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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TLR Chapter 30

Even drowsy from the pain meds Stephen knew when Billy crawled on the bed with him. He gingerly rolled over to wrap an arm over his husband. 

The younger man never even felt him. Billy was exhausted from worry and guilt.  Sleep took him to happier times.  Times when he and Stephen scrambled up cliffs and over mountains.  Carefree times when they camped out watching magnificent sunsets and spectacular sunrises.  With the warm weight of his husband’s arm across his chest Billy’s dream took him to that last sunrise when he climbed the cliffs alone.  The air was crisp and calm with hues of pinks and oranges slowly rising over the lake and woods behind it.  He needed to climb the cliff to get a better view.  Somehow he was half way up the cliff when saw someone climbing below him. 

Stephen felt his lover tense in his sleep. “Shhhh, baby, it’s ok,” he whispered. 

“No,” Billy hissed and shot up on the bed.  His heart was pounding.  He was sweating and breathing hard.  He shook his head trying to get the mind movie of Stephen falling out of his head.  But something was holding him.  He tried the break loose.

“David William, wake up,” Stephen’s voice grunted the command. 

Billy’s eyes popped open. His head turned toward the voice but it took a couple of seconds for his eyes to focus on his husband.  Stephen’s eyes showed concern but they also showed resolve.  “What’s going on, Billy?” Stephen asked as he released his hold on his boy and sank back into the pillows propping him up trying to hide the groan.

“I’m sorry,” the younger man said. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”  He pulled his eyes away at the look he was getting from his husband and shifted his eyes down to his hands.  Seeing his bandaged hand he tried to hide it before Stephen saw it.

“I repeat, little boy, what’s going on it that wonderful head of yours?”

“Um, it was just a bad dream,” Billy answered.  “But I’m ok.  Do you want dinner now?”

“Nice try,” Stephen laughed.  “But you aren’t going to distract me that easily.  Now what was the dream about?”

“Um, it was about you.”

“I’m your nightmare?” the older man asked in disbelief.

“No, not exactly,” Billy mumbled.

“David William Masterson answer my question!”

“I keep seeing you fall.  It’s was my fault.” Billy blurted out grabbing a handful of his hair. “I can’t get it to stop.

“I’m sorry, Babe,” Stephen softly said.

Billy looked at his husband wondering why he was sorry. 

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to help you with your guilt, Babe.  We haven’t even talked about the accident.” Stephen explained.  “And it was an accident, Billy, nothing but an accident.”

Billy started to argue that point but his top quieted him by simply clearing his throat. 

“My falling was an accident that could have been prevented if I would have taken the time to put on my Goat Leg.” Stephen continued.  “Yes, you weren’t supposed to be climbing alone but you aren’t the reason I fell.”

“But…” Billy sighed.

“We will deal with you climbing alone but me falling is on my shoulders not yours.  Understand?”

“Yes sir,” Billy mumbled.  “I guess I understand.”

“Good, now let me see your hand,” Stephen ordered.

Billy hesitated a moment then let his husband see his hand.  “It’s ok, just bruised.  Heath said it’s not broken.”

“When did you do that?”  Stephen questioned.  “Did you do that when I fell?”


“Would you like to tell me what happened?” the older man asked.


“Let me try again, Babe.”  Stephen said firmly.  “Tell me what happen to your hand.”

“I, um…sorta hit a post a couple of times,” Billy explained.  He watched as his tops eyebrow rose.  “Um, I was upset that you were hurt and slugged the post out front.”

“You what?” Stephen demanded. “Did you think smashing your hand would help?  Would make the dreams go away?”

Billy couldn’t look at his husband.  He didn’t want to see the disappointment in his husband’s eyes. “I’m sorry,” his voice shaky. “It just happened, I didn’t even know what I was doing until Heath swatted me.”

Stephen did the only thing he could think of, he carefully pulled his husband to him.  When the young man’s head was resting on his chest he kissed his boy’s head. “It’s ok, Billy Boy, we’ll work this out tomorrow.” He gently said as he rubbed his husband’s neck.  “I’m glad Heath was here to stop you.  Did he really swat you?”

Billy nodded against Stephen’s chest.  “Yeah, three times, hard, and then he just hugged me,” he explained.  “Then he just stayed with me until I calmed down enough for us to go to the infirmary so he could fix me up.”

“Were you upset because he swatted you?”

“I might have been if it was someone else but, no, it just seemed right.  I mean he wasn’t mad or anything.  He just stopped me before I really hurt my hand.” Billy revealed.  “And then he didn’t lecture.”

“Like I said, I’m glad he was here.” Stephen said. 


The older man loosened the hold he had on his brat.  “I think I could eat something now, Babe.  Why don’t you call over the over to the lodge and have them deliver something?  I don’t think either of us are up to fixing anything.”

Billy raised his head, eyes twinkling from the tears. “Cheeseburger with extra fries?” he grinned.

