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Monday, February 13, 2017


Harry’s Accident Part 2

The next day after the accident found Harry sleeping through most of it and being wakened on and off to make sure he was all right. By the day after, he was feeling a bit better and ready to go back to his regular routine, even though his head was still achy. He glanced over at Brody and saw his lover was still asleep and he began to ease out of the bed.

Brody felt the movement on the bed and opened his eyes.  "Harry, get back in this bed," he growled.

Harry jumped a little startled. "I need to relieve myself. Can't I even do that?"

"Sure, you can, babe, and then you can come right back to bed."

Harry said, "I'm hungry. Can't we eat in the kitchen after I'm through?"

Brody rolled over and looked at the clock.  It was only 6:30 but he decided this wasn't a battle he wanted to fight at this hour of the morning.  "You go to the bathroom and I'll start breakfast," he agreed.  

Harry nodded. "Okay Brody." He stood up carefully and slowly made his way to the bathroom, being careful to not sway as he was still feeling a little dizzy.  His head began to hurt once again.

Brody watched his lover as he walked across the bedroom.  He knew Harry was hurting but went into the kitchen anyway.  His man needed some space to deal with the pain.  

When Harry was through in the bathroom he crept into the kitchen and plopped down in a chair. "Coffee?" He asked.

"Sure thing," Brody said placing a cup in front of his man.  "After you take a couple of these too." Holding out two ibuprofens and a glass of juice.

Harry wrinkled his nose at the pills, but then remembering Mutt and Adam took them, swallowed them down with his juice.

"Thank you, babe," Brody said gently kissing Harry on the forehead.

Harry smiled. "You're welcome Brody, what are you fixin' for breakfast?"

"Something light so you don't get sick," Brody said.  "What about some oatmeal?"

His partner nodded. "Okay, with some cream and raisins and brown sugar?"

Brody chuckled wondering if he'd accidently stumbled on his brat's comfort food.  "Anything for you babe...well almost anything until you're better."

Harry nodded. "Thanks Brody."

The young top turned back to the stove and got the water boiling then added the rolled oats.   While they cooked, he found the raisins and brown sugar and placed them on the table in front of Harry.  He pulled the cream from the refrigerator, filled two bowls with oatmeal and joined the older man at the table.

Harry said, "Mama used to make me this when I was sick."

"I'll remember that, Babe," Brody smiled.  

The older man smiled shyly at his partner. "Thank you."  Harry poured a handful of raisins over the oatmeal, poured in some of the cream and sprinkled brown sugar liberally over it before stirring it all up together.

The two men sat in silence as they ate.  Brody watching his man closely for any signs of dizziness.  Heath had warned him that it could take as much as a month for Harry's brain to recover.

After a while Harry put his hand to his head once more. He had almost finished his food, his head was hurting still, but not as bad as before but the dizziness was still there.

"Let's get you back to bed, Babe."

Harry said, "Can't you just help me into the living room where we can watch a movie or somethin' together?"

"OK, but only if you promise to tell me if you feel sick or dizzier," Brody agreed.  He was hoping Harry would fall back to sleep.

The other man said, "All right." He went to stand up from his chair and grabbed onto the back of it as the room spun.

Brody was beside him in a flash.  Once he felt Harry gain control he guided him to the recliner.

The older man carefully walked with his partner to his usual seat and eased himself onto it. He leaned back and put up the foot rest.

Brody handed the remote to Harry then covered him with the quilt from the couch.

The older man smiled and flipped the channels until he found something interesting to watch. After laying down the remote it wasn't very long before Harry found himself sound asleep.

Standing at the kitchen counter, Brody smiled when he saw Harry's eyes close and his head roll to the side.  His boy needed all the rest he could handle.  But knowing his partner he wouldn't handle it long.

Harry woke after a while a bit disgruntled at not being able to stay awake. "Brody!" he called. 

"Yes, babe," his partner said walking in from the laundry.

"I'm thirsty. I need a drink. Bring me a coke," he told Brody

The young top frowned at the grumpy demand but let it pass this time.  "It's a little early for a coke, Babe, what about some juice?"

"Well I want one," Harry almost whined.

"Harry, I'll get you some juice."

"I wanna coke!"

"Harry, you can have juice or you can have water," Brody said holding his ground.  "You can have a coke with your lunch."

The other man pouted, "Juice then."

