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Monday, September 7, 2015

Eric, Adam & Torren

Eric Brian Dance
 Written by Snarks
Top to Adam & Torren

Age 38, 6'1" Brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, 174 pounds.

Parents deceased, two older brothers, estranged.  TLR watercraft and watersports supervisor. Arranges winter sports off season.


Adam Patrick O’Neill
Written by Snarks

Brat to Eric, brat with Torren

Age 31, 5' 9” 165 pounds.  Athletic build. Black Irish, dark hair, blue eyes, normally fair skinned except during the summer months.    Adam and his family moved from Ireland when he was a child but they all kept their brogue despite being in the states for so long.

Adam's folks are Catholic, don't really approve of their son's orientation but he is their only son so it was accept him or lose him, one sister, younger.  Assistant landscaping for TLR.


Torren Luis Ruiz
Written by Snarks

Brat to Eric, Brat with Adam

Age 33, Black hair and dark brown eyes, 5'9” 160 pounds, Fit, lean muscle mass, 

Parents deceased, only child, foster care til he ran away at 16, rough childhood, lived on the street as a prostitute until he met Eric when he was 19.  Is one of the general maintenance employees for TLR.  Earned his GED and has recently begun to take online college courses to earn a degree in social work.

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