Stephen grinned back.  “Cheeseburger with extra fries.”  He agreed then pulled Billy up for a kiss.


Saturday finally arrived without further incident.  

"I'm trusting you to keep him out of trouble."  Eric said as he dropped Adam off.

"Don't worry, Eric.  James, Heath and I will all be here." Jeff

"Call me or bring him home immediately if there's any trouble."

"Will do.  I really don't see anything untoward happening tonight.  I'll talk to you at work on Monday."

"Very well."  Eric replied in his formal way.  "If you'll excuse me then, I have to get back to Torren."

With a final kiss from Eric, Adam crossed over the threshold and was pulled into a hug from his best friend.

"Come on, O'Neill, I want you to meet Jax.  He's in the den waiting for us.  He'd have been here but someone wanted him settled in the recliner before you got here,” he teased, looking at James and Heath.

"Get going Brat,” Jeff smiled, giving Mutt a kiss and a light swat on the backside.  "And don't fill up on chips and soda, we have dinner cooking as we speak.  Understood?"  He said, raising a warning eyebrow.

"Come on, Ad, before they go all Top on us."  Mutt said in mock terror.

"You're pushing your luck, little boy."  Jeff replied with a sparkle of humor in his eyes.

Mutt went up on tip toes and put his arms around Jeff's neck to deliver a kiss before he turned back to Adam and practically pulled him into the den, where Jaxon sat, contentedly munching on Doritos.  He slowly stood when Mutt and Adam entered the room, wiping his hands and mouth on a napkin before extending his hand with a smile on his face.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Adam.  Mutt talks about you all the time."  He said as the two men shook hands.

"Heh, must be pretty borin' conversation then."  Adam joked, popping a chip into his mouth with the ease of much practice then reached for a drink.  “What no beer?”

“Jax’s not 21 yet,” Mutt replied knowing Adam would understand that he didn’t want a beer if Jax couldn’t have one.

“Yeah, but it won’t be long before that won’t be a problem,” Jax chimed in. 

Adam grinned and asked, “Just how long do we have to wait'll we can share yer first legal beer wi' ya, Jaxon?”

Mutt smiled as he saw the effect that Adam's accent had on the other man.  Everyone who heard it was immediately charmed, and Jaxon was no exception.  

“Two weeks from yesterday,” Jax answered then before he could stop himself Jaxon blurted, “I love your accent!" He said as he twisted around carefully so as not to jar his knee.  He carefully pulled the lever so that the footrest came up and he rested his legs, letting the cushioned rest take the weight off of his knee.

‘Two weeks?’  Mutt thought, the wheels in his head turning rapidly.  A 21st birthday was a milestone and Jaxon should have the party of his life.  He began to make plans to talk to Jeff and started to make a mental list of things that would be needed to throw a party that Jaxon would never forget.  He shook off the thoughts and plans quickly so that he could concentrate on the conversation in front of him.

Adam huffed a laugh and smiled at the other young man. "Nah, it's not so much as it used t' be, I can tell ya.  Eric says it's really pronounced when I'm upset.  I sometimes tease him that the only reason 'e spanks me is t' hear me accent get thicker." Adam said as he plopped himself down on the couch beside Mutt.

Jaxon blushed and looked down at his hands in his lap.  "That reminds me.  That's kind of what... I mean..."

"I know, Mutt explained everything to Eric and meself."  He smiled engagingly.  "I opened the door, and yer welcome t' come in and ask questions at any time."

"Well, Mutt explained a little of what it was like for him in a monogamous relationship, but he couldn't answer what things were like in a threesome."

Adam laughed again.  "Sorry boy-o, it’s not you I'm laughin' at, it's Mutt there.  I'll bet ye asked 'im questions and 'e got all red faced and tongue tied, right?"

Jaxon laughed as well.  "You'd win that bet."  They glanced at Mutt who stuck his tongue out at them, causing them to laugh harder.  

"Mutt's heard enough of me stories that 'e should've been able t' answer just about any question ya had, but even after all these years, the way that 'e was brought up rears it's ugly head and 'e can't say..." He cleared his throat and mock whispered, “the s-e-x word."

"Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.  There, I said it.  Happy now?" Mutt said heatedly, trying not to blush.

"I'm sorry, Mutt, yer just so easy t' tease it's hard t' resist."  Adam apologized with a grin while Jaxon did all he could to wipe the smile off of his own face.

"Yeah, yeah... make wit da talkin'."  Mutt growled.

"OK then.  What is it ya want t' know?"  Adam asked, looking back toward Jaxon with sparkling blue eyes.

"Well, how does it work?  A threesome, I mean.  Jeez, I have so many questions I'm not really sure where to start."  Jax stammered.

"Well with us, Eric is our Top."

"How does that work?"