Brody smiled knowing that all the battles weren't going to be that easy to win. When he returned with the glass of juice Harry had fallen asleep again.  He placed the glass on the side table then went to the kitchen to call Heath.

Heath answered the phone on the second ring.  He was still at home with his partners.  "Heath here," he answered.

"Hi Heath, this is Brody."

“Hi Brody, how's Harry?" the doctor asked.

"He had breakfast at the table this morning and now he's resting in the recliner, Doc," Brody explained.  "But he can't seem to stay awake long so I was wondering if that's normal."

"He's recovering from a head injury so yes it's normal, Brody," the doctor reassured him.  "I'll stop by later and check him out."

"Ok, Doc, I'd like that," Brody said as he saw Harry starting to move around.  "Looks like he's awake again, Heath, so I better go."

"Ok, I'll see you soon."

Harry stretched and grumbled, "I can't even stay awake long enough to watch a show."

"Babe, that's to be expected with the wallop your head took."



"Where’s my car?"

"At the body shop.  It got banged up pretty good too," his partner answered.

Harry sighed, "Okay...are they goin' to fix it? Is it real bad?"

“I haven't seen the car yet," Brody answered again.  "But you aren't going to be driving for some time so we have time to deal with it later."

"How long? I have to go visit my mother tonight!"

"Oh, Babe, you aren't going anywhere tonight but when you are up to it I'll drive you to see her," the younger man explained.

Harry began to struggle out of his recliner. "No! I gotta go tonight! She'll worry!"

"Harry, calm down, you aren't going anywhere."

The older man stood up and swayed a bit. "You can't keep me from her! I'll find a way to go...even if I have to walk!"

Brody didn't want to cause any more pain to his brat but one of his hands took hold of Harry's arm and the other landed a fast swat to his butt.

His partner yelped, "OW!"

"Now sit back down, little boy," Brody growled.

Harry sank back into the recliner after rubbing his bottom.

"Brody, I gotta go!"

"Harry, I'll call the home and explain why you can't visit your mom for a few days.  They can tell her where you are when she asks for you," the younger man said.

Harry said tearfully, "But I want to be there if she asks for me. She doesn’t do that much anymore!"

The younger man pulled Harry up into his arms.  "Babe, it's not going to be forever," he consoled his lover.  "But look at you.  You can hardly stand up without getting dizzy."

His partner sniffed and then said, "All right."

"Good boy," Brody said kissing the man in his arms.  Then he helped lower Harry back into the recliner.

The security guard sat back and began to flip through the TV channels and once he settled onto a program promptly fell asleep once more.

Heath came and checked Harry over just before lunch.  He reassured both men that Harry was progressing as expected.  After he left the two men enjoyed a lunch of soup and sandwiches.  The afternoon moved along with Harry spending most of his time sleeping in the recliner.

The older man woke and said to Brody, "I feel better, can you take me to see my mom?"

"Not tonight Harry," his partner answered firmly.  "If you feel better tomorrow maybe we can go then."

Harry bit his lip and then said, "All right."

After they ate dinner Brody pulled Harry down on the couch with him.  His partner's head in his lap.  All to soon the man was asleep again.  The younger man woke his boy again and led him to bed.


The morning of the third day after the accident Brody woke and gazed down at his lover with a smile.  "Good morning, sleepy head," he said affectionately. He himself was tired having been up several times during the night to check on Harry, finally falling asleep only an hour or so before.

Harry opened his eyes. "I think I feel better today Brody. You look tired though." The slightly older man began to sit up to swing his legs over the side of the bed to get up and begin his morning routine.
"You will take it easy today again, my boy," Brody said, concerned as he got out of bed to help Harry up just in case he got dizzy and lost his balance. "I'll help you to the bathroom, and if you need help in the shower you know you just have to ask."

Harry frowned slightly, "You don't have to stick to me like glue, Brody, and I'll be perfectly fine in the shower. I was yesterday and you thought it was fine." The man was not used to asking for help, only to fending for himself and making it through as best he could. 

"You've sustained a concussion as well as bruised ribs Harry. I notice you seem sorer today than you were yesterday and at least until the bruising begins to fade you’re going to be pretty uncomfortable," he said, lifting the hem of Harry's sleep shirt to take a look at the bruises.  They were even darker today, as the doctor had said they'd be, but Brody had to keep from wincing so that he didn't upset Harry any more than he was already likely to be.  "Just get up slowly and see how you do.  If I see you can keep your balance without a problem, I'll let you walk by yourself.  However, I need a shower as well and," he continued with a smile, "well I thought it might be fun to clean up together today." He kissed Harry gently as he helped him stand.

