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Monday, September 7, 2015

Duke, Jake & Dean

Duke Winslow Montgomery
Written by Rosemarie

51 yrs. old 6’6" 285 lbs. solid muscle
Handsome, Clean shaven, grey eyes.  Sandy collar length hair just long enough for his mentors, Jeff and James, to tease him about giving him a buzz cut.

Duke is a retired Marine, Gunnery Sergeant. 

Duke never knew his father, the man left before he was born.  His mother was wild and just never accepted the responsibility of being a mother.

Rita Montgomery had another son without knowing who the father was.  Rita named her sons Duke and Dean after her two favorite movie actors, John “Duke” Wayne and Dean Martin.

Duke basically raised his brother and himself while his mother partied herself to death.
His mother died when he was 14 and the boys lived with their grandparents until Duke joined the Marines at 17. 

Despite his home life Duke was straight A student.

Duke has been head of security at Teardrop Lake Resort for the last 11 years.  He enjoys camping, fishing and kayaking on his days off.

Duke is straight or thought he was.


Jake Titan Marzetti
Written by Snarks

48 years old, 5' 9", Dark hair and eyes
Average Joe, so to speak, not especially handsome but not horrible looking either LOL
Football players build
A little rough around the edges but a very nice guy
Jake is Italian American, parents still alive, living in New York
Father Jacob Anthony Marzetti, Mother Alyssia (Bodoni) Marzetti, 2 brothers Anthony and John, 2 sisters, younger, Marissa and Marina, twins, Anthony is the oldest, and Jacob is second in line.
All are good with Jake being gay, very close knit family
Alyssia wants grandkids from him doesn't care how he does it
She keeps trying to set him up with eligible guys.
Always tells him how skinny he is and he needs to eat more LOL


Dean Martin Montgomery
Written by Snarks and PJ
Duke’s younger brother

42, 6’4”, 270 #, solid muscle, gray eyes, short dark hair, medium stubble beard.

Duke and Dean never knew their dads because their mom didn’t really care who she slept with.  Their mom was white as was Duke’s dad but Dean’s dad was obviously black.  Practically raised by his big brother until their mom died when he was 5.

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