"He tops exclusively when we have sex, for one thing.  And let me tell you, its mind blowing wi' the three of us.  I've had monogamous relationships in the past but with Eric and Torren... all I can say is Wow!"  He rolled his eyes and closed them as memory set in.

“Is it all about sex?  Jeez, I have so many questions I'm not really sure where to start."  Jax stammered.

"No." Adam said, smiling, "A DP is about more than sex." He leaned in a little closer and smiled, “But it's a definite perk."  He winked.

"How do you manage that with the three of you?"

"There's more than one way ta have sex, ya know."  Adam replied, waggling his eyebrows.  "When it's the three of us, Eric is always on top, and then I top Torren.  It's a nice tangle of arms and legs, let me tell ya, whew, I'm gettin' a little excited just thinkin' 'bout it."  He continued a little breathlessly.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  "There are days when Torren and I are in the mood but Eric is just plain tuckered out, then Torren is happy to bottom."

"Does Eric make you have sex if you're not in the mood?"

"Nah, 'course not!  It's rare that both Torren and I aren't in the mood, but if, say, I'm not and Torren is, then the two o' them have a little fun.  Sometimes, listenin' to the two o' them makes me change my mind."  He laughed.  "If neither of us is in the mood then Eric just takes a shower.  He never forces us ta have sex.  And he rarely turns either of us down if we approach him.  Sometimes he's just worn out from work, so we'll have dinner ready for him when he gets home, and we'll wait on him so that he doesn't have to do anything other than relax."

"So, you're like servants?"

"No' a' all!  We like ta pamper him.  He does so much fer us.  He's so kind and thoughtful.  It's a pleasure ta be able ta do things fer him."

"Like what, besides making dinner?"

"Torren likes to give him foot and leg massages, and I love to massage Eric's neck and back.  Sometimes he falls asleep, and sometimes it revives him and we end up havin' the best sex imaginable."  He laughed.

"What about... what about the discipline?  I mean, on one hand I can understand it and on the other hand it just seems strange.  Why do you let someone...Eric...why do you let him discipline you?"

"Eric loves us, passionately.  An' we love him just as passionately.  He would do anything for us.  Our safety and well-being mean more ta him than I can put inta words.  Occasionally one of us will say or do something thoughtless or dangerous, something that puts us at risk of injury... take Tor for instance... Torren I mean... he speaks without thinking sometimes, and now and again that leads to someone takin' a swing at him, or complainin' ta James who has to tell Eric.  Eric is one of those types who would rather hear it from us than someone else, so when it comes third person, if Torren doesn't tell him first, like this last time, then Eric deals with us, to remind us that our behavior wasn't acceptable, and that he loves us too much to allow us to put ourselves in danger in any way."

“Yeah, James and Heath are that way too,” Jax confirmed.  “They didn’t like hearing that I fell in the wheelchair and hurt my leg again from Bo.  They said they wished I would have told them.

“Jeff’s the same way,” Mutt agreed.

"Does he always spank you?  When you do something unacceptable?  That's one of the things I'm worried about.  I mean, if I get the two of them upset with me, do they both spank me?"

"I wouldn't think so."  Adam replied, frowning in thought.  "Eric certainly doesn't always spank.  It depends on the situation.  Sometimes he'll ground us, like he's doing with Tor right now.  Sometimes he'll have us write lines, reminding us of our misdeed and what we could've done to avoid doing it in the first place.  Sometimes it can be corner time, or extra chores around the house."

"What's it like with two Tops though?"

Adam leaned forward and whispered, “There's this one guy, Mike, who has two tops, but I wouldn't suggest talking to him.  He's got his head stuck so far up his own arse I'm surprised there's room for anythin' else."

Mutt laughed.  Jax smiled but shook his head.  "Mutt wasn’t crazy about him either, apparently.  Was he really that bad?"

"Ta hear him tell was, two Tops was the only right way ta go.  He acted like he was so superior because he has two Tops instead of just one.  I can tell ya, Jax, I'm still not convinced that he's changed completely, though,” he paused, "Mutt here seems to have taken a shine to him when they came over to apologize.  I wish I'd been there to see it.  Mutt said that Charles, that's one of Mike's Tops, blushed red from his neck to his hairline."  He laughed

"I still think that when you three make it official, ol' Mike there'll be like a bee on honey, gettin' all the information he can from you to see if you're good enough to be in his little club o' one.  The other guys in threesomes with one Brat didn't live up to his standards.  Yer best to keep your distance from him, at least for now, if you're able."

"I was there when Mike and his partners came to apologize. I didn’t think he was that bad."  Mutt protested.

"Still, a leopard doesn't change it's spots in one day."  Adam said sagely. As though coming to a conclusion, Adam asked, “Have you seen the Harry Potter movies?"


"Have you seen the movies, or read the books?"

"Saw the movies, yeah," Jaxon replied, perplexed, not understanding how they'd gone from one subject to the other.

