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Monday, February 13, 2017


Valentine’s Day 2017

Mutt woke early on Valentine's day, warm and snug in the arms of his husband. He sighed contentedly and settled back down in the loving embrace. 

The slight movement roused Jeff who was still a little worn out from their pre-Valentine's day love making, but not worn out enough to prevent him from leaning up on one elbow to deliver a tender good morning kiss on his brat's lips.

"Mmmmm," Mutt managed to say as he pressed into the kiss. 

When they finally released each other's lips, Mutt turned more toward Jeff and tried to snuggle back down.

"It's Valentine's Day, Hon," Jeff said with a smile, "I thought we could go out and do something today."

"Valentine's Day is always crazy," Mutt complained. "People out and about all buying candy and cards last minute, crowded stores, crowded restaurants, waiting lists. It's going to be too busy out there. Why don't we just stay at home happy and warm in our own bed all day? There are all sorts of fun things we can do right here at home, and we can even go to the resort party tonight if you want."

Jeff laughed a little and replied, "That's what we've done the past few years, Hon. Don't you want to go out and have a little fun? Catch a movie, have dinner somewhere other than home?"

"Nuthin' we can't do here." Mutt cajoled, pulling the blankets back up over his head and trying to pull Jeff down under with him.  When Jeff didn't follow immediately Mutt burrowed down a little further and began to give Jeff at least one good reason to stay home.

Jeff sank back and let Mutt minister to him with a smile of contentment on his face.  Perhaps staying home wouldn't be such a bad idea after all, he thought.


Jax quietly tried to wriggle free from the younger of his lover’s protective arm but the arm only tightened.  Heath’s captive wiggled again and whispered, “Pee.”

Heath released his hold as he kissed his boy’s cheek.  “OK, but hurry back, little boy.  It’s too early to get up.”

“I will.”

The doctor thought nothing of it when his young man left the bedroom instead of going it to the en-suite.  He didn’t want to disturb their older lover so Jax often used the bathroom down stairs.  Heath sighed and closed his eyes.

Jax carefully descended the stairs from the second floor.  Then after he relieved himself, he slipped into the spare bedroom.  Hidden just where he left it in the closet was a box from the bakery.  He took it out to the kitchen and after draping the red cloth over the table he laid out the contents it held.  Soon, scones, fritters, muffins and heart shaped donuts covered it.

Working quickly and quietly, he placed three plates, utensils, glasses and cups on the table.  Then he set the coffee timer for 8 a.m.  He made sure there was fresh juice in the fridge.  Then finally he placed a small square box on each plate. 

Satisfied with his work, he hurried back up the stairs before one of his guys came looking for him.  After crawling up the bed, he wriggled back into his place between his lovers.

“Why are your feet so cold, little boy?” Heath growled.

“Shush, Doc, you’ll wake up James,” Jaxon whispered.

James opened one sleepy smoky blue eye and said, "With my sandwich filling squishing out like peanut butter and the other slice yakking, this slice couldn't do anything but be awake," he said to his partners. "What time is it anyway?" he asked groggily.

Jax giggled.  "Now you've done it, Doc.  You woke the big guy up."  He stuck is cold feet between Heaths legs.

"Looks to be 7:23, JW," Heath answered then yipped when he felt Jax's feet.

"Sounds like we got an excited little brat, hmm?" he asked, becoming more fully awake now.

"Excited?  I'm not excited...I'm trying to sleep and you two aren't helping."

James raised an eyebrow. "Putting your cold feet on Heath and talking isn't sleeping," James said, with a grin

Heath rolled over on their boy.  His mouth found Jax's neck letting his teeth nip him.

Their young lover groaned out, “No fair."

James rolled toward Jax as well and joined in nipping on the other side.  He laughed. "All's fair in love and war and this is love."

Jax was reduced to a moaning, groaning lump.

James winked at Heath. "Think we have him subdued now."

Sometime later the three men wandered into the kitchen.

The oldest partner headed for the coffee pot and poured himself a cup and then asked, "Anyone else want some of this?"

“I'll take a cup, JW," Heath answered.

Opening the refrigerator, Jax reached for the juice.

The resort owner’s eyes widened when he saw the array of food set out for them. "Cupid has been busy I see," James commented and smiled at his two younger lovers.

"Wasn’t me," Heath said, "but this could be the reason for someone’s cold feet."

The older man poured Heath a cup and handed it to him. He smiled at Jax. "Thank you honey for thinking of us. This is nice." James indicated everything set out for them.

"Well, it is our first Valentine's Day," Jax remarked blushing, "and I wanted you guys to know how much you mean to me and how much I love you."

James went over and enveloped Jax in a tight hug. "And we love you too little one, and I have something for the three of us to do after supper tonight." He winked.

"And I got us massage oils in various scents and flavors that we all can enjoy anytime," Heath said grinning at his men.  "But, first, what are in those boxes, Babe?"

"Just a little something I thought you guys might like," Jax answered.  Handing a box to each guy he said, "Go ahead and open them."

