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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Con & Brian

Constantine (Con) Falcone
Written by PJ 

Top to Brian

Ranger for TLR

37, Dark hair and eyes, 5'11".  

Italian American fourth generation, second of six boys.  Parents and siblings alive and living in various parts of the US.

Mother, Maria Concetta (Schiavone) Falcone, and father, Colangelo Anthony Falcone, have come to grips with their son's orientation but still don't fully approve.  His four younger brothers are more accepting and understanding than his oldest brother, who refuses to speak to Constantine.

Loves to sing and plays violin.  He also plays piano whenever he can get to the lodge.  He and Brian often write songs together.


Brian Kieran Kennedy
Written by Snarks

Brat to Con

Ranger for TLR

28, Dark hair, blue eyes, 5'9"

Irish American, fifth of ten kids, two older brothers and sisters, two younger brothers and two sisters, the youngest of the bunch.

Parents Bridgette and Cavan (Kevin) Kennedy do not approve of their son's lifestyle and have cut off all ties with him.

Sisters are understanding and accepting of his orientation and lifestyle and keep in touch with him by mail.  His brothers, influenced by their parents, are struggling with how they feel about him, and so avoid contact with Brian.

Brian loves to sing and plays the guitar.  He is trying to learn to play the bagpipes.

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