"Remember Draco Malfoy?  How he'd been brought up to believe that only pure bloods were any good and he looked down on half-bloods and what he called mud-bloods?"

"Oh, so he's the Draco Malfoy of the resort?"

"Pretty much.  Singletons, as he calls people like Mutt and Jeff here..."

"Are the mud bloods."  Mutt said.  "And weren’t worthy of his friendship."

"Singletons... is that how..."

"No, that's no' how it's supposed to be said.  He says it to be offensive.  If ye hear him say it, it sounds like he's sayin' simpletons.  He thinks..."

"Thought,” Mutt interrupted.

"Thought he was so awesome,” Adam said, giving Mutt a look just this side of fed up, “Because not just one but two Tops fell in love with him.  Those of us who have two Brats and one Top are like half-bloods, just a quarter step up but at least a threesome and worthy enough of his exalted attention."  Adam laughed.

"So, stay away from Mike?"

"That's up to you, of course."  Mutt said seriously.  "But if you do talk to him, be careful.  I really did take a liking to him when they came over that day, and he seemed all right, he seemed to want to change.  We’ve seen him working at the lodge but we haven't really hung out together since, so I don't know if the transformation is complete or even for real."

 "Are there other threesomes at the resort?  With two Tops and one... why are we called Brats?  Do they think of us as spoiled children, even if they don't necessarily treat us that way?"

"Nah, being called a Brat is a term of endearment, as far as I'm concerned." Mutt said. "But sometimes, yeah, we can act a little bratty.  That's when we allow our Top to take the lead and make the big decisions."


"We allow our Tops to have a certain amount of control over us."  Adam added.  

"Yes.  A true discipline relationship depends on both Top and Brat agreeing to how things will be. Otherwise it's something else entirely, and I don't know about Mutt, but I'm just not inta that sorta thing." 

"It's consensual.  We understand what they want and we agree to it.  Sometimes, some of us will challenge our Top's authority..."  Said Mutt.

"In which case we can be brat-like, and it's our Top's job to put us straight."

"Again, it's consensual.  If we disagree with something, we do have the right to speak up and state our side of the story."

"Bu' we also agree that he has the final say in the situation."

"So if he says write lines, we write."

"An' if he says we do extra chores, then chores it is."

Jaxon looked back and forth between the two other men as though he were watching a tennis match.

"Sorry there, Jaxon.  Was it too much too fast?"  Adam asked, concerned.

"No.  Yes.  A little. I don't know. I'm sorry."  Jax said, frowning in confusion, a hint of sadness on his face as he looked down at his hands.

"So, if you can prove that you're not to blame for whatever happened, they can still decide to punish you?  And you're ok with that?"  Jaxon asked.

"No!  A'course not!"  Adam cried, “I'm afraid I'm not explainin' this vurra well."  He said, a worried expression on his face.

"A good Top, like Eric or Jeff, or even James and Heath, will always talk things over with you."  Mutt said.

"They'll never punish ye when they're angry,” Adam added.  "And they'll never punish ye at all if that's not what you agree to.  See, you have more control than ye know."

"But if I don't agree...?  Won't they tell me to get lost?  I mean... I'm... I think I'm... I love them." Jax said, feeling his ears turning red and hot.  "If I don't agree to this kind of relationship..."

"Then they won't demand it of you.  And Jax, really, from what everyone here has seen and heard since that first day Heath found you and brought you home..."

"You make me sound like a puppy,” Jaxon joked.

"Only one dog here,” Adam said, nodding toward Mutt who growled at them, causing Jaxon to laugh.

"You're not a puppy, and you're not defenseless, and if you do make things official with James and Heath, you will have a voice in the relationship.  They won't do anything without your consent.  Jax, I know they love you, heck, you brought them together so how could they not?"  Mutt asked with a grin.  "And if they're half the men I think they are, they're going to love you no matter what you decide."

"Look ye,” Adam interjected solemnly, leaning in toward Jaxon and putting a hand on his.  "Some of this is stuff ye'll have ta talk over with James an' Heath.  Well, a lot of it actually.  But I'll tell ye now, they love ya.  They truly do.  Whatever they do'll be out of love and not anger, as I've heard ye've been subjected to already, they'll never hit ye in anger nor destroy yer things."  He continued softly.

"They'll never give you more than you can handle, and no more than you deserve."  Mutt added.  "And with you being so new to this, I know they'll go slow with you.  You'll learn to read their signals and they'll learn to read yours."


"Like, Jeff will clear his throat a certain way.  That tells me I'm starting to cross a line.  If he gets really quiet, remember that day at your bungalow, when he caught me there with you?"  He waited for Jaxon to nod.  "Well, when he gets really quiet like that, it means I've crossed the line but good, and I'm in for it.  He never yells or loses control like my mother and father used to do.  I could tell you stories.  The point is, they'll never harm you.  They may toast your buns on occasion, but they'll never hurt you.  Does that make sense?"

