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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Charles, Gary & Mike

Charles William Petersen
Written by Snarks

Top with Gary to Mike

Age 40, 6'3” 185 pounds.  Brown hair beginning to grey, hazel green eyes, average build.

Rich parents who disowned him when he came out. He’s stiff and stodgy but working on it for Mike.  He worked hard to become TLR’s lodge manager.


Gary Martin Elwood
Written by Snarks

Top with Charles to Mike

Age 37, 5' 11", slim build, 170 pounds, brown hair and light brown eyes.

Parents are quite loving now once they have accepted his orientation. Third of five kids, older brother and sister and younger sister and brother.  He’s stiff and stodgy but working on it for Mike.  Head chef at the TLR's lodge restaurant.


Michael Anthony Stanton
Written by Snarks

Brat to Charles and Gary

Age 32, 5' 9 1/2", 160 pounds, Brown hair, hazel blue eyes, average build.

Youngest of 3, older brother, and sister.  Mother alive, father deceased.  Very close to his sister Maggie who supports him.  They spend holidays together.  Mother & brother are distant but will talk to him.  Stuck up but wants to change.  Was employed as the resort accountant has wanted to be a waiter in the lodge instead.

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