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Monday, September 7, 2015

Jeff & Mutt

Jeffrey Allen "Jeff" Markham
Written by Snarks

Husband to Mutt, top

51 years old
6’1” Swimmers build and fit. Moderately tan but mostly works out of his office.
Short salt and pepper hair, cut short.  Dark blue eyes.

Third of five children, two girls, three boys.  Born and raised in Connecticut to Paula Jennifer (Coffee) Markham and Nicholas Allen Markham.  His parents were accepting of their son's orientation but were dismayed at the age difference and social standing between Jeff and Mutt.

Jeff joined the Marines fresh out of high school.  He retired as a First Lieutenant.  He took college courses during his time in the Marines and after his retirement.  He has degrees in business, economics, and finance.

Asked to work at the resort as his administrator by James, an old friend from the Marines.

He keeps fit by hiking, swimming, running and lifting weights.

Married to Matthew "Mutt" Elijah Tailor


Matthew Elijah "Mutt" Tailor
Written by Snarks

Husband to Jeff, brat

30 years old 5' 6” Solidly built and fit. Tanned skin from working outdoors. Wild, dark hair down to his shoulders.  Dark brown eyes that change color with his mood.  Third of three children, all boys.

Born and raised in Wiscasset, Maine to Deborah Jean (Alonzo) Tailor, and Michael Joseph Tailor.  Mother was very accepting of Mutt's orientation but his father was not so understanding or accepting, so Mutt left home at the age of 18 and found work at the resort.  Put himself through college with James’s help.

Has a degree in engineering but prefers to work outdoors and is head of maintenance at the resort.  Enjoys fixing machinery, repairing whatever needs to be repaired at the resort, and in his spare time, creates artwork from bits of wood and metal that he finds.

He enjoys hiking, skeet shooting whenever he can get to a range, archery, rock climbing, fishing and camping.

Married to Jeffrey Allen "Jeff" Markham.

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