"Yeah.  Yeah, I guess.  Do... do you think they'll both... jeez I can't even really say the word without blushing,” He smiled wanly, "Do you think they'll both spank me for crossing a line?  I mean, one after the other?"

"Nah," Adam reassured him, “I think that if ye cross the line wi' one of them, say James for instance, he'll deal wi' it and it's done. If ye've done something to displease the both of them, I doubt that they'll both spank.  One might spank if he thinks it's warranted. The other might assign lines or extra chores, or whatever he thinks is fair and appropriate. Or he may just decide that what you got was sufficient and leave it at that."

"And afterward, they'll console you, and let you know that everything is good again and that you're forgiven.  For me, that's the part that makes me want to cry more.  I never had that growing up, and it means the world to me that Jeff takes the time to make sure that I'm all right.  He always makes sure to let me know that I'm forgiven and most of all, loved. Unconditionally."

"Will James and Heath do that for me?"  Jaxon asked hopefully, the light returning to his eyes.

"Always."  Adam replied.  "But again, as I said, these are things ye'll have to discuss wi' yer two men.  All ye have to do is let them take the lead. They'll make the occasional mistake but they'll own up to it, if they're any kind of Tops, and they'll always make amends if they do.  Eric does."

"Jeff does. He's always the first one to admit it if he thinks he's made a mistake."

"Do you get to spank them if they do something wrong?"

Adam and Mutt both laughed but patted Jaxon on the shoulders to let them know they weren't being mean about it.

"Nah, Eric does the spankin'.  I might swat Tor if he gets too bratty, but the ultimate decision on the appropriate punishment is up to Eric.  See, we agree to let him have that control over us.  It feels good, like a weight lifted off of me shoulders, to know that Eric will handle things when they get too overwhelmin'.  We may not like the punishment that goes along wi' that control, but we understand that Eric is fair minded, and as I said, will never harm us, physically or mentally."

"I was wondering, if you get in trouble, does Torren get in trouble too?"

Adam chuffed a laugh.  "Nah.  Only if the two of us've done somethin' together to get in dutch wi' Eric.  Otherwise I'd have been grounded with Tor and not been allowed ta come here tonight."

"How does he handle it when the two of you do get in trouble together?"

"It depends on what we did.  Say that Tor and I did something that Eric had specifically forbidden us to do.  Then Eric would talk to us about what we'd done and why it was wrong.  We'd get the chance to give an adequate explanation.  If the explanation wasn't good enough, we'd both most likely get a spankin'.  I'd be put in a corner while Eric dealt with Tor, and then vice versa.  After being made to stand there and think for a bit, he'd talk to us again to make sure we understood why we'd been punished.  After that he'd gather the two of us inta hugs, let us know the situation was handled and that we are forgiven, and most importantly, loved.  Understand?"

"Yeah, I think I do.  No.  I do understand."  Jaxon said, his face clearing of all doubt as he smiled and looked up at the two men.  "Um, I do have another question."

"What's that?"  Mutt asked.

"If they spank me.  What will they use?  Mutt admitted to me he was paddled one time."

"They'll just use their hand ta start, I'm sure."  Adam said thoughtfully.  "But that's only after ye've gotten ta know them a little better.  I'm of a mind that they're gonna go slowly wi' you, not only because of yer injuries, bu' because you, and they, are all new to this kind of relationship.  A threesome, I mean.  And a DP is entirely new to you."

"There are two other guys on the resort who have two Tops but I don't know them well enough to ask them talk about such a personal experience.  I know them, I talk to them during work, but we don't really hang out together.  I'd feel like a voyeur, asking them to explain things from their point of view."  Mutt added.

"Are they like Mike?"

"Not near as bad as he is…" Adam started to say.


"Was," Adam continued, “But they are proud to be in a threesome with two Tops. They're not as obnoxious as Mike was," He said, deliberately with a challenging look at his friend, “But like Mutt said, I’d not approach them until I got to know them very well.  Maybe once word gets out they'll approach ye and ye can ask them then.  Most of 'em are only seasonal help.  They go home during the winter months, so I'm not sure how much time it'd take for 'em to open up about something so personal."

Jaxon frowned thoughtfully.  "I think I understand.  James and Heath won't do anything I don't agree to... and if I do agree, they'll only do it because... because they love me.  Do you really think they love me?"  He asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.  All of his experiences with so called love in the past hadn't been what he considered to be real, and he still doubted that anyone could love him unconditionally.

“Yeah, I’m sure they love you, Jax,” Mutt assured his friend.  “I’ve known Heath a long time and James even longer and I’ve never seen them so happy.  I know that’s because of you.”

"Thanks guys, this really did help a lot.  Adam, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain threesomes to me."

"My pleasure.  I love to brag on my men."  Adam smiled broadly.

