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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Getting Together

Brody was quietly counting out his drawer. The day was finally coming to a close, and he was exhausted. The holidays were always the busiest time at the bank.

"Hey, Brody. Let's hit Finnegan's tonight."

Brody jumped when Owen's hand slapped down on his shoulder.

"Ah, damn. Now I have to start over," Brody complained.

Owen pulled up a chair. "Hand me the 20's, I'll help you."

Brody gratefully handed over the money. "You really want to go out again? I'm getting tired of the club scene. Know what I mean? I'm ready to find someone for keeps."


Freddie came running up to the door of the bank. His dad had handed him the daily receipts at three and he was supposed to drop them off at the bank by closing time. He had five minutes before the damn door closed. Running and sliding in just as the guard came to lock the door he took a deep breath and looked around. Since he just came from the auto shop he was still in his greasy coveralls and grease across his forehead, shaking his head he looked to see who may be open to help him.

Owen opened his mouth to reply when he heard the front door open. He spun around startled and saw a really cute man standing there. "I think I'm in love. Again," he joked to his best friend.

Harry, the bank guard quirked an eyebrow at Freddie. "Cutting it close today aren't you Freddie?" he asked. He escorted Freddie to the windows. "Owen, Brody we got a under the line customer," he told them.

"Damn," Owen said under his breath. Then louder, he said, "That kid is always just under the wire."

"Go ahead and take care of him," Brody said. "I'll wait for you."

Freddie dragged his lower teeth over his top lip and gave a small groan when he saw Owen walk over to his station. He was going to have to make a move or give up the idea he had been working on since he had first seen the bank teller. Here goes nothing he thought. Going over to Owen's window he put the bank bag down with the daily receipts in it on the counter. "Hey, I have to tickets to the Monster truck show tonight. You want go?" Freddie asked tilting his head one side giving him a smile.

Owen smiled back. This man was sure a quick mover. "Sounds good," he replied, "but I've got plans with my friend over there." He nodded his head towards Brody.

"Oh," Freddie look disappointed. He leaned against the counter drumming his thumbs on it. “What time are you meeting him? It starts at nine and ends when only one truck is still moving," he said with a smile.

Brody watched as Owen and Freddy....well, not really flirted, but you could tell there was something going on there.

Brody wanted something, he wanted a lover, a partner, but he hadn't been able to find that special someone.

As he was turning to finish counting, he saw Harry watching him.

Owen noticed out of the corner of his eye that his best friend was talking to Harry. "How about we get together at nine?" he suggested. "I'm sure Brody will take a rain check."

Freddie's eyes lit up quick. "Yeah, that’s great. You want to meet at the fairgrounds?" he asked signing the deposit slip.

"It's a date," Owen replied smiling, handing Freddie his receipt. "Now we need to close up. So meet you at the entrance to the fairgrounds at 9pm."


Harry smiled at Brody. "Seems like you've had a hard time gettin' closed out tonight," he observed.

Brody returned Harry's smile. "Yeah, but it’s not a big deal. Not like I have anyone at home waiting for me."

Harry nodded. He was glad to find out the younger man didn't have anyone. It would give him a chance with the man. He hadn't wanted to make a move because he had noticed that Owen and Brody had been close and wasn't quite sure what their relationship might be. "We can meet up later after you have dinner with Owen; maybe take in a late movie if you're interested."

Brody looked at Harry. He seemed a bit nervous. Was he flirting with him? Brody thought on that for a minute. Would that be a bad thing? No, no it wouldn't he answered himself.

"I'd love to meet up with you, Harry. How about a late, late dinner?" Brody asked the security guard.

Harry shifted a bit and then smiled. "Yes, that sounds good Brody, I'd like that," he told the other man.

Brody watched as Harry went back out into the lobby. He couldn't wait for Owen to come back over. He wanted to tell his best friend his thoughts about Harry.

Harry paced the lobby waiting for Freddie to leave so he could lockup the bank. He glanced over at Brody and hoped the other man was sincere in his invitation. He thought about telling him about the Teardrop Lake resort, but he knew he had to be cautious about it.


Owen watched as Freddie left admiring the cute butt the younger man had. He turned back and grinned at Brody. "I've got a hot date tonight," he announced.


As Freddie walked out he answered his cell phone, "No bro, sorry, I got a date tonight." He turned around and started walking backwards toward the door. "Owen," Freddie rolled his eyes, "That fucking hot bank manager at dad's bank," He told the other person. He spun around and gave Harry a nod and left. He did a quick victory yell once out on the sidewalk and hurried to his bike.


Brody stared at Owen and then a grin of his own spread across his face.

"Somehow, I find I have a date too!" Brody still couldn't figure out how this happened, but he wasn't going to slap fate in the face. "I've a date with Harry."


Harry watched as Freddie left the bank and locked the doors after him and then made his rounds of the bank as always, checking that all the cash drawers were placed in the vault which would soon be locked for the night and not be opened until morning when the bank opened for business. He went over to Brody. "Umm...Brody, you finished yet? I need to get your drawer into the vault."

"Harry?" Owen said, turning he ran his eyes up and down the security guard. He smiled slowly. "I can see the attraction. You always did like men in uniform."
"I know it’s such a cliché, but it's true," Brody admitted trying not to blush. "A uniform is such a turn on for me."


Elijah got off the phone with Zay, feeling relieved that Zay agreed to go out with him and meet his friends at the fairgrounds.

“What time?” Zay asked as he was pacing the kitchen floor at his apartment.

Elijah answered, “Meet me at the front of the entrance where the others are meeting at eight-thirty.”

“Umm, ok,” Zay agreed.

Elijah arrived at the entrance of the fairgrounds. Scratching his head he had a terrible thought that Zay wouldn't show up. Then he heard a bus pull up and a young man in his early twenties, 150 pounds and nicely built walked off the bus. He had medium to long brown hair.

“Are you Zay Zimmerman?”

“Yes sir and you?”

“Elijah Thomas.”

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