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Monday, September 7, 2015

Harry & Brody

Harrison  (Harry) Wendell Forrester
Written by Rosemarie 

Brat to Brody

Age 30

Harry’s five foot ten and weighs about 170 lbs. with a rock hard body. He takes care of himself and works out regularly to keep fit. He has dark brown hair cut in a military style and has bright blue eyes.

A quiet, shy man, the only child of Mildred and Charles Forrester.  His parents had him late in life. His father died three years ago. His mother needed long term care when she developed a form of dementia and it wasn’t safe for her to live in the family home any longer. Harry sold the family home in order to help pay for his mother’s care.

He moved into his own apartment about a year ago when his mother had to be moved and has worked at the bank for the past four years. He went to the police academy out of high school, but his father was ill and his mother hadn’t wanted him to join the local police force. Harry had taken a few security jobs before being hired on at the bank.  He also works as weekend security at Teardrop Lake Resort.

Harry had always been a quiet child and teen, didn’t do wild things and had known he had an attraction to other men since high school. He hadn’t dated anyone and had finally told his parents about his preferences about five years ago, shortly before his father’s death. He had had a few dinners with a few men and had kissed some and had played at sex, but hadn’t really had any solid relationship in that regard. He had always kept things inside and with his high stress job and taking care of his mother didn’t take very good care of himself.

Brody Simpson
Written by PJ

Top to Harry

29 years old
6 foot even.
Brody has blond hair and green eyes. Average weight. Not rock hard abs, but not pudgy. Just soft.
Brody is the middle child of Brock and Ann Simpson. He has an older sister and a younger sister. Family brought up in a Christian home and a little shocked when Brody came out. They've tried to be understanding, but there is a slight tension in the family.
Brody went a little wild in college and only completed 2 years. He had his fun, sowed his wild oats and learned from his experiences. He's a bit of an unconventional top and really just wants someone he can care for and protect. He's not ambitious in his career life, but h wants badly to have someone to call his own.
He met one of his best friends, Owen at school.  Owen and Brody both knew that although they were great friends, they were never meant to be lovers.

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