Harry thought about it for a moment, then grinned at Brody. "It just might be at that," he teased.
The young top was glad that Harry had acquiesced so quickly and looked forward to their time together.  He walked into the bathroom, staying close to Harry at all times, and helped him into the shower after turning it on and testing the water to make sure it was a comfortable temperature.  He gently shampooed Harry's hair and then used a soft cloth and liquid bath soap to cleanse his boy's body, taking time and great pleasure in the process.
Harry at first was going to object, but then relaxed into Brody's ministrations, a smile on his face. "It feels good Brody." Harry was not a man who usually allowed himself to be cared for, but he appreciated the help today. He couldn't help it as he still felt a little woozy, but didn't really want his partner to know. For so many years he had done for his parents that he had pushed through his own difficulties on his own. This was a bit of a new experience for him. It was very difficult for him to give over control to another person. He loved and trusted Brody so he allowed it.

"Breakfast," Brody said softly, kissing Harry gently. He helped his lover out of the shower and toweled him off carefully, being as gentle as he could.  He sat his partner down on the lid of the commode and helped him slip on his underwear, socks and pants.  He fully expected his lover to object to the treatment but continued until he'd slipped a tee shirt carefully onto Harry's torso, gently kissing and caressing his boy's neck and face as he did so.
Harry said as Brody dressed him, "I can do that for myself you know. I did perfectly fine yesterday."

"I know," Brody replied with a smile. "But you wouldn't deprive me of the chance to do for you, would you?"  He continued to kiss Harry as he took him by the hand and led him into the kitchen.  "What are you in the mood for today? My day to cook and the sky's the limit," he said around the kisses. When they reached the kitchen he gently placed his partner into a chair and turned toward the refrigerator to take stock of what they had.

Harry said, "I'm not sure, whatever you make is good. Maybe after breakfast I’ll go over to the security office and see what needs to be done there."

"No, Hon. You're on medical leave right now. It's been cleared with Duke, and you and I are going to spend the day here, relaxing and healing. We can watch movies, or read if you prefer something more quiet. We can just sit and talk, about anything you like. Then later on, if you're feeling up to it, I might take you to see your mother. But only if you're feeling better, which I'll decide at the time." 

Harry frowned at first, but sighed. "I suppose so, but I'd rather be doin' somethin' constructive...can we go see mom early and stay the day with her?" he asked hopefully.

"Not right now, Hon. You need to stay quiet and not move around too much. I know you're still having dizzy spells, and those and car rides don't mix well. Also, there's the problem of bumps in the road.  Some are unavoidable, and hitting too many of them will aggravate your ribs.  We'll see how you're doing later on. In the meantime, have a seat on the recliner. Do you want me to turn on the television or would you prefer to listen to music?"

Harry said grumpily, "Watch TV, I guess."

Brody turned on the television and flipped through the channels until he found the movie Arsenic and Old Lace. He grinned as he turned to Harry and said, "Have you ever seen this one, Hon? Cary Grant at his best, I think. As far as his comedic roles went."

Harry shook his head and then winced and held tightly to the chair as the room began to spin some. "No..." he said softly.  "Sounds like it can be entertainin' if I don't fall asleep on it," he said with a little pout.

"If you fall asleep then it just means your body needs it to heal, Babe. Neither Cary or I will be offended if you doze off," Brody said with a smile. "I'm going to go into the kitchen to wash up the dishes.  Would you like something to drink? I'll be right back and we can watch together." 

Harry said, "Give me a soda and don't pawn off any of that nasty old juice you did yesterday on me."

"There are more polite ways to say that, don't you think?" Brody said quietly. He didn't want to swat his boy today, even though he had to yesterday, but his lover's tone left a lot to be desired.  "Just because you're not feeling well doesn't mean you can ignore common courtesy," he continued. "And I'd hate to have to give you a reminder of that again today." 
Harry sighed and said, "Sorry."
"That's better.  Coke or Ginger Ale, Babe? Do you feel nauseous at all right now?" he asked, putting a gentle hand on his boy's shoulder. 
Harry said, "No and Coke please."

