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Monday, February 13, 2017


Harry’s Accident Part 1

Harry got into his car. He had just finished having dinner with Brody and convinced him he was not too tired to drive into Masonville for his visit with his mother. He hated missing any time with her. He hadn’t really slept much the night before, tossing and turning, because some nights he would worry about her and her deteriorating condition. 

It had been a busy day at the resort.  Even though it was still winter new people arrived to enjoy playing in the snow.  Ice skating and skiing were a favorite activity.  He, along with the other members of the security team, had to warn over enthusiastic guests off certain parts of the resort.  It was always a challenge when the brats attempted to push the limits. He shook his head as he thought about the day and put the car into gear and headed for town.

Two hours later Harry was glad that Masonville was only a half hour from the resort as he headed on back and to Brody after visiting with his mother. He had seen to it she had eaten and was as comfortable as possible. He had attempted to have conversation with her, but it had been difficult and tiring. She at times recognized him as her son, but more often than not she thought he was her husband or brother. It was very disheartening to the man. When the staff came in to help her into her night clothes he left as always. 

Harry drove the now familiar road leading back home. He let out a huge yawn as he drove along the county road. His vision blurred and he closed his eyes for what he thought was an instant, only to re-open them and saw in horror a huge deer in the road directly in front of him. He hit the brakes and swerved to avoid hitting the creature when he felt the soft snow on the shoulder grip his car and sent it rolling out of control down a slope and heading right for a large oak tree.

Harry’s blue eyes widened with fear as he saw the huge tree loom out of the darkness. He tried in vain to jerk the wheel to swerve, but the tires seemed to keep slipping. He braked hard, but the car kept its forward momentum, the tires not able to gain purchase on the soft slippery snow. At the moment of impact everything went dark for Harry.


Sheriff Dustin Hunter Grayson was driving behind a vehicle along the county road that been acting erratically. He followed the driver to see if he was perhaps drunk behind the wheel. He saw with consternation the giant stag wander out into the road right in the path of the car he was following. Then saw the vehicle brake, swerve to avoid the deer and head down a slope off the road and stop with a sickening crunch as it smacked into a solid old oak tree. 

The stag had gone on its way and the Sheriff sped up to the site where the vehicle had left the road. He stopped his cruiser, lights flashing so no one else driving on this dark road would miss it and smash into it. He headed toward the crunched car gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other
The Sheriff approached the disabled vehicle slowly. When he went to the driver’s side he could see a slumped over figure. Shining the light on the occupant, his blue eyes widened when he recognized Harry Forrester, one of the security guards at TLR. He holstered his gun and pulled the damaged driver’s door open. He tried to gently shake him, but all he got was a moan. Dusty didn’t see any blood, but a swelling on the side of the man’s head told him why there was no response. He backed out of the car and keying his radio to call dispatch in Masonville to get the EMT’s and an ambulance to his location.

Once the ambulance arrived, Dustin called to make sure a tow truck was on it’s way to pick up the smashed vehicle.  Then he followed the ambulance to the hospital, trusting the damaged vehicle would be taken care of.

When they arrived, he called James Harrington at TLR to apprise him of his security guard’s accident. 


James was relaxing at home with Heath and Jax when he heard the phone ring in his office. He went into the study and answered it, kicking the door closed behind him. “Harrington here.” 

“This is County Sheriff Grayson here, James.”

James could tell from the Sheriff’s voice that it was something serious. “What is it Dusty?”

“One of your security guards, Harry Forrester had an accident on the county road leading to the turn off to the resort. He’s at the Masonville hospital.”

James’s smoky blue eyes widened. “Is he all right?” he asked.

Dustin said, “He was unresponsive when he was taken in. I’m not a medical person, but I think he might have hit his head on the driver’s side window. He had a swelling on the side of his head.”

James asked, “What happened, do you know?”

The Sheriff told James about the car acting erratically and then the stag stepping out onto the road and the car swerving and then hitting the tree.

James said, “Thank you Sheriff. I’ll get Harry’s partner and Heath and we’ll be at the hospital as soon as possible.”

Dustin said, “I had the car towed to the local garage.  It was pretty smashed up.” 

James nodded as he answered then said, “Thank you. That’s the least of our concerns right now, but thank you for taking care of it.”

The Sheriff said, “I understand and it’s no problem. If you need anything from me let me know and I’ll be glad to help.”