James took his and carefully opened it and then looked at Heath as he held up what appeared to be a metal puzzle piece with JW etched on to it. "Hmm...I'm assuming there's more of these?" he asked.

"Yeah, I have one too," the gift giver said holding up another piece with Jax on it.  He laid his piece on the table and then took James’s piece and connected them.  Heath attached his Doc piece to the others.

James smiled when he saw it created a heart and pulled Jax to him and kissed his lips deeply. Jax beamed.  There on the table was a perfect heart.  Each piece fitted perfectly to the others.

"This is perfect, Babe," Heath said waiting his turn at their lover.

James reluctantly gave Jax over to Heath. He went over to a spot on the counter and brought out a small package and said, "This is what I thought we all might enjoy."

It took Jax a minute to recover from the attention his lovers were showing him but once he did he took the package from James.  "Dice?" Jax asked confused.

James grinned. "Yes, a Get Lucky dice game...I thought it might be interesting for us to play at night," he hinted.

"Why wait till tonight, JW?" Heath grinned an evil grin at his youngest lover.

James grinned too. "Hmm...we could try it out now."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Jax yelled over his shoulder, halfway across the living room.

Heath looked at James then bolted for the stairs.

Laughing James ran and took the steps two at a time.


Jake woke early on Valentine's Day and scurried out to the bakery where Brendon had a custom-made gift which he'd ordered specially for Duke. After picking up a dozen bagels and a half dozen special donuts, he walked quietly back into the house, knowing that Duke would still be asleep but not willing to run the risk of waking him too soon. They'd both had hard weeks and he wanted his lover to sleep as long as he could.

He put the gift in the refrigerator, left the bagels and donuts in an airtight bag on the table, then went back to bed, snuggling with Duke as he did so. 

Duke shifted as Jake rejoined him in the huge bed and mumbled something unintelligible and settled back to sleep, pulling the other man close.

Jake smiled and wrapped his arm as comfortably as he could around the much larger man, giving him a gentle kiss on the neck before settling down.  His heart swelled with love for Duke and he breathed in his scent, wondering if he could keep his promise to himself and not wake his lover up after all.

When it was about time for Duke to wake, he smiled down at Jake as he opened his eyes. He kissed him and waited for his lover's eyes to flutter open.

Jake smiled back at his man and pulled him down for a kiss. "Good morning-ish, Dove," he joked when he finally released Duke.  He knew it was past three but that was the beginning of their day according to their schedules. "Ready to eat?" He couldn't wait to give Duke what he'd bought for him. 

Duke nodded. "Yes, I'm starved," he told Jake with an innocent grin.

Jake saw the smile and his eyes narrowed slightly, trying to figure out what was going through the tall man's head.  He wondered if Duke had gotten up at some point and seen the bag in the fridge.  "Well," he said, affecting an accent, "let's go to the kitchen, my prince."

Duke grinned. "Okay sleeping Beauty." He followed Jake to the kitchen surreptitiously snagging a package along the way. When he saw Jake turn away to get him food he slipped it next to his plate.

Jake led his love into the room and sat him down while he fixed a breakfast fit for a king.

Setting the full plates on the table he planted a kiss on Duke's cheek before seating himself.  "Dig in, Dove," he invited.

Duke smiled appreciatively at Jake as he set down his food and did exactly that, dug in.
When they'd finished, Jake grinned at his man and asked, "Got any room left for a surprise?"

"Always," the big man asserted with a grin.

Jake got up and turned back toward the refrigerator to pull out the large bag that had been stowed inside.  "It's not gift wrapped," he admitted with a grin, "but then I don't expect the wrap or the present to last very long." He laughed.  "Happy Valentine's Day, Dove."

Duke took the package and said with a smile, pointing to the package by Jake’s place setting, "Happy Valentine's Day to you too Jake." He opened the bag and his grey eyes went wide and he grinned as he removed the item which was a huge chocolate heart. He took a large bite out of it and his eyes went wide with surprise as he realized it was actually a giant Oreo cookie. "This is great!" he told Jake.

"I'm glad you like it," Jake grinned. "Now, don't eat the whole thing at once," he laughed.  Then he looked curiously at the bag that Duke had set beside his plate before opening it. His eyebrows rose. He looked at Duke in surprise, his smile becoming wider.  "Well, Duke," he said, "I'm impressed!  I love it.  Where did you find this?"

He began to flip through the pages of the book, laughing and finding himself becoming a little more than interested as he paused over some of the ideas and pictures within.  He stood up and gave Duke a solid kiss on the mouth.  "I'm looking forward to making use of this particular present. Where did you find it my love?" he asked with a laugh.  He looked at the cover again and shook his head in awe as he read the title, Let's Get Naked: The Sexy Activity Book for Couples*.

Duke blushed. "I found it on line and thought it might be fun for us."

“I love it, Dove," Jake replied. “Hey, I have a great idea. Why don't you close your eyes, flip through the book and then point at a page at random... that'll be the first thing we try."

Duke blushed even more but grinned. "'Kay, I'm willin' to do that." He took the book from Jake, closed his eyes, ruffled the pages and then landed his finger on a place. "This!" he told Jake, his eyes still closed.

