well I'm being specific now, young man. Behave, well, and be respectful not only of Heath and myself but of Heath's furniture as well. Now, it’s still early enough that we can go and buy some Motrin, and call Duke to find someone to cover our shifts tonight," he said pointedly.

"Coral, if he experiences a lot of pain tonight, call me and I'll give him some Tylenol 3. But as long as he stays put and rests I think the Motrin will be enough.  Here," he said, reaching into a high cabinet and pulling out several sample packs.  "No more than three tablets every four hours, or as needed for the pain.  Ry, soft foods tonight, and nothing spicy."

Ryan tried to move to get off the table. "If you inthith...but there'th really no need. A few Motrin an' I'll be ok. A few beerth woul' be better though," he threw out to Coral.

Coral sighed. He really didn't want to do it, but he helped Ryan to stand and then delivered a hard swat to the boy's backside. He didn't dare do more. "You'd better tell me you were joking, Ryan, because if you weren't I'll add another to the one I just gave you."

Ryan's green eyes went wide and his hands flew back to rub out the sting. "Ow! I wath only teathin'," he told Coral with a pout. "I do know it would help wit da pain dough...I uthed to do that before."

"Motrin for the pain and warm salt water rinses. Got it, Doc. We'll see your friend tomorrow afternoon. Thanks Heath," Coral said, taking Ryan's hand to lead him out of the office. "And no more lip out of you, Mr. O'Donnell."

Ryan rubbed at the spot Coral smacked him as they walked to the front of the infirmary. " 'K." Ryan replied, tiredly.  "You really gonna call Duke to get hold of Greg an' Marty?" he mumbled through his numbed lips.

"Yes, I am. We have a more than adequate security staff, and you missing one night isn't going to kill you. Now put this cold pack back on your mouth,” Coral ordered, handing Ryan back the wet dish towel with the cold pack inside it.

"I'm sure the store stocks Motrin and I'm going to buy a bottle of it. I'm not sure how much pain you're going to be in and I want to make sure you have as little as possible."

Heath said, “I’ll give you some more sample packets Coral. There’s no need to get any at the store, besides these are prescription strength and you can’t just pick that up at the store without a prescription at the pharmacy.”

Coral smiled at Heath as he handed him enough supply of Motrin to last a week, knowing Ryan would be needing them after the dentist’s visit tomorrow as well.  “Thanks, Doc.  I’ll call you if I need too,” Coral said as he and Ryan walked down the steps and got in the cart.

 Ryan nodded at Coral’s words about not wanting him in pain. "'Kay, c’n we thpend de reth of the day and night cuddled up together in bed?" he asked hopefully.

Coral bit back a smile at the younger man's lisp, and the slight whistle his S sounds made. "Yes, we'll cuddle all day," he promised.

"Can we have ithe cream too?

This time Coral did grin. "Doc did say soft foods. I don't know how cold sensitive your tooth is going to be once the Novocain wears off, but I'll buy some, and a few other things that you'll be able to eat.

Coral stopped briefly at the store and picked up some ice cream, pudding and yogurt and other soft foods his boy could eat before bringing Ryan home and making good on his promise.  Once inside, Coral let Castiel out of his carrier and tried to pet him. The kitten slid beneath Coral's hands and walked away, tail in the air and head held high as he pointedly ignored the mean old two legs that had left him locked up for what seemed like months.

Ryan was very hungry but ate carefully at Coral's insistence, even though it was just yogurt. He fell asleep in Coral's arms. Coral woke himself by snoring. Jeez! He never snored! Not unless he was knockdown, dragged out tired. He looked at his watch and realized that they'd been sleeping for over an hour.

He got up as carefully as he could without disturbing Ryan and went into the living room to call Duke.

Duke answered his office phone as he was there trying to get the schedules finished and to see where he needed coverage for time off.  "Montgomery here."

"Duke, its Coral. Sorry to call you on such short notice but I need to know if you can find coverage for me and Ry, tonight and tomorrow," Coral said in his usual get-to-the-point manner.

Duke, in his no nonsense style when he was working and all business said, "What's up Coral? I'd be glad to find coverage for the both of you, but what's the reason?"