James nodded. “Yes, thank you.” He hung up as the Sheriff disconnected the call. He sat there for a moment gathering his strength to inform Brody about what had happened. He’d tell Heath and they’d go see the man together and then head for the hospital. 


Brody made his way home after he closed down the resort office at 8 p.m.  It had been an easy afternoon and he couldn’t wait to get home to Harry.  After spending a couple of hours with his mom, Harry would need some comfort from Brody.  Reaching their bungalow, he kicked off his shoes then placed them on the stand just inside the kitchen door.  He was a little surprised that his lover wasn’t there to meet him.  Usually Harry was just putting their late-night snack on a tray to be carried into the living room so they could eat and relax in front of the TV.  

Looking around Brody lifted the lid on their crock pot, smiling as the aroma from the gently bubbling stew escaped into the room.  It didn’t look like Harry had come back from visiting his mom.  Harry knew he had to be home by 8 p.m. but Brody wasn’t too worried…yet.   He’d give his man a few more minutes before he called him.  Any number of things could have side tracked his boy.  Not the least being the helplessness Harry felt every time he visited his mom.

Meanwhile, Brody pulled bowls from the cabinet over the counter nearest the stove.  He found where Harry kept the tray and pulled that out too.  After carefully placing the bowls on the tray he found the utensils they would need and placed them nest to the bowls.  Lifting the lid on the Crock Pot again he stirred the beefy mixture.  

Worry crept into Brody’s thoughts as he pulled his cell phone out to call Harry and demand where he was.  He walked into the living room punching in his boy’s number.  The phone had barely rang when he heard footsteps on the front porch. He grabbed the knob and pulled the door open and was surprised to see James and Heath standing there

James looked at the man and said quietly, "Brody, may Heath and I come in?”  

"Sure, James.  What's going on?"  Brody said opening the door so the men could come in.

James stepped inside and glanced at the other man holding his phone. "Brody, let's sit for a moment." He placed a hand on the other man's shoulder and steered him to the sofa.
A sense of dread came over the young accountant.  

James sat and pulled Brody down beside him. Holding the other man's hand he said, "Brody, there's no easy way to tell you this, but Harry's had an accident and is in the hospital in Masonville. Heath and I are here to take you to him."

Brody's stomach tightened.  He tried to stand but the big man pulled him back down.  "Let me go James, I need to go to him."

The resort owner said softly, "That's why we're here Brody. We're going to take you there."

"Brody," Heath gently said, "from what the sheriff said Harry has a concussion.  But they are still checking him over.  By the time we get there you should be able to see him."

The young accountant looked at both men.  "Do you know what happened?"

James answered, "Sheriff Grayson called me from the hospital. He told me Harry swerved to avoid a deer in the road and lost control and hit a tree. He was unconscious."

The resort owner said softly, "Put your phone away Brody and come with us. I have a cart outside and we'll take the van into Masonville."

"No, I should take my car in case I have to stay the night with him," the other man countered.

James gave Brody his stern look reserved for stubborn tops. "You are in no condition to drive. You may stay with Harry if you like, but either Heath or myself will come to get you when you're ready to return to the resort. I won't hear any arguments."

"And we don't know, Brody," Heath added, "it’s possible they will release him into my care so we can bring him home with us."

"OK," Brody mumbled.  "Let's go."

James squeezed the younger man's shoulder and guided him out the door, waited for him to lock up, then to the golf cart with Heath. He drove the three of them to the van and helped Brody inside and waited for Heath to get in.

Harry’s partner noticed they had folded the two rear seats down in the back to form a bed for his lover if the doctors let him come home with them.  Extra pillows and blankets were on the bed.

James said, "We're prepared if the doctor will release Harry to Heath. If there's nothing very serious I wouldn't think they'd hold him, but I'm not the doctor. What do you think Heath?"

"We are going to have to wait and see," the young doctor answered.  "But according to the sheriff the accident happened a couple of hours ago and he called for help immediately so the doctors have been watching him for a while."

"Why did it take so long for them to contact you?" Brody demanded.  "Why didn't they call me?"

James said, "I'm not sure. Dusty recognized Harry and called me because he knew he worked at the resort. I know the Sheriff called for the ambulance and the EMT's.  Dispatch sent a tow truck to take the wrecked car to the body shop in town."