Jaxon smiled.  "My men.  I love the sound of that."

"Ye'll love it even more once ye get settled in an' established."  Adam grinned.


 Outside, the Tops were talking as well as they worked on cooking the steaks and preparing the salad.  Jeff was just cutting up the onions, peppers and mushrooms since he was going to stir fry them and it wouldn't take as long as the steaks would.  He put them in the wok over a low flame, stirring them occasionally so that they wouldn't burn. Heath frequently checked the steaks.

"They'll never get done if you keep taking them off the heat."  James teased.

"Well I'm not like you.  I want my steak to be steak and not crispy shoe leather like some people I could mention."  Heath teased back.

"And some of us like our steaks to be still kickin,” Jeff added.

"Ugh, why make believe you're cooking it at all.  Why not just bite into it raw?"  Heath jibed, grinning.

"The heat helps seal in the flavor." Jeff replied, taking one of the steaks off the hottest part of the grill and putting it near the wok to keep it warm.

Heath shivered theatrically and turned the other steaks over.

"What do you suppose they're doing down there?"  James asked, curiously.

"Well, I'm not hearing shouting or anything breaking, so I guess it's going well." Jeff joked.

"I rather wish Eric and Torren could have been a part of this. It would have been good to get their input as well."  James replied.  "I considered asking Charles, Gary and Mike even though they are trying to change but frankly they can still be insufferable after about ten minutes."

"I'd considered it as well,” Jeff added.  "But you're right.  They can be rather insulting to anyone who isn't in a relationship like theirs."

"Rather?"  Heath asked incredulously.  "Plain old, if you ask me.  I can't tell you the nasty, veiled comments they've made to me over the years because I couldn't find my match.  They tried to set me up with other men but they were so much like the three of them, I knew it wouldn't last.  I know they are better but sometimes they revert back and I’d rather Jax wasn’t exposed to them just yet.”

"Well, now that you're joining their ranks, I'm sure they'll be much more polite." Jeff said.

"Oh, hooray."  Heath replied sarcastically, “Sunday dinners with Charles and Gary telling us how to handle our Brat, telling us where we're going wrong and how to do it right.  No thank you."

"While you're both new to a threesome, I know that you'll figure out the best way to handle Jaxon.  He's going to need you to reassure him of your love and commitment, he has very little self-esteem."  

Heath said.  "Whatever he had was pretty well squashed by that vermin he had to call stepfather.  There's a lot of damage to be undone."

"I know."  James said sadly, “We'll have to take it slow with him.  I don't want us to start with him being afraid of us."

"Mutt told me that Jax was concerned about the discipline aspect of your relationship.  He said he'd read some BDSM stories on line and he worried that it was going to be like that.  But Mutt explained the difference between a discipline partnership and BDSM and he felt a lot more at ease."

James colored a little.  He'd dabbled in the BDSM lifestyle for a short time after he'd gotten out of the service. While he'd found it intriguing, he'd decided it wasn't for him.  That was one aspect of his life he'd never shared with anyone, and he wasn't about to now.  "Yes, we’ll have to sit down and have a good long talk with him after he's done with the other guys.  Work out our own rules and consequences."

"For instance," Heath said thoughtfully, “Who spanks him, once he's ready to take that step?"

"I think whoever is closest to the situation should.  But I don't believe that one of us should be the disciplinarian all the time otherwise he'll learn to fear whomever that is."

"Agreed."  Heath replied, checking the steaks while Jeff stirred the vegetables again, seasoning them and then tasting them to make sure they weren't too crisp or too soft.

"Heath, I think everything is done.  I'll set the picnic table.  Would you please call the boys?"

"Sure thing."  Heath smiled, knowing that at the age of 37, Jeff still considered him to be a boy.  He went into the den and stood at the door, listening to the younger three men laughing about something and looking very much at ease with each other as they sipped colas and nibbled on chips.

"I hope you left room for dinner and dessert, gentlemen."  He said in his best Top voice, his eyes sparkling, giving lie to the stern tone.

"Starving!"  Jaxon replied, standing carefully with a little help from Mutt and Adam, who tucked the wheel chair that Heath insisted he use under him until his knee healed a few more days.

Jaxon didn't want to admit to the men that his knee was feeling much better these days.  They'd taken such great care of him and he didn't want it to stop.  He admitted to himself that it was a little selfish, but the two older men seemed to enjoy taking care of him as much as he enjoyed the care.  He promised himself that once Heath gave him the all clear he would drop his future crutches like a hot potato and get back to a more active lifestyle.  With their permission, he amended to himself with a small smile of satisfaction.

Mutt pulled Adam back as Heath wheeled Jax out to the patio. "Do you think it was delivered?" Mutt asked conspiratorially, even though there was no one left to hear.