Jake's grin grew almost feral as he looked at the page his lover had pointed to.  "Well," he growled, "let's get started then, shall we?"  Without waiting for an answer, he took Duke by the hand and led him back into the bedroom.

Duke went along willingly with his lover, complete trust in his man.


Shorty and Bo walked into the bunkhouse after what seemed to be a very long day at work. They were dog tired and trudged their way to their room to pick out clean clothes and jump into the shower.  The twins had gotten in earlier than expected and had begun dinner, which smelled great.

As the two older men came downstairs, freshly shaven and dressed, the twins met them at the bottom of the stairs.  They saw the twins dressed up like two cupids, chests and legs bare and wearing sarongs of white cloth tied around their waists, as well as white angel wings on their backs.

Before Shorty had a chance to ask what the devil was going on, the twins began to shoot them with Velcro tipped arrows, some of which stuck to their sweaters.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" they shouted with impish grins on their faces.

"Please, sirs, come right this way," Jarrod smiled as he took them by the elbows and led them down a path made of paper rose petals toward the living room where a table and chairs were set up in front of the fire place. The table was set beautifully with a white linen cloth, their best china and silverware and crystal goblets that the twins must have borrowed from the lodge. 

"Please be seated, gentlemen," Little Jake said in a hokey French accent as he and Jarrod pulled the chairs out for them.

Once they were seated Jarrod said, also trying to imitate a French accent, "Tonight's menu consists of steaks grilled to your satisfaction, baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and chives, fresh steamed vegetables and for dessert... oh gentlemen dessert will be a pleasant surprise." 

"Would the gentlemen prefer a nice Cabernet Sauvignon or a Chianti with their dinner?" Little Jake asked, placing a white cloth over his forearm and bowing slightly to the bemused men.

"Cabernet sounds good," Bo said, looking at Shorty for his opinion, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Cabernet it is then," Shorty said trying not to laugh.

Jarrod popped the cork from the wine and poured a little into each goblet so that the men could take a little taste before he filled them completely.

That done, the boys went into the kitchen and brought out the plates of food, carefully setting them down before the two men.

"Bon appetite!" they said in unison as they began bowing out.

"Under normal circumstances I'd ask what the two of you were up to," Shorty joked.  "Is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

Pretending to be offended, Jarrod put his nose up in the air and still using the 'French' accent replied, "Well, monsieur," he huffed, "if that's how you feel about it my fellow cupid and I will be on our way."

"No, no," Shorty said placatingly, "this is all wonderful. Thank you, boys." He chuckled and raised his glass to toast his man, before leaning over the table to kiss him, the flavor of the wine mixed with the flavor of Bo's lips.

Sitting back down he looked at Bo with a mischievous expression and said, "After dessert I think we should play cards."

"Cards?" Bo asked, somewhat disappointed at the idea but trying not to show it.

"Oh, these are not just any cards," Shorty replied suggestively. "I think you'll like this game."

Bo caught on quickly and grinned. He wanted to skip dinner entirely but knew that the twins had gone through a lot of trouble to prepare it and he cooled his jets... for the moment, he grinned.

Jare cleared his throat, reminding the guys that they weren’t alone.  “You two enjoy yourselves.  Me and Little Jake are going over to the lodge party and spread some love.”

“Yeah,” the younger twin agreed, “our quivers are full of arrows and looking for hearts to pierce.”

Shorty pulled his eyes away from his lover long enough to look at the cupids heading for the back door.  “STOP, you two aren’t going anywhere dressed like that.  You’ll freeze your, um, arrows off!”

Jarrod replied, "Don't worry Shorty, it's only a short walk to the lodge. We'll be fine."

"We're warm enough," Little Jake said dismissively.

"You'll be a lot warmer if you two try to leave the house like that," Shorty growled.

The twins rolled their eyes and sighed but went back upstairs to their rooms to dress.  They came down moments later dressed appropriately for the weather in jeans, sweatshirts and warm boots.

Shorty hid a smile.  Jarrod had never been good about tucking his shirt in and the back of the sarong was easily visible beneath their regular clothes. Bo noticed also and looked at Shorty, his lips twitching as he tried to hide his smile.

"Alright then, gentlemen, if there will be nothing else, your desserts are in the refrigerator, and we'll be back when the party poops out," Jarrod said as the boys slipped on their jackets, hats and gloves.

"Goodnight, boys. Have fun," Shorty replied as the twins left, closing the door gently behind them.

"Did they really think they were going to get away with that?" Bo asked with a laugh.  "What do you think they did with their bows and arrows?"

"They probably threw them out of their windows and are picking them up as we speak," Shorty replied with a grin.  "But enough about them. Here's to us," he said, raising his glass to his lover with a smile.

Bo raised his glass as well and took a sip. "And here's to a wonderful night of playing cards," he replied with a twinkle in his eye.


*AN:   Let's Get Naked: The Sexy Activity Book for Couples  
Published by Love Book LLC

Written, Illustrated and Designed by Robyn Durst (available on Amazon)

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