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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Owen & Freddie

Owen Williamson
Written by Jo

Resort Guest - Top to Freddie

Owen is the oldest son of two teachers, Matt and Susan Williamson. He has two younger brothers and an older sister. He was average at school and his home life was comfortable.

He finished High School and went straight into the workforce much to his parent’s dismay, as they had expected him to go to University. After doing construction to meet the bills, he got a job as a teller in the local bank. It was only after he left home that he came out to his family that he was gay. His siblings had no issues, but his parents found it hard to deal with. They were not estranged but Owen rarely visited them, as they now lived in different states.

He and Brody had meet on the job and briefly dated, then decided they were better as friends rather than lovers. Owen had slowly worked his way up to manager at the bank, and at 30 years of age he is now actively looking for a partner.

He knew he was looking for a partner who could accept his as a dominant. Not as in the BDSM arena but as in the HOH role. Maybe Freddie was the one …….


Fredrick (Freddie) Dakota Silvermoon
Written by Carrol

Resort Guest - Brat to Owen

Biological dad Dakota Slivermoon (who passed while serving in the service overseas).

Eldest Son of Nancy Shasta who married Clinton Smith when Freddie was three, between them they have four children age 23 to 16.  Clinton’s eldest is Shawn.

Born April 12, 1991, he is half Native American (dad) and half Irish (mom). He stands five feet six inches and is close to a hundred and fifty pounds.  Complexion is a light copper, soft slightly curly red hair, eyes are a cross between a green and blue, depending on his mood. He has fine red hair on his lower body but no facial.

Works and lives at his Step Dad’s garage.  He basically runs the place.  He realized he was gay at an early age, even though his family figured it out, he didn't came out until he was out of high school.  He lives above the shop in a small studio apartment.  He has one supposed to be white garage cat (Slick) who looks like she swims in old oil, a guard Dog named Brutes, a small Chihuahua (Brandy) and a mini pot belly pig (Minnie) that thinks she's a dog.
Since Clinton is the only dad Freddie knew he grew up calling him Dad.  He does know about his biological dad.  Freddie can be a smart ass and a little snotty when he feels bratty. He loves his family and nothing or no one will came between them.  He not the best house keeper, loves junk food but tries to eat at least one good meal a day even if it’s fast-food and for some reason he can never get the garage smell off him.

His dad told him one day he needed an older man to keep him in line and to kick his ass if needed. Frankie laughed at his dad’s remark on the outside, however on the inside it was a ‘yeah I wish’ kind of thing. He loves the dominant male.  One who will take control when he is out of control, but he knows nothing about DP.

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