"Ry took a spill this morning. Broke his front tooth and his mouth is all swollen. Heath insisted on bedrest and I was going to stay home with him to make sure he did as he was told. Tomorrow we have an appointment with Doc MacAlroy, the dentist to fix Ry's tooth."

Duke's voice was filled with concern for his fellow brat, "Is he okay? Are you doin' all right?"

"Well, he's going to be sore once the Novocain that Heath gave him wears off. Right now he's asleep but I don't know how much longer. I'm alright as can be considering he's hurt and likely to be in a lot of pain soon."

Duke said, "You call me if you need anyone to sit with Ryan if you need to leave and take as much time off that the two of you need for him to heal. We want him at his best."

Coral appreciated Duke's diplomacy and caring. "Thank you, Duke. I don't think this is going to be long. I'm sure Mac can fix Ryan's tooth. I'm more concerned about the swelling and pain. I think I picked up everything we need for the next couple of days. If we need more time I'll definitely call you. Thanks for understanding."

Duke said, "No problem Coral. I take care of my men and they need to be at their best...that is except for me." He laughed.

Coral laughed and then covered his mouth for fear that he might wake Ryan. "Thanks again, Duke. I'm going to go check on him now. I'll talk to you later, ok?"

Duke said, "'Okay and don't forget whatever the two of you need let me know. I'll call Greg and Marty now and if they can't cover James and or Jeff will."

"Will do," Coral said, "and thanks again."

"Good-bye Coral and tell Ryan not to worry and that I hope he heals real quick and can come back to work soon."

"I will. Good-bye Duke," Coral said before hanging up the phone. He could hear Ryan in the other room, groaning in pain. He snatched up one of the packets of Motrin Heath had given him and a glass of room temperature water and ran into the bedroom. Ryan was lying, curled on his side, both hands clasped to his mouth. Tears trickled down his cheek and toward his nose, making it runnier than it already was.

Coral grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped Ryan's hot face with them.

"Hur’...," he moaned hearing Coral come into the room.

"Ok, sweetheart. It's ok. I have the pills with me. Just do your best to take them and I'll get you another cold pack. Come on, sweetheart, sit up and take them. I know you hurt. I'm here for you."

Ryan tried to sit up, his one hand still pressed to his mouth while he used the other to lever himself up. The tears still ran because of the pain. His lips were swollen to twice their size.

Coral helped lift Ryan into a sitting position and was surprised at how much more swollen Ryan's face was. Heath had warned them that it would get worse before it got better. "Here hon, take one at a time with a swallow of water in between. Go slow."

Ryan tried to open his mouth, but his lips were so swollen he mumbled, "Help."

Coral went back into the kitchen and found a straw from one of their Dunkin Donuts mugs. He brought the straw back to Ryan and put it in the glass of water. He then snapped the tablets in half and began to pop the halves into Ryan's mouth following up each one with a sip of water. Eventually all of the pills were gone and he helped Ryan lay down again. "I'm just going to the kitchen to get the cold pack. I'll be right back hon," he reassured the still crying young man, berating himself for not thinking of it when he went to get the Motrin or the straw.

Ryan reached out to Coral sniffling. He didn't want him to go but it hurt too much to say so.

Coral leaned down and kissed the top of Ryan's head. "I'll be right back, I promise."

Ryan let Coral go, knowing he'd be back.  Once the mean old two legs was gone, Castiel jumped up on Ryan and climbed up his chest, rubbing his head against the bottom of Ryan's chin and purring. Ryan found the rumbling sensation calming.

Coral fairly ran to get the cold pack and another cloth and brought it back to Ryan before the younger man could even miss him.  He wrapped the cloth around the soft gel pack and gave it to Ryan to place where it hurt the most. He laid down on the bed next to Ryan, cradled his boy's head on his bicep and put his other arm around Ryan by way of comfort, not minding the kitten's tail softly lashing his arm as it sat on Ryan's chest.

Ryan placed the cold pack on his mouth across his swollen lips and upon the place where his tooth had broken off and had stuck in his lip. He relished the soothing effects of Coral and when the pills kicked in after about a half hour and the pain was more bearable he stopped crying and snuggled close with a sigh of contentment, one hand absently petting the purring kitten.

They snuggled with Coral giving Ryan his pain medication and soft foods throughout the afternoon and night until they both fell asleep exhausted by the day’s events. 

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