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Monday, September 7, 2015

James, Heath & Jaxon

James Wesley Harrington – Owner of Teardrop Lake Resort
Written by Rosemarie

Top with Heath to Jaxon
Age 54, Height 62 Dark brown hair thats collar length with some silver strands.
Smokey blue eyes

He had an uncle who was gay and who helped him with discipline and sexual orientation as a teen. When his uncle died when James was 28 he inherited the land along with Teardrop Lake.  In memory of his uncle, James decided to create a resort where same sexed men could learn how to accept their sexual orientation. He also decided to provide a safe place to learn about and practice the discipline life style and offers this to all who are interested in living that particular life style. After 10 years the resort became a reality.

He served in the Marine Corps and enjoys relationships with people from all walks of life.

His parents are still living in Colorado. He has a good relationship with them. He grew up there and went to Maine summers to be with his uncle to help him out on his farm which still is preserved as part of the resort.

He served in the Marines with Jeff and has been friends with Heath for some time and Harry who provides security at a local bank as well as at the resort when needed.

James is a very caring man.


Heathcliff (Heath) Forsyth
Written by  PJ 

Top with James to Jaxon
Doctor at TLR

37 years old, Tall and thin (6’4”, 190 lbs) Light brown hair, hazel eyes

Son of Charles and Elisabeth Forsyth (both professors). Heath is the middle child of 3.
His family accepted that he was gay and he is very close to his parents and his older brother, Rhett, and younger sister Louisa.

Heath knew as a young teen that he liked to take care of others, that is why he became a doctor.  He learned about Tops and Brats by accident on the internet and then actively sought out the lifestyle knowing he was a Top.  Heath was put into contact with James and was hired fresh out of residency to come and be the full time doctor at Teardrop Lake Resort.

Heath seems easy going, but he is a pretty strict Top.


Jaxon Nickolas Wilder
Written by PJ

Brat to James & Heath

Just shy of 21, 58”, thick sandy blonde collar length hair, brown eyes, no facial hair, hikers body from years of following his Dad into the wilderness of Northern California.

Jaxons parents separated when he was around six, his Mom, Katy, remarried Gene Thomas, the next year and he was sent to live with his Dad, Nick Wilder, soon after.  Life with Dad was perfect for the young boy.  Because of Nicks job as a forest ranger, Jaxon was exposed to the great outdoor with all the adventure he could ever want until his Dad died in a hiking accident.

Sent back to live with his mother at 17, Jaxon’s life with his step dad wasnt easy but he hung around to be close to his mom and finish college.  A couple of months before his 21 birthday Jaxon left his Moms house to find a better life.

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