"It should have been,” Adam answered.  “Cary and Tank promised they'd take care of everything when they went in to fix the leaky pipe under the kitchen sink."

"That's one duck down.” Mutt grinned.


Later that evening when everyone had gone home, Jeff grabbed Mutt up into a hug and twirled him around, “Now my boy, I made you a promise earlier today and I plan to keep it."  He said just before capturing Mutt's mouth in a solid kiss.

Mutt frowned in confusion but it didn't last long when he saw the glimmer in Jeff's eyes.

"Race you to the bedroom... old man!"  Mutt taunted, laughing, as he sprinted like a jackrabbit in that direction.

Jeff followed in hot pursuit, a grin of anticipation on his face.


Jaxon was happy, full, and a little sleepy.  He was all ready to climb into bed and pass out when he noticed Heath and James hesitate at the doorway of the house.  Heath held Jaxon back behind the door jamb while James turned on the lights and ducked back.

"Something is wrong." He said, scanning the living room.  "Look, the couch... it's been replaced."  The old, gold tone couch was gone, and in it's place was a plush, russet colored couch.  James looked around to room, then went to inspect the new piece of furniture.  "It’s not a pullout."  James held the other two back with his arm.  "Stay here."

Marine training kicking in, James did a quick sweep of the house.  It was when Heath and Jaxon heard laughter that they went inside, Heath's arm still around Jaxon just in case there was need to duck or run.  They followed the laughter into the bedroom where a large king sized bed had replaced the full sized one that Jaxon had been using up till that point.  A bright red bow decorated the headboard, which was a filigree of curling ivy in aged bronze.  Yet another relic from the shed which James had given up as a lost cause.

"Oh, just wait till I get my hands on Jeff.  This has his signature all over it."  James smiled, shaking his head in disbelief.  "I'll have to ask Mutt how he managed to get this cleaned up."

Jaxon looked at the bed in dismay and licked his lips uncertainly.  "It's ok, you two needed a bigger bed anyway.  That pull out couch had to have been too small for the both of you.  You take this bed and I'll sleep on the couch."

Heath, who still had his arm around the younger man, pulled him into a hug.  "It's big enough for the three of us, hon.  We don't have to do anything but sleep in it.  Think of it as a little time to connect and get to know each other better."

"We're not going to force you to do anything you're not comfortable doing, Jaxon," James said in an understanding tone. "But it is a nice bed, and there's no law that says we have to do anything other than sleep in it if that's what you want."

In the weeks that he'd been there, Jaxon had dreamed of sharing a bed with them.  Of being held by them.  Breathing in their scent. Feeling close to them.  Feeling as though he were a part of them.  Here was the opportunity he'd been dreaming of, and now he was a little scared and uncertain.

"Why don't you go take your shower and get dressed for bed?  Think it over.  I still have an old cot in storage.  Heath can take the new couch and I'll use the cot."

"No, that's not fair to you two."  He replied a little breathlessly.  And that bed really is too big for just me, he thought.  "No, it's all right.  Like you said, we don't have to do anything more than sleep.  Right?"

James and Heath smiled.  

"Yes."  James replied.  "We're all just learning how this is going to work, Jaxon, and we're not going to rush you into anything."

"Go take your shower.  Call me when you're done so that I can help you get out.  Think about what you want.  No matter what you decide, we'll love you.  And I for one will look forward to the day when we can share this bed with no second thoughts.  All right?" Heath asked, giving the young man one last hug.

James gathered the two of them up and made it a group hug.  Jaxon didn't want it to end, and in his opinion, it ended much too soon.  "Go take your shower, hon.  I'll use the other bathroom and wash up, then Heath can take his turn once you're out and settled. Then we can talk, and you can decide what you feel comfortable doing.  All right?"

Jaxon nodded and headed off toward the downstairs bathroom where his shower chair was.  Heath followed with two sets of sleep pants and tee shirts, and two towels.  

After settling Jaxon in to take his shower in private, Heath went into the kitchen and popped open a beer.  Yes, he thought, they'd been living together for some time now. Yes, he and James had both discussed buying a larger bed for the three of them, once they became official, but if he were honest with himself he had to admit he was a little perturbed at Jeff, and most likely Mutt, for trying to speed them up like this.  But again, if he were honest with himself, this is just what he and James had wanted for a long time.  The question was, after what he'd heard tonight, was this what Jaxon wanted?  He sighed and sipped at his beer until Jaxon called to tell him he was done in the shower.

Heath was a little surprised to find Jaxon sitting on the toilet seat lid in his sleep pants and pulling the tee shirt over his still damp hair.

"How did you manage?"

"I just scooted my rump from the chair, to the lip of the tub, to the seat.  They're close to each other and I knew I could manage that much by myself."  Jaxon smiled.  "I even put the mat down on the floor so that there was no way I would slip." He said proudly, pointing to the thicker towel they used as a mat to control spills.

"Well, it seems you have everything under control.  Even so, you realize that you could have slipped and fallen transferring yourself over the lip of the tub.  It’s rather narrow."

"I'm sorry.  I just feel so good.  It didn't occur to me that I might have slipped.  I'm sorry."  Jax responded genuinely.

"What would you like to do now?"  Heath asked.

"If you could get me into the living room... can we watch TV for a while?  I'm not tired anymore."

Heath looked at his watch.  He still had to take his shower and they still had to discuss the sleeping arrangements so he nodded his head and helped Jaxon out into the living room where they met James, in sleep pants and tee shirt, a comfortable short robe and slippers, also sipping at a bottle of beer.

"Jax would like to watch a little television.  He says he's feeling much better and got himself from his shower chair to the lid of the toilet, dried and dressed."

"You realize you might have slipped and gotten hurt?"  James asked, a solemn expression on his face.

Jaxon felt a little twisting in his stomach.  "I really am sorry, it didn't even think that I might have gotten hurt.  I just thought... I mean... I feel better and I didn't think I needed to bother Heath just to get me out of the tub.  I'm really sorry."

"It's no bother, ever."  Heath reassured him.  "It's what I would do for anyone, especially... the people I love."  He admitted.

Jaxon felt a warm glow in his chest where the lump had been only moments before.

"We'll wait for you to take your shower," James told Heath.  "Then I think the three of us have to have a talk.  Does that sound all right, Jaxon?"  He continued, turning his attention to the young man with a small smile on his features.

"Am I in trouble?"  Jaxon asked.

"Not in the least.  I just think this is a good time to discuss what you learned tonight.  What you expect of us, and what we expect of you.  Or would you prefer to wait til morning?"

"I'd like to talk about it tonight, if that's all right."  Jaxon said immediately.  Plus, he thought to himself, it will give me more time to decide how I want to handle the sleeping arrangements.

James and Jaxon watched a crime drama until Heath emerged from the bathroom, clean, in clean sleep wear, barefoot and with tousled hair from vigorous scrubbing with the towel.

He sat down beside Jaxon with a smile.  "So, where would you like to start in our discussion?" He asked when the commercial came on.

James turned the television off so that they could all give each other their undivided attention and turned toward Jaxon and Heath.

"What did you learn tonight, Jax?  Was it helpful?"  James asked.

"Yes.  Our discussion was a real eye opener.  I understand so much more than I did."

"Like what?"

"Like stay away from Draco Malfoy."  Jax teased.  It only took a moment for James and Heath to catch on and they all laughed.

"Seriously now, Jaxon.  Was the information you received helpful?"  Heath asked.

"Yes.  They explained that you're both Tops, and what that means."  He began.  Haltingly he told them all that the other two men had imparted to him and got through his explanations with no interruptions.

"And do you think that this is how you'd like to live, Jaxon?"  Heath asked quietly.  "Do you think that you would be happy following our rules, and allowing us to take your burdens on as our own?  Do you think that you would be willing to allow us to love and cherish you?   To share our lives?  Our thoughts, our dreams?"

Jaxon looked at the two older men solidly and somberly.  "I... yes... I do.  I... I even understand the discipline aspect of it much better than I did, and yes, I'm willing to... turn that power over to you.  I trust you not to harm me.  I know that you won't hurt me."

"And do you understand that your input in matters means as much as ours does?"

"Yes, I understand that you'll listen to what I have to say, but that you guys have the final word."

"Do you think that this is the lifestyle you want?" James asked.

"Yes.  It's like Mutt said, it’s just how I'm wired.  It all feels so right to me, and the talk I had with Adam and Mutt made everything so much clearer.  All this time I thought... I thought there was something wrong with me, that I was... sick in some way... mentally, you know?  To want something like this.  But to find out that there are more people out here who think and feel the same way... it's liberating.  Yes. This is the lifestyle I want."  He said with a warm smile.  "And... and I love you too.  Both of you."

James and Heath gathered their young Brat up into a hug and kissed him on each cheek. Jaxon grinned widely.  He felt as though he'd won the lottery, and he was happier than he'd been since he'd been forced to go back to live with his mother.

"Now,” James said more seriously, “How do you want to work the sleeping arrangements tonight?"

"You're not just going to order me to sleep with you?"

"No, not if you're not ready."

"We'll just sleep?"

"If that's what you want."

Jaxon looked down at his hands and then back up at the two older men and smiled again.  "I... I've been dreaming of the day when I could lie down in the same bed as you.  Be one of you.  I... I'd like to sleep in the same bed with you."  He said shyly.

"You'll let us know when you're ready for something more than sleep.  In the meantime, we'd love to have you sleep with us.  Hop into the middle, we'll take your brace off and get you set with pillows under your knee, then Heath and I will get in on either side. How does that sound?"

Jaxon smiled widely.  "It sounds fantastic."  He said.

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