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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elijah & Zay

Elijah Paul Thomas
Written by Kristy                                                                                                                             
Guest Top to Zay
26 years old. 5 foot 9 inches Weighs 150 lbs.  Works out and runs five miles every day.  Is nicely built.  Has black hair and brown eyes.
Elijah is the eighth child of Sandra (Cookie) and Cole Thomas.  Family brought up in a Christian home.
When Elijah was twelve he knew he was gay and kept it a secret from his parents until he turned eighteen and thought he should tell them.  As loving parents they accepted it and told him they loved him no matter what and just wanted him to be happy.
Elijah finished college dated a few men, but none was a keeper  Then one day he went on his third blind date and met Zay Zimmerman.

Zay Peter Zimmerman
Written by Kristy

Guest Brat to Elijah
High Maintenance

Age 23, Height 5 foot 10 inches 149 lbs.  Has brown hair and thick eyebrows.

He grew up in an Italian home with all the traditions like Christmas, Easter, Pasquetta on the Monday after Easter.  Pasquetta involves family picnics to mark the beginning of springtime and of course they take siesta.  Another tradition is that all the Italian men go around to different houses and drink a shot beer.

Aida, his mother, chose to have Zay at home with the help of a midwife, and had a tough pregnancy. When Zay was about two he was showing signs of chronic asthma and has been hospitalized many times.  At four he developed nervous motor tics which are hard for him to control sometimes.

Zay is the only child of Aldo and Aida Zimmerman. Zay came out soon after his sixteen birthday. Telling his parents that he was gay was the hardest thing he ever did.  They accepted it and life just went on with little talk.

He finished college and moved into his own apartment.  He dated a few men, none seriously, then heard about a men's club that he's been going to for blind dating.  He met this awesome looking hunk of a guy name Elijah Thomas.

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