Once again, the younger man gave his partner a gentle kiss and went to get the soda.  He found a package of crazy straws that had been left over from a friend's party and stuck it in the can, hoping to give Harry a laugh.  He put the soda down beside his lover and went to wash the dishes as quickly as he could. He had a good view of his brat from the kitchen but he didn't want to be away from him for too long.  He popped open a soda for himself and joined Harry to watch the movie.  He generally didn't like either of them to drink soda in the morning, but he was willing to give his lover a little leeway for the day. 
Harry pick up the can of soda and smiled, saying, "Thank you," and then chuckled at the crazy straw he had put in it and entertained himself by watching the soda make its way through it.

 Brody smiled, he loved to see Harry happy and was glad that his boy was having such a good time of it.  He turned his attention to the movie, keeping an eye on Harry as often as possible while his lover was engaged in the story.
When the movie ended, Harry yawned and said, "I'm hungry again...can we have a snack or an early lunch?"

"Sure, Babe, what would you like?" Brody asked, wondering if his boy would be able to stay awake long enough to eat any of it.
"Maybe some cheese sticks?" he asked, yawning again and his eyes heavy lidded.
The younger man took his time baking the cheese sticks and heating up a little sauce for dipping, figuring that if his boy fell asleep by the time he got back he could make more when Harry woke again.  He went back into the living room to find that his brat had finally dozed off.  He smiled at the sight and sat down to watch Harvey, nibbling on the baked cheese sticks and again keeping an eye on Harry.  He was past the stage where he had to be awakened every half hour and Brody was just glad that his boy was comfortable enough to sleep.  Before he knew it, he had dozed off as well. 

After they had rested most of the afternoon and they had eaten dinner Harry said a bit anxiously, "You said we could go visit mom...when will we leave?"

"I said that I'd bring you to see your mother depending on how you were feeling tonight.  I can tell that you're still having dizzy spells, and I know your ribs and head are hurting," the younger man said, bringing a glass of water and two pain killers to his partner.  "So, we're not going to go tonight. Maybe in a few more days, and after Heath has had another good look at you. I have to call him anyway to give him an update on how you're doing." 
Harry pouted. "I'm fine," he argued. "You know she'll worry if I don't come to visit." He was worried if he didn't see her frequently she'd forget who he was altogether.
Brody sighed, he knew how much his lover's mother meant to him and how he worried.  "Babe," he said gently, "it's not a good time to go. It's not that I don't want you to see her, you understand that don't you? It's simply that we need to take care of you right now. I've already called the home and explained what happened to you and why you're unable to go visit for a little while.  They understood and said that even a phone call would brighten her day."  He didn't want to remind his lover that there was a good chance that even if he did go see her, she wouldn't recognize him. There was no point in making him feel worse than he already did.
Harry sighed. "I'll call her...but a phone call isn't the same," he told Brody a bit grumpily, reaching for his phone.
Brody leaned down and kissed his boy again.  "I know, sweetheart, and thank you for understanding.  I'll be nearby if you need me for anything," he said, walking into the kitchen to make some tea for the two of them.

The older man sighed and grumbled, "If I had my own car I would have gone anyway." He placed the call and spoke to his mother although it was a rather scattered and convoluted conversation. Harry frowned as he hung up and placed the phone on the side table.
When he heard the phone being put back on it's holder, Brody went back into the living room. He could tell by the look on Harry's face that it hadn't been as satisfying as he'd have hoped.  His heart went out to his lover. He stood behind his brat and leaned down to hug him. 

"Are you up for another movie?" Brody asked. "I'll make some popcorn," he offered.

Harry said, "Okay and popcorn sounds good, Brody."

The young top made the popcorn and returned to the living room with the bowl and two more Cokes.  He put them on the coffee table for the time being while he looked at the TV Guide channel.  "There are a lot of good movies on, Babe. Or would you rather watch one we have in our collection?"

Harry shrugged. "You choose for us Brody." He was rather getting to like not having to make all the decisions for once.

His partner grinned and kissed his boy soundly.  "Drunken Master is on," he said. Keying in the right channel, he sat back on the couch, pulling Harry down gently beside him and putting the popcorn on his lap for the time being. He put an arm around his lover and the two of them relaxed back into the soft cushions, Harry leaning on Brody who sighed with contentment.

When the movie was over Harry could hardly keep his eyes open and the two made their way to the bedroom with his lover helping him and tumbled into the bed where Brody undressed him and the two cuddled in the large bed contentedly, drifting off to sleep, the older man feeling well cared for, for the first time in many years.

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