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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sawyer & Jenson

Written by Kristy        

 Sawyer James Carter

Age 34, Height 5’10, 151#

Owns a Dairy Farm and is laid back. Parents are Anna and Joseph Carter both who died in a car accident when Sawyer was a teen. He’s the only child.

Sawyer came out before his parents died and had a good relationship with them. His parents left him the dairy farm to do what he wanted.

Sawyer got into a mentoring program for youth and teens and has some working on the farm today.

Sawyer loves camping, fishing, hiking horseback riding and being on the farm. 

Sawyer was mentoring Jenson who still works at the dairy farm. They married soon after.


Jenson Paul Williams

Age 28, Height 5'11, 156#

Works at the Dairy Farm. Parents Angela and Paul Williams split when Jenson was a small boy.  Jenson went to live with his father.

After his father lost his job and started drinking he was unable to take care of his son so he lost custody. Jenson was in many foster homes.

Jenson was eighteen when he left the system. He had several good jobs here and there, but couldn't keep them for more than a month. He would be let go because his mouth kept getting him into trouble. 

Jenson loves camping and fishing as well hiking and reading.  He's rambunctious.

When he heard that a dairy farm needed a pair of hands he went to see if they need some help. He was hired and gave him a place to stay.

Sawyer Carter became his mentor first and then they were married.

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