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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jet and Logan

Jet Black
Written by Snarks

Housekeeping Crew Chief - 35 years old, 6', Large build, muscular, 185 pounds. Brown hair with natural auburn highlights, sea blue eyes.  His parents insist that he was named after Jet Li, his father's all-time favorite actor and martial artist. Jet insists that they just had a twisted sense of humor when naming him.

Middle of three children. Older sister Sasha (37), younger brother Cole (31)
Jet's parents are alive and well and living in Minnesota where his father, Samuel (60) is a pediatrician and his wife, Mariana (57) is a pediatric nurse. They keep saying they're going to retire soon but their children will believe it when it happens.

His sister lives in California with her husband and three children.

His brother lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.

His entire family loves and accepts him, and they visit and talk as often as possible.

Jet has worked at the resort for the past ten years and has been in a relationship with Logan for the past eight years.


Ian Logan MacKenzie:
Written by Rosemarie

Prefers to be called by his middle name. Second in command- 33 years old, 5'9", medium build, muscular, 160 pounds, Red-blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes.
Third of four children, all boys.

Logan's parents, John and Melissa who live in Bangor Maine, were a little disappointed when their son came out to them when he was 16. However, they loved all of their boys, and always knew that there was something different about Logan from a very young age so were not entirely surprised when he told them his secret.

Logan's oldest brother, John Jr (Jack), (37) is a dentist in Seattle Washington and lives with his wife and three children.

His second oldest brother Jean (35) is a mechanic and lives in Bangor with his wife and two children. His wife is pregnant with their third.

His youngest brother, Sean (30), works in a bookstore. His wife is a stay at home mom to their two young children.   Sean and his wife are not as accepting and can be passive aggressive when speaking to or about Logan.

He and his partner Jet have both worked at the resort for the past ten years and have been in a relationship for the past eight years.

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