Heath interjected, "There is a lot going on during an accident Brody.  The sheriff had his hands full.  I'm sure he called James as soon as he could."

"Yeah, I guess you are right, Doc."

James nodded. "Heath's right, Dusty’s a friend of the resort and his first thought was to get Harry immediate medical help."

"I also wonder if Harry changed his emergency info in his wallet," Heath wondered out loud.

"That's something we will correct soon.  I know I hadn't thought to change my info," the young man declared

"Dusty told me the accident happened on the county road before the turn off onto our property. He also said that he was following the car because it was acting erratically."

"Erratic how," Brody demanded.

James said, "I'm not sure, but the Sheriff thought that perhaps the driver had been drinking."

"No, Harry promised he wouldn't drink without me," Brody assured the two men in the front seat.  "More likely he was sleepy.  With his mom in the condition she is in, he worries and doesn't sleep well."

"If that's so maybe I can give him something to help him sleep," Heath said.

“Yeah if he’s ok,” Brody hissed.

The doctor turned in his seat to look Brody in the eye.  "Brody, if Harry was seriously hurt they would have transported him to Stonemill."  

"So it's a good thing he is still here then?"

“Yes, I would say so."

It wasn't too much longer before James pulled the van into the hospital emergency room parking lot and got out.

Brody ran up to the hospital door and was inside before the others could catch up to him.  "Where is Harry?" he demanded.

Heath stepped in front of the young accountant.  "I'm Doctor Heathcliff Forsyth, do you have any information on Harrison Forrester?  He was in an automobile wreck a couple of hours ago."

James locked the van and hurried after Heath and Brody and caught up to them at the reception desk.

The nurse there said, "Dr. Forsyth, I can call Dr. Peterson and he can fill you in on Mister Forester's condition."

"Thank you."

James said to Brody, "Let Heath handle things. You'll see Harry very soon." He led the other man to where there were some comfortable chairs.

"I'm sorry, James," Brody apologized.  "I'm just worried."

James smiled. "I know you are. I would be too if it was Jax or Heath."

Dr. Jonathan Peterson stepped out into the reception room. "Heath?"

"Hello, Jon, you know my partner James Harrington and this is Harry's partner Brody Simpson," Heath introduced the men.  
“Hello James, Mr. Simpson.”

"Can you tell us Harry's condition?"

Harry is a very lucky man, Heath." Dr. Petersen stated. "He hit his head on the side window and has suffered a concussion.  We have been watching him for any signs of brain damage.   He also has some bruised ribs and will need to stay in bed at least a few days."

Brody let out his breath. "Does that mean we can take him home, Doctor?" he asked.

Doctor Peterson said, "I'd like to keep him overnight for observation. He's stable and is grumpy because once he gained consciousness we've been waking him every half hour." 

"Can I see him?" Brody asked.

Before the other doctor could answer Heath asked, "Would you allow him to come home if I guarantee to watch him, Jon?"

Jonathan thought for a moment. He was aware of the resort and had been friends with Heath for several years.  He knew they had a well-equipped infirmary. "I'd be willing to release him to your care Heath. If he should have any difficulties, I want him back here as quickly as you're able to bring him in."

"I'll make sure of it, Jon," Heath agreed smiling at Brody.  "Can we see Harry now?"

The doctor nodded. "Yes, come this way." He led the men to an area that had curtains around a bed. "Harry, you have visitors."

Harry looked up bleary eyed. "Visitors? I wanna go home!"

Brody rushed to Harry's side.  "Calm down babe," he whispered.  "You need to calm down."

James and Heath stood back letting the two men connect.

Harry said, "Brody?"

"Yes, sweetheart, it's me.  How are you feeling?"

The other man said, "My head hurts. I wanna go home Brody."

"I know babe.  Do you remember what happened?" Brody asked.

Harry said, "I remember there was a huge stag in the road."

"Yes, the sheriff was following and saw you swerve to miss it."

Harry blinked. "Dusty?"

"Yes, he was following and saw you swerve and run off the road," Brody answered.  "He said you were weaving on the road before the deer jumped out."

The other man said amazed, "I was? I don't remember that. I was tired…I think I closed my eyes for just an instant and then the stag was right there."

The young accountant looked quickly back at Heath then said to his boy, "I thought that was the case, babe." 

