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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Martin and Cary

Martin Chase Young

Top to Cary

Security for TLR
Age 37   6'3" tall 189 pounds, short dark hair, deep blue eyes, clean shaven.

Member of the National Guard.
Originally from Georgia.
Only son of Chase and Glenna Young whom he is close to.
Works out, runs and swims to keep in shape. Enjoys skiing and skating in the winter. Looks forward to the Olympics every four years.


Cary Nicolas Wolfe

Brat to Martin

Plumber and General Maintenance for TLR

Age 32  6'0"  189 pounds, dark hair, clean shaven, dark brown eyes.

Originally from South Dakota.  Only son of Benjamin and Hanna (Hantaywee) Wolfe (deceased).
Enjoys the activity of his every-day duties, lifts weights and swims.  Would rather read than watch TV and, if left to his own devices, can finish a book in one day. Has a vast library and keeps adding to it.  Working on earning a college degree in architecture, with support from Martin.

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