Harry said, "I think I tried to not hit him and then I was off the matter what I did I couldn't get the car to stop, then I don't remember anythin' until I woke up here in the hospital." 

Dr. Peterson walked into the room.  "Harry, I'm going to release you into Dr. Forsyth's care.  So you can go home but I want you to do everything he says."

The man looked from his lover to James to Heath. "What will I have to do Doctor?"

"Rest and stay in bed for at least a week."

"A week!" Harry cried. He began to shake his head. "I can't do that! I have a job to do!"  The security guard winced and his hands went to his head at the action and he moaned.

"Harry, you have a choice to stay in the hospital or do what I say at home." Heath said in a tone that froze his patient.

The security guard leaned back on his pillows his eyes closed. "Yes Sir," he said quietly.

"Good Boy," the young doctor said. "Now just rest till I get the paper work done."

James said, "We have a bed already made up in the back of the van for him Dr. Peterson."

"Sounds like you guys came prepared to take Harry home with you," Jonathan laughed.

The resort owner agreed saying, "Well we figured Harry wouldn't want to stay if he didn't have to and if he had to stay Brody wouldn't leave him, so we came prepared."

Jon slapped Heath on the back.  "Come on Heath let’s get the paper work out of the way.  I'll have the nurse come in to help get Harry ready to go."

James stayed with Brody while Heath went with Dr. Peterson. The nurse came in to Harry to help him get dressed and ready to go.

The injured man tried to push her away. "I can do it myself," he complained.

"Harry," Brody growled.

"What?" He asked looking at his partner.

"Let her help you."

The security guard opened his mouth to protest.

Brody looked at his boy.

Harry scowled, but grudgingly allowed the nurse to assist him to get dressed.

Heath and Dr. Peterson walked back in the area pushing a wheelchair.

The nurse said, "Your patient is ready to go Dr. Forsyth."

"Thank you Jenny, we'll take it from here," Jon said.

"You're welcome Dr. Peterson," The nurse said as she left the men.

Brody helped Harry into the wheel chair after a brief discussion concerning the older man’s reluctance to use the chair.

James led the way to the van.

Heath helped Brody lift Harry into the van then helped to lay the man on the bed. Once Harry was secured with Brody beside him they could start the drive back to the resort.

James asked, "Everyone secure back there?"

"All set James," the young accountant answered.

The resort owner put the van in gear and started the drive back to TLR. He glanced at Heath as he drove along.

Harry snuggled under the blankets. He was asleep again before they got out of the parking lot.

Heath reached over and squeezed his partner's hand knowing they were both thinking about Jax and what they would do if it was him lying in the back of the van.

James gave his partner a grateful smile for understanding his feelings.

Harry stirred a bit in the back of the van as it turned off the main road and onto the entrance to the resort. "Brody?"

"I'm right here sweetheart."

The older man reached for his lover's hand. "Can we sleep together tonight?"

Brody looked at Heath for the answer.

"I don't see why you can't, Harry.  But Brody is going to have to wake you every half hour during the night."

"I can do that, Heath," the other man assured the doctor.

Harry said, "Thanks Heath."

James drove the van up to Brody's bungalow although most times vehicles except for the carts were prohibited.

Heath opened the rear doors and both men helped Harry out of the van. James carried him into the house. He took Harry into the bedroom he shared with his partner and gently laid him on the bed.  "There you go Brody. Your brat is all yours. You do know you can call Heath anytime you need help."

"Yes, sir, I know," the other man assured him.

"All right then, remember call anytime day or night if Harry needs us otherwise be sure to follow Heath's instructions.

"Brody why don't you crawl in bed with Harry and I'll stay here a couple of hours so you can get some sleep,” Heath suggested.

"No, I don't want to put you out, Heath," the man declined.

"But I insist Brody.  Harry is under my care and I think it's best for both of you."

"OK, thanks, Heath," the young top agreed.

James said, "I'll park the van and let Jax know you're staying here for a couple of hours." 

The older man kissed Heath. "I'll see you later hon." He turned to the young top. "Take care Brody and I'll see you and Harry tomorrow to see how you two are doing."

"Ok, James, and thanks for being there for us," Brody said as he hugged the resort owner.

James returned the hug.  "You're welcome."

After his partner left Heath turned to Brody.  "Get in there with your man and I'll come check on him